Welcome to our Seminar Invite - Topics are: Demographics, 1:1.74 Ratio, Rental Taxation, Bookkeeping, Insurances, Subdivision Investments, Finance

Have we been looking in the wrong direction for lucrative property investment?
We are hosting a seminar on
Saturday,2 November, 2013 from 9am-4pm
on property investment.
We have three guest speakers with expertise in property & finance discussing a range of topics.

There are only a limited number of seats available so confirm your booking now!

Topics to be covered include...

Can property market movements be more accurately predicted? Can you get ahead of the trend? If property demand drives supply, what drives demand? Birth rates? Can birth rate trends over the last 70 years be a property investment predictor for now and 50 years into the future?
Can we use birth rate trends to predict…student rental numbers, rental demand, first home buyers, mortgage demand, interest rates, beach bach prices, granny flat demand?

1:1.74 Ratio
What is the 1:1.74 ratio? How does this ratio affect house prices? Why is it that for every core job created demand is created for 1.74 houses? Why could Palmerston North house prices lift by 60% in two years?

Rental Taxation
What is new in rental taxation?

How to keep better records to keep the accounting fees down.

Do you know what the new rules are since the Christchurch earthquake? Are you under-insured or over-insured? Is your rental covered for...loss of rent, total rebuild, P-Lab poisoning, chattels, demolition and removal costs? Is a $1,500 excess worth it?

Subdivision Investments
An investment package where large sub-dividable sections in Auckland are purchased and on-sold.

How do you put together a loan proposal? What is the bank looking for? Equity sharing—how to use your own home to overcome the new LVR rules to help the kids with their first home.


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Seminar Details
Where: Caccia-Birch House, Awhina Room, 130 Te Awe Awe Street, Palmerston North
When: Saturday, 2 November, 2013
Time: 9am-4pm
Morning tea, lunch & afternoon tea provided

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