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HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! For the first year ever I didn't work, I didn't ring it in in a nightclub, I soaked up every ounce of this magical unicorns' love and laughter along with my Mother.  This year is a very important year for me personally and professionally and I couldn't think of a better way to ring it in than with the two most important people in my life.  They are my daily inspirations.
The end of the year was a very difficult one, I lost one of my babies to bone cancer very suddenly the day after Thanksgiving and I'm just now starting to bounce back from it all.  For those of you who knew "BIGGIE" he was a gentle giant with the biggest heart and the goofiest personality.  I miss him everyday. I still can't talk it bout it in depth without falling apart but I wanted to honor his spirit by celebrating his life in the first blog post of the new year.  I will forever be a rescue PitBull mommy, I understand that this is a part of life but nothing can prepare you for that loss.  To all my animal lovers, hold your pets a little closer today, kiss their faces, and relish in the blessing of unconditional love they give to you everyday!  Rest in power, peace, and endless treats Big, you will forever be my baby boy.
The first POP-UP went down for an end of year intro to what will be unveiling in 2016.  On a chilly winter night 200 music lovers lit up the Soulsonic Edition of "Pop-Up, the series". Two live bands, three DJs, and a dance floor till 3am happened 55 floors above the city lights at one of my favorite haunts, The Ghostbar.  
Two of my favorite local artists blessed the room house party style right in the middle of the room no stage, just raw deliverance with original material and some incredibly flipped covers.  Cameron Calloway along with CoCo Jenkins on bass gave a soulful solid performance as usual!...
...and DJs Crykit & Seany Mac joined me in the booth and banged out amazing sets of Soul favorites with everything from James Brown to Ta-ku to Dilla to Chaka Khan to Bobby Womack to Dilla...they're sets blew me away and I couldn't have started this series off any other way than with two of my favorite former Insert Coins residents. FAM!.
The showstopper was Ms. Brittany Rose her midnight performance not only marked her first major show but her 21st birthday as well. She captivated an entire room with her powerful delivery of original material and slayed with her cover of "B*tch Don't Kill My Vibe".  Mark my words, the RedBone Adele is coming to a theater near you! #staytuned

"Pop-Up, the series" will be a rotating music driven series featuring a different genre edition each event and the BEST artists and DJs from Las Vegas and beyond.  

You can find out where we'll be popping up next as well as moments from the first event 
This one is for the love, the heartbreak, the rainy days, the late nights, and the dreamers.  Slow like honey, heavy with mood feat. vibey dark hip hop, future bass, electronic, downtempo, electro soul, and indie.

My first year as Music Correspondent for Fox 5's MORE Access was such an amazing experience.  Having the creative freedom to talk about music/artists/producers that I love has been incredible.  Thank you Fox 5 Family for having me I'm looking forward to many MORE in 2016!

This picture is from a few weeks ago.  Sean asked me to do a segment for the Year in Music which was a ball, you can find out more about my picks below!

If you want to find out when I'm on follow me on instagram @DJ88 and you can also catch some of the segments on my website
Going going back back to Cali Cali at the end of the month to DJ this party with some stellar music heads. Swing it on downtown on Wed the 27th at The Lash to sweat your perm out!
Wednesday (TONIGHT) Jan 20th - Ghostbar
Monday Jan 18th - private event Las Vegas
Wed Jan 27th  - "Age, Sex, Location"  - with Chuck Inglish, Jck Dvy, & Smiles Davis - The Lash Downtown Los Angeles
Friday January 28th - private event Las Vegas
Beats X MCM Collabo.  Nuff Said.  Yes Please!
It was a great year of music and I recently did a "Year In Music" recap for Fox 5's MORE Access.  Usually I just do my top 8 of whatever I'm feeling at the time but we're gonna thicken it up for this one and run off some of my fav new songs/artists etc of the year and some 2016 front runners you should definitely check out in no particular order!

I am a David Bowie fan since I was a kid, what a loss, what a legend, what a fantastic example of what magic and universal outreach unveils itself when you are brutally honest with who you are as an artist.  

Rest in Peace Scott Weiland you were a huge part of the 90's for me and aside all of the STP records I loved, "12 Bar Blues" will remain one of my favorites. 

Some of my favorite records of the year...
Mark Ronson - Uptown Special
Hiatus Kaiyote - Choose Your Weapon
The Internet - Ego Death
Christian Rich - FW14
BadBadNotGood & Ghostface
Phony PPL - Yesterday's Tomorrow
Leon Bridges - Coming Home
End of year and artists songs to look out for...
"Tear You Apart" popped up at the end of 2015 on a Gaga episode of American Horror Story and all of a sudden we were all reminded how incredible of a song that was/is.  This month a 10 year anniversary of She Wants Revenge's first record brought on an announcement of a brief reunion of the band a sold out show at The Fonda in February and a lot of nostalgia for me, a lot of memories with these two and this album.  Only a handful of people know I was the artist behind their logo, which was awesome to do but what was even crazier was seeing how many of their fans have this logo tattoo'd on them.  That first album goes down as one of my favorites, Cheers and congrats to the boys of SWR!

Chainsmokers - Roses (Joe Maz VIP Remix) - LOVE this remix by Mr. Maz breathed a whole new life into the original.

J*Davey - Lite Wait Life - these two haven't event hit their apex yet and they have a catalog of original content that for your every mood AND a publishing catalog that will knock you over as songwriters for the likes of Miguel in which may I mention they just got a Grammy Nom for!  So happy for them!
Dirty Radio - "Numbers" Caden Jester Remix LOVE THIS SONG!  A trio out of Vancouver Canada named Dirty Radio stole my attention at the end of 2015 with a "future/dance r&b" joint and a remix by Caden Jester that is perfectly crafted .  Just FEEL GOOD MUSIC. Can't wait to hear more from these three!

Gibbs - "I found you" mogul remix - Brooklyn's own Gibbz get officially remixed by Berlin Germany's own Mogul.  Its a housey R&B remix that will make you think it's summer with the top down.

KEHLANI - "DID I" - Love this girl, caught her live the night before NYE out here in Vegas sounded amazing.  Ended the year big with a Grammy Nom along side The Weekend, The Internet, Miguel, & Lianne La Havas.  That's strong.

DIIV - Is The Is Are - dropping Feb 5th I can't wait to hear this entire project.  The single "Dopamine" has been on repeat since i first heard it on Beats 1 Radio a couple of months ago.  Go Brooklyn!.

TroyBoi x Diplo ft Nina Sky  - I had the pleasure of working with Nicole and Natalie this past year as well as striking up a friendship with them.  They're are incredibly talented, funny, and genuine.  I was excited when this single dropped as it's a teaser for what's to come with their new album dropping in the next few months.  They have spot dates around the country leading up to the release and if you have the chance definitely catch one of Natalie's DJ sets, she's one hell of a solid DJ!  I will be interviewing them soon for an upcoming episode of my 88 Ways podcast!

D.R.A.M. - "Don't" Let D.R.A.M. Find The Instrumental Another come up from listening to Beats 1 Radio in the mornings while I'm at the gym!  D.R.A.M. covers Bryson Tiller's hit "Don't" with his own twist of comedy with a touch of Teddy P.  I just had to share this one.

SG LEWIS feat. JP COOPER - "Shivers" I can NOT SAY ENOUGH about this song.  "Shivers" features the amazing vocals of JP Cooper, an incredible singer/songwriter who I just found out about, his voice is amazing!  This is an incredibly important and inspiring song for true music lovers that is

"Nature" - The Citrus Clouds 
WOW I love the internet...this randomly came on just now as I am writing this after I played "Shivers" - thanks Soundcloud.  Its amazing.  I'm not even gonna try and explain it.  Click the title above to listen. #slowjamzzzzzzz

Stomper (Rrotik Remix) - Chris Lake & Anna Lunoe
House club BANGERRRRR!  The original came out this past summer but it was recently "reimagined" with a remix set from Ultra Records.  The Rrotik remix is my favorite on the harder side of things...and THIS ONE (click here) by Dr. Fresch (love his work!!) is my favorite on the Bass side of things

MISSY ELLIOTT feat. PHARRELL - "Where They From"
Might just be my favorite Missy song to date this could have a hell of a lot to do with the track.  The bassline reminds me of Centipede, if you know the game you'll understand that.  The video does not disappoint in usual ME fashion so that's the link attached #DontCallItAComeback

SPRING KING - "Who Are You?"  Solid punk inspired/indie rock at it's finest...reminds me of a Trouble Andrew project.  Animal style drums and fast past guitar riffs complete with a sax solo that satisfy the inner rock girl in me to the fullest!  

Clairity - Mark my words kids...this girl is going to be huge!  Just talked about her on my Year In Music recap for Fox.  She has a new EP out now titled Alienation (my favorite is a song called "Velcro") and also has a song out now called "Renaissance" by Steve James who is also a young talent with production credit on Justin Beibers "Purpose".  Absolutely LOVE her voice and everything about her.

Omarion feat. Ghostface - "I Ain't Even Done"   THE Quintessential future of R&B Hip Hop collabo's perfected produced by Knxledge.  I literally played this song 20 times the other day when I first heard it (once again thank you for Beats 1 Radio Ebro premiered it) LOVE LOVE LOVE this joint!  Can't wait to watch it explode.  

Finally keep on the look out for the new Kickstarter bred De La Soul album dropping in the next couple of months...I am sworn to secrecy on all details but TRUST ME this album is BANANAS!!! Beyond satisfying for all hungry De La fans and this will also bring a whole new era of fans to the yard!

Whether you're a local or planning on visiting Sin City, those of you looking for off the beaten path parties, events, etc. Follow @NothingToDoLV on Instagram and Twitter.  Created by Ms. Coco Jenkins, a friend and incredible musician, NTDLV gives you the what's happenings on Vegas' local music scene of all genres.  
The new year will bring new episodes of my 88 WAYS Podcast.  I had so much fun starting this project in the fall of 2015.  If you haven't checked it out it's a music driven/interview podcast produced in a grassroots style for music lovers. For those of you who didn't get to check out episode #2 featuring Phonte from the Foreign Exchange you can CLICK HERE to stream or download.
Over the last 10 years I have raised over $70,000.00 for various animal rescue/adoption organizations.  It is my passion, I am an animal lover beyond description.  I am a rescue mom of three beautiful PitBulls and it's my duty and honor to spread the "Adopt Don't Shop" gospel.

This is the section where I'll be featuring four legged babes, their stories as well as amazing people, sites, & organizations who are changing the lives of animals in need.  No shock pictures, no negative stereotypes, no cliche sayings, just pure love!

If you're a "rescue Mom or Dad" send me a picture of your baby or babies and I'll include them in my new "Paws For The Cause" section!  
This month I am celebrating and introducing an incredible organization out of New York who are changing the game in Pitbull Rescue Missions.  Please follow @C.Legit5 and @newyorkbullycrew on Instagram.  Both accounts are filled with heartfelt and heroic missions of saving Pitfbulls in New York.  For those of you in the NY area there are tons of adoptable dogs to check out!  His Instagram bio reads "I run the New York Bull Crew rescue.  We speak for the ones who can't.  You hurt them...I hurt you.  End BSL it's Bs."  This guy's dedication to the breed and unconditional love it's remarkable.  I hope to meet him one day and interview him.  It takes a village to run their facilities and they are constantly in need of essentials and donations.  You can donate and or sponsor a dog/kennel thru their website.
You can find out more about NYBC by clicking HERE.  
Meet Foxy & Sadie, some of you know them well...they are recovering from the loss of their brother and being spoiled like crazy.  When the time is right we will adopt/rescue another Pitbull but for now I want to focus on their happiness and healing.  For those of you who live in Vegas and don't know yet, a recent law passed in Nevada that all pet stores have to sell rescue/shelter animals and can no longer buy from breeders or Puppy Mills.  It's the small victories that result in massive change!  
Life your life to the fullest everyday and practice a random act of kindness, just because!  

Happy 2016!  Until next time...