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About the presentation:

Using local watersheds as examples we will learn how our actions on land impact the water quality of our local rivers and streams. For the past 10 years Plaster Creek Stewards has used native plants to reduce stormwater and clean urban waterways. Together we will see the important role native plants have on our urban ecosystems. We will discuss how we can incorporate native plants into our yards and communities to clean our waterways and increase biodiversity. 

About our speaker:
Deanna Geelhoed received her Bachelor of Biology and Spanish from Calvin University in Grand Rapids Michigan. For the past 4 years Deanna has been working as the program coordinator for Plaster Creek Stewards, an initiative out of Calvin University to restore the health and beauty to the Plaster Creek Watershed. Within this work she educates communities about the predicament of Plaster Creek Watershed, deemed the most polluted waterway in west Michigan. Deanna has a breadth of experience in designing green infrastructure, propagating native Michigan plants, and conducting various ecological restoration research projects in west Michigan.

Outside of work she is an active community and church member coordinating community gardens and various anti-racism initiatives. In free time you can find her swimming in a local river/lake or out on a global trek. 

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Mandi Michielsen
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How are our neighbors doing?

Our staff has adapted to the requirements of social distancing, and we've been connecting with neighbors by telephone.  People are reporting that they are doing well and that they are checking in with their neighbors to make sure they have what they need, especially when these neighbors have been elders.  CNA intern Bryan reports: 

"I have been so delighted to hear that the people I spoke to who needed dog food or personal protective equipment were able to receive what they needed, sometimes within 24 hours. All it took was making a simple phone call. What I hear time and time again from folks is how thankful they are that their neighborhood association cares enough about them to check in. Sometimes there have been people who don't need anything other than another person to talk to, so we just talk."

Neighbors, thank you for taking care of each other!  

Some neighbors have asked how they can help. 

1.  Become a block connector!  Block Connectors communicate with neighbors on their block and the Creston Neighborhood Association.  They find out if their neighbors need anything, and they help get out information about upcoming meetings, events and happenings.  To be a Block Connector, contact community organizer Kymie Spring at or leave a message at 616-454-7900. 
2.  Some neighbors have asked if they can contribute.  Yes.  If you would like to give money for neighborhood relief efforts, you may do so here:, or contact Kymie at if you would like to contribute goods like cleaning products or masks. 
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How are YOU doing?  Don't be shy! 
Take care of yourself and your loved ones. 

It's not too late: Fill out the census today!  

Now more than ever, it's so important to take the census for our neighborhood. Each person that takes the census can get up to $18,000 for our roads, schools, hospitals. In this unprecedented time, we see how essential these services are to our community. 

So, be sure to take the census and help keep Creston flourishing! 

Want to make sure your neighbors fill out their census form too?  Tell them: #CrestonCounts.
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