HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!  I hope everyone had a holiday season filled with love, laughter and a lot of wine & great food!  I am so excited about 2015 and although New Years Eve is not my thang I had an incredible New Year's Day preparing for a pretty damn awesome new gig which you can peep out in this months blog!  Speaking of new I have a stunner new logo and brand portfolio!  This month includes; The Vegas Rated Women In Power feature, this month's obsessions, my Top 8 (which is actually 5 this month because a girl ran out of time, got a lot going on I promise 8 for February!), upcoming events/DJ schedule, philanthropic things, dogs, & people, places, & things I love!  
A huge thank you to the Vegas Rated team for acknowledging my career thus far in Vegas in the end of year Night Life Issue.  I had a great time shooting with the very talented Jon Estrada for this shoot and the equally talented Karla De La Rosa who did my make up.  Thank you to Sara Bryan my hair stylist of the last 7 years and to the fine people of Alexander McQueen for the dress.  During the shoot Biggie decided to come and lay down in front of me, he's loves the camera more than any dog I happy they included him in the piece.  Thanks to Melinda Sheckells this "Women In Power" piece will be an on going series for 2015 in Vegas Rated and I'm thrilled to be a curator for this series and introduce everyone to some amazing women who share my passion for wearing several hats and establishing a name for themselves in the land of Oz.  TO READ THE ONLINE VERSION CLICK HERE!
It's official!!  TONIGHT I start my first day as the new music editor correspondent for FOX 5 LAS VEGAS MORE ACCESS  every Friday night at 6:30 with this handsome devil, Sean McAllister & the fabulous and fun Rachel Smith!  I will be talking about music, venues, DJs, bands, and shows that I love to give MORE Access viewers a different look into the music scene in Las Vegas.  I am so blessed to kick off 2015 as a new addition to the Fox 5 team.  Everyone has been so gracious and welcoming!  By the way, I was trying so hard to contain the circus of excitement that was going on on the inside you could see my face was about to burst in this picture we took yesterday at run throughs!  Tune in tonight at 6:30 on Fox 5 Las Vegas!  
Congrats to the Suite Sessions team (Gene Hogsett and Donnie & Eric Seals) on their recent win for best Web Video for the Las Vegas Digital Media Awards.  I was thrilled just to be a part of this short, and the magic that came about via the live performance by Foreign Exchange at Insert Coins, I had no idea it was going to be entered for an award race, let alone win!   These guys are so passionate about music and I couldn't be happier for them!   To watch the short CLICK HERE!!
YEAHH!! Love shooting with creative minds!  I had the pleasure of being referred this amazing new talent via Ricky "Freak Sinatra" Barazza, one of my favorite dancers in this city!  People, meet photographer Tim Salaz.  The dance community in vegas over flows with multi dimensional men and women and I've had the pleasure of working with my favorites over the years.  Tim is a dancer as well and a photographer by passion but that is quickly turning into his primary career.  I loved working with him.  These are a few of my favorites from the shoot!  Do yourself a visual favor and peep out his website there are some incredible images on there!

Saturday January 3rd, 2015 - Insert Coin(s)
Monday January 5th, 2015 - Private event at Palms Casino Resort
Saturday January 10th, 2015 - Insert Coin(s)
Wednesday January 14th, 2015 - Insert Coin(s)
Saturday January 17th, 2015 - Insert Coin(s)
Wednesday January 21st, 2015 - Insert Coin(s)
Saturday January 24th, 2015 - Insert Coin(s)


Ohhhhh MCM, how I've always longed for one of your beauties!  Thank you Santa for listening! This bag has been on my list for years.  Such a throwback to mid eighties hip hop fashion, I was beyond when I opened this for Christmas!  
To go IN my new MCM babe is this genius situation which I got for Christmas from Mom Dukes (thanks Mommy!) and I can not leave home without it!  It's the perfect size for my 6(God)Plus iPhone (which I am obsessed with, yes it's huge and I love it lol), and it comes with a fully rechargeable portable battery pack with usb cord and phone charger adapter!  You can grab on at MIGHTY-PURSE.COM #gamechanger
A few artists, producers, and songs of various genres that I'm loving and listening to this month, in no particular order...

I CAN NOT WAIT for Mark Ronson's new project to drop this month I've been a fan for years and years.  He brought funk and soul back to the radio airwaves with the first single off of said project, "Uptown Funk" feat. Bruno Mars which is one of the biggest songs in the country right now.  The very handsome Englishman behind several incredible records including Amy Winehouse Back to Black & Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings has been around for quite a while, you can learn more by Clicking here

"Loving Me" - Alfa Paare - Fellow DJs and comedic duo DJ Excel & DJ Impulse make up Alfa Paare as a production duo and they're new EP is AWESOME.  My favorite is "Loving Me" and it makes me want to dance for 24 hours straight...Disco Disco Disco!  So nice boys, so nice!

Leave Me Alone (feat. Shay Lia)  - Kaytranada - This joint turns ALL my pages!  Chic/electronic/soul/bass/disco/loungy vibes - the perfect combo!

Late Last Night - Payola Presley - A local Vegas duo who's electronic/rock EP just dropped last quarter of 2014 headed up by friend, fellow proud parent of both an awesome kid & an awesome PitBull, Mr. Zack Saucier.  This song isn't released yet but check back for it here and peep out their EP on their soundcloud page

"Feeling Myself"- Nicki Minaj & Beyonce -  Look, say what you will about Nicki but she built one hell of a brand and her confidence and tenacity have turnt me out on more than a handful of her songs over the years.  The combo of her and Mrs. Carter oozes sexuality, wow, and a hell of a lotta girl power. 

"Syvah"- Ding Dong - Don't ask me why he goes by Ding Dong, but the song is FIRE I stumbled upon this a couple of months ago and have been playing it in my sets ever since.  Current dancehall done damn right.
Over the last 10 years I have raised over $60,000.00 for various animal rescue/adoption organizations.  It is my passion, I am an animal lover beyond description.  I am a rescue mom of three beautiful PitBulls, my favorite breed, and it is my honor to spread the "Adopt Don't Shop" gospel.  

If you checked out last month's blog you met Ms. KATE MOSS, simply because she is stunningly gorgeous and was extremely underweight.   I found her roaming the streets and after 2 1/2 hours of relentless efforts to catch her I was finally successful with the help of gracious two strangers.  She has been my "foster" baby for almost two months, I was paying to have her live at my vet hospital until I could figure something out...and a few days before Christmas I found this angel a forever home with the lovely LAUREN SASSO, a former business associate who saw my Instagram post.  Lauren, I can't thank you enough!  My mother and daughter were as attached to her as I was and when we found out the amazing news we went to go and visit her, here she is is all her supermodel glory along with my little supermodel Ms. J! #ADOPTDONTSHOP #PREACHON
Last but not least I am so excited to introduce my new brand & design for the new year from my friend and design savant Mr. Obey Jef of OKAMI.  Thank you JEFFREYYYYYYYYYYYYY!

Happy New Year people, live life, laugh, and love hard!!

Until next time!!