Hey Dreamers, With the new year approaching, I wanted to share with you the ways I’m using my own Dreamer’s Notebook to have my best year yet. And, I’m pretty confident that I will.
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Hey Dreamers,

With the new year approaching (Whoo hoo!), I wanted to share with you the ways I’m using my own Dreamer’s Notebook to have my best year yet. And, I’m pretty confident that I will.
For me, 2016 is all about tackling my fears — those horrible things that stay in the back of my mind and have stopped me from doing what I’m called to do. I almost didn’t create this planner because I thought to myself, “Who am I to create this? What if people just laugh in my face and talk about me?” Well, there may be someone laughing, but my heart is filled with joy. I’m so thankful that I listened when God placed this idea in my heart and I almost let fear stop me.
That’s the thing about most fears: they aren’t real. They are these crazy mind manipulations that we create ourselves. They have no truth. Not. At. All.
So, I’m going to be transparent and share my fears with you:

  • I’m scared of cameras. Put me on a stage with a mic and I’ll rock all the way out, but when it comes to video cameras, I get so nervous about what they’re capturing. My goal for this year is to become confident in front of a camera and to get a good reel for my portfolio.
  • I'm scared to take risks. I'm usually pretty afraid to make financial investments, but the thing is: you often can't make money unless you spend some. That goes for creating businesses, going back to school, whatever. There's some financial risk involved. I'm learning that my fear of handling money comes from financial mistakes I've made in the past. I wasn't knowledgeable and I wasn't always a good stewardess of my money. That turned me into someone who has had an unhealthy relationship with money for years. This year, I'm investing in me! I'm "paying myself" with a new savings account that will just be for following my dreams and I'm tracking every penny I spend so that my budgeting will be on point.
  • I'm scared that people will think I'm conceited if I succeed at things, which is actually hilarious because for my whole life, I've been much closer to the opposite end of the spectrum. For me, 2016 will be filled with confidence-building activities.
  • I'm scared to do what I've put off. I'm a really bad procrastinator. Then, I procrastinate because I haven't done something that I know I should've done and then the cycle continues. Next year — actually starting last month — I'm addressing it all.

I know that SO many people will be having vision board parties and vision-type discussions with their friends. And this weekend, I’ll be sending out some documents and tip sheets to help you guide your talks.
Stay tuned and feel free to share with anyone you think would love to be in our Dreamer’s Circle. They don't have to have a planner to get in on the inspiration. :)
Keep dreaming!

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