This piece above was done to my ultimate surprise by a dear friend and TALENTED Ninja, the gentleman known as OBEYJEF.  Jeffrey THANK YOU SO MUCH for this amazing piece of art I am truly flattered that you chose me as a muse for your series!! You can follow Jeffrey on Instagram @obeyjef  
artwork by OBEYJEF
This months blog includes; Hiatus Kaiyote recap, Women In Power feature #2 & #3, Power of Love Gala, Fox 5 Music Correspondent thangs, Obsessions, this months music picks, Insert Coin(s), "Paws for the Cause", and as always people, places, & things I love!

Lets get it in!!
What an incredible night.  Words can't express the magic in the room when Hiatus Kaiyote took over Insert Coin(s) for their "Choose Your Weapon" Tour.  The room was filled with beautiful smiling faces of all colors and personal styles but the common denominator was how much everyone LOVES this band!  As the music director of Insert Coin(s) this was one of my favorite experiences to date.  I had been working on getting this performance at Insert Coins for almost two years and the stars finally aligned.  
Opening for Hiatus Kaiyote was a band we found from LA called IDESIA.  Four USC Music School grads with a passion for neo soul who absolutely smashed their opening set!  It was my ultimate pleasure to have this young talented group of kids open up for their favorite band. I got to meet their parents who all drove out from different cities to support their kids playing their first show in Vegas.  To watch their parents faces when their heard their kids play for the first time was a feeling I can't describe, THAT made my night!  Look them up they are definitely something special!
Hiatus Kaiyote took the stage and Insert Coin(s) will never be the same.  If you are not familiar with this band, they are a neo/future soul band out of Australia who's music is beyond anything you've ever heard not to mention featuring one of the baddest front women on the planet, NAI PALM.  She is a sorceress, and the band is flawless.  Shout out to my FUSICOLOGY fam in LA for spreading the word and supporting this show!
Photos by Peter Suh
photo by Peter Suh
After the show we celebrated one hell of a night!.  They loved the venue so much they ended up staying untill the lights came on.  What an amazing group of people, shout out to their manager Scott Barkham of Barkham Creative for making this very very special night happen!  Please do yourself a favor and grab their new album "Choose Your Weapon" now available on iTunes.
Photo by Peter Suh
Huge shout out to My Mommy Judy DeLano and my bestie Adriane Jamison for coming out and supporting me on this incredible night and throughout all my endeavors! 
In late January Melinda Sheckells my dear friend and Editor in Chief of Vegas Rated Magazine, made a vision of mine come to life with the "Women In Power" series.  I wanted to do a series featuring Real women and the many hats they wear in their daily lives.  In January of this year this became an online series on authored and creatively directed by yours truly.  Photographer Andrew James and Make up artist Alexis Parker are my team in this series and they're work is amazing!  

It is my honor to introduce to the world via the inter-webs 12 stand out women who are breaking the rules in their respective industries.  The first in the series was Jolene Mannina, and the year long series continues with these two awesome women!
Staci Columbo Alonso CMO of Stations Casinos and board President of Noah's Animal House.  
Former Marketing Director of TAO Group and now Owner of The Engage Agency, Kristin Conte.
The Power of Love Gala is quite possibly the biggest philanthropic undertaking of the year in Las Vegas orchestrated by the lovely Anna Robbins and her team at Keep Memory Alive & the Lou Ruvo Center for Brain and Health (this amazing building designed by Frank Gehry is pictured above).  The first night (pictured below) was the private reception at Lou Ruvo...
and the second night was at the MGM Grand Arena.  This years honoree was Andrea Bocelli.  I was able to snap of a picture of the room prior to red carpet.  Andrea Bocelli, Celine Dion, George Benson, & Robin Thicke performed, millions of dollars were raised for Brain research, a definite highlight for me professionally. 
Dress: From COTERIE, hair by Sara Bryan of Kelly Cardenas Salon, make up by MAC, jewelry from COTERIE.
I look forward to this gig every week and am so thankful for the freedom I have to be able to talk about ANYTHING I want music related in Las Vegas on MORE Access!  Thank you to the lovely Sean McAllister (pictured below), Rachel Smith, and the entire Fox 5 Vegas fam making me feel like a part of the team!  If you want to catch some of the segments you can catch them on my website

June is almost over but you can catch me downtown this week at 
Insert Coin(s).  July schedule coming soon!

Wednesday June 24th, 2015 at Insert Coin(s)

Saturday June 27th, 2015th at Insert Coin(s)

Congrats to Chef Daniel Ontiveros (protege of Chef Brian Howard and former Exec. Chef of Comme Ca at The Cosmopolitan) on his new venture, THERAPY  located two doors down from Insert Coin(s) on Fremont East.  It's an incredibly beautiful (large) space (this is where the 99cent store used to be) filled with charming industrial elements and gorgeous lighting.  I went to the soft opening last week and EVERY SINGLE bite I had was heavenly.  I'm a sucker for charcuterie and their charcuterie table was one for the Gods.  I can't wait to go and have an official dinner (they are now open for business) and take in a little Therapy on the block!
Ohhhh Givency!!! These gorgeous babies were my gift to myself for a damn crazy month of May.  Nothing better than a gorgeous pair of pumps to lift a girl up!  Scooped these from the Givency store at Wynn Las Vegas!
HOORSENBUHS is a Santa Monica based jewelry line made up of founder/designer Robert Keith and partner/brand ambassador Kether Parer. Top, "Phantom Clique" two piece ring and above is the two finger ring which comes in rose or yellow gold! This line is so damn sexy, I'm obsessed!  To check out more on this American jewelry house click here for a great interview from ELLE MAGAZINE
I am completely cracked out this project management tool that also has a mobile app so you can work on the fly from your phone.  I use it for business but you can also use it to organize your personal life as well.  It takes a minute to learn but once you get the hang of it it's a life saver!  Check it out HERE
My favorite sandals ever!!  Free People distressed leather sandals which I copped yet again from one of my favorite Vegas boutiques COTERIE located directly across the street from Insert Coin(s).  
Artists, producers, albums and songs of various genres that I'm loving and listening to this month, in no particular order...

AQUA DROP - "On Fire" 
Hands down one of my favorite songs of the year.  Electronic music at it's finest from Mad Decents newest artist/producers.

Chicago rising star and Roc Nation artist VIC MENSA is one of my favorites young bucks.  He's versatile and unpredictable and dammit I like him!  The horns on this which dropped in April (explicit lyrics) literally makes you want to step into a boxing ring once you hear the first four bars.  Amazing production by Stefan Ponce, Smoke Ono, Mike Dean and Kanye!

This song was released in 2007, I just stumbled upon it this year and it's become one of my favorite indie dream pop rock joints.  I didn't see the Twilight series but apparently this was in the film which makes sense, it def has super sexy wicked vampire vibes.

Off the album URBAN FLORA which is now avail on iTunes.  Galimatias is a producer from Denmark and Alina Baraz is an incredible voice originally from Cleveland and now posted up in LA.  This collaborative album is flawless falling somewhere between downtempo electronica and alternative R&B.  

SUNNY & GABE - "Downtown"
Straight out of Norfolk, VA comes the awesome duo known SUNNY & GABE (Sunny Gicz & Gabe Niles). "Downtown" is a mix of indie/pop/funk/futuresoul and I LOVE IT.  You can download their new album "Free Candy" at  

ED SHEERAN  - "I'm in love with the Coco" (HitImpulse Remix)
Just when you thought the Coco was all gone Of all people, Ed Sheeran did an acoustic version of the record in February on BBC Radio 1Xtra and I found an downtempo electronic remix by German label HitImpulse that is fantastic!

KIMBRA - "Miracle" (Sammy Bananas Remix) 
Great remix by Sammy Bananas.  I'm a huge fan of the original and actually I'm a Kimbra fan period.  She is has such an interesting career, she's like a way cooler funky version of Taylor Swift and Sia shaken not stirred.  Her latest album (released end of 2014) called The Golden Echo is def worth a whole listen there's some great songs on there my favorite aside "Miracle" is called  "Teen Heat".

YAAAAASSSSS sexy slow song Janet is back with a brand new single, hubby, and album supposedly dropping in September.  I'm rapping up my top 8 with "No Sleep" the teaser single which you can take a peek listen to and purchase on iTunes now...It's classic Janet!

Over the last 10 years I have raised over $60,000.00 for various animal rescue/adoption organizations.  It is my passion, I am an animal lover beyond description.  I am a rescue mom of three beautiful PitBulls and it's my duty and honor to spread the "Adopt Don't Shop" gospel.

This is the section where I'll be featuring four legged babes, their stories as well as amazing people, sites, & organizations who are changing the lives of animals in need.  No shock pictures, no negative stereotypes, no cliche sayings, just pure love!

If you're a "rescue Mom or Dad" send me a picture of your baby or babies and I'll include them in my new "Paws For The Cause" section!  
saw this on Instagram on the Pitbulls_truelovers handle and thought this was hysterical...and TRUE!
Meet "Ikaika" the new Red nose Brindle baby adopted by my friend, loyal Insert Coin(s) fan, amazing dancer, and chef Lou "So Fresh".  "Ikaika" was abandoned by his mom she had a hard time taking on motherhood so all the babies were adopted out to good homes and this little nugget really hit the jackpot with Lou and his wifey Lorelie!  Those eyes, those FEET!!! Congrats guys can't wait to meet him!!
Meet "Gideon" one of my favorite Instagram doggies who lives right here in Las Vegas. Gideon is a trip-colored pit who was rescued by some lovely people (Mom pictured here) who spoil the hell out of him, he's got his own instagram page cause he's that fly!  Best muzzle in the game, you can follow him HERE 
And finally my Man crush, "Meaty", who is a red nose rescue belonging to Lisa Reilly @loveabulllisa and her hubby (who's name I don't know lol I just love this couple and their dogs!).  I mean look at that big giant smiley face!!!! They have two pits, a long haired mini Doxen, and a Dachshund and their pictures are a cure for any funky day, especially on #meatymondays 
My featured animal organization this month is FRESNO BULLIE RESCUE one of the most diligent rescue organizations I've come across (thanks to Instagram) based in my home state of California. They are a volunteer-based, non-profit, no-kill rescue and shelter dedicated to rescuing bully breeds.  I can't say enough about them so learn more from their site above and you can also follow them on Instagram HERE
Whew!!!!! Ok, we're all caught up I will be back next month to pick up where I left off!  Life your life to the fullest everyday and practice a random act of kindness, just because!