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Hove StressBusters
NEW: Hove StressBusters weekly drop-in clinics

With yet another successful Hove StressBusters event behind us, it is time to step up our activities in our continuing commitment to helping reduce stress and improve wellbeing in our community. This is why, starting from Tuesday 24th April, we will be holding regular weekly drop-in clinics and workshops where you will be able to have a 20 minute session with one or more of our practitioners for a flat rate of £10. There will be general stress management clinics as well as specialized clinics covering specific issues - keep an eye out for the latest clinic timetable on our website and FaceBook page. All clinics will take place on Tuesdays 6pm - 7pm at the Cornerstone Community Centre, Hove. 

We never cease to be surprised by how many effective approaches to stress reduction there are...  Last Wednesday we were again fortunate to have two fantastic speakers, Linda Belcher and Charlotte Watts, who shared with us their knowledge and passion for two quite different approaches to wellbeing - Kinesiology and Nutrition.

Kinesiology Talk & Demo with Linda Belcher Linda Belcher, the founder of Linda Belcher Healthcare, is an experienced practitioner and trainer of Systematic Kinesiology. She explained to us the basic principles behind this technique and how it can be used as a powerful and sophisticated tool for treating an individual in a completely holistic way - chemically, structurally, emotionally and electro-magnetically. In her talk, Linda explained and demonstrated how muscle testing can be used to accurately pinpoint where someone is out of balance and how, during the treatment, it is possible to find exactly which technique is required to return the individual to homeostasis. This holistic technique blends principles of traditional oriental medicine and knowledge about the body’s subtle energy systems with more modern western techniques (e.g. muscle testing biofeedback, brain integration exercises). Although the research into the effectiveness of Kinesiology is lacking, many individuals who have tried it out, including the two volunteers at our event last week, find it to be an extremely effective technique for reducing stress and improving physical and psychological wellbeing. Those wishing to experience the benefits of Kinesiology with Linda can take advantage of the limited-time offer - first session £60, thereafter £50 per session (regular price £75 per session) - just remember to quote 'Hove StressBusters' at the time of booking (offer valid for sessions booked by 30th April).  

The DeStress Diet by Charlotte Watts & Anna MageeCharlotte Watts, Nutritional Therapist and Yoga Teacher, presenter on BBC3’s Freaky Eaters and the author of several books on nutrition, gave us an overview of the nutritional aspects from her latest book, The De-Stress Diet. Charlotte is a proponent of the hunter-gatherer lifestyle for which our bodies have evolved. Of course, the lifestyle in the 21st century is far removed from that of our Stone Age ancestors, but our bodies are lagging far behind the demands that are being put on them now. This is why we have to try to re-create as closely as we can the habits of our ancestors in terms of what we eat and our level of physical activity. According to Charlotte's book, not just what to eat, but also considering timings and how to approach meal times are essential for supporting our body's ability to cope in the modern world. Combining the approaches of nutritional therapy and yoga, Charlotte guided us through a brief 'mindful eating' session - a truly unique experience and something that should be practiced on a regular basis! Charlotte also provided us with a handout compiling some useful De-Stress Diet tips. Hove StressBusters can benefit from £5 off a 1:1 nutritional consultation, yoga class or De-Stress Clinic session with Charlotte on presentation of this handout.

De-Stress Diet
De-Stress Food of the Month
by Charlotte Watts
 (Nutritionist, Yoga Teacher & Co-Author of The De-Stress Diet)
CELERY has a long history as a calmative that helps calm the nervous system and support sleep. Research has shown that eating four stalks a day can lower raised blood pressure, a common stress-related symptom and a sign that a heightened chronic stress response – ‘constant alert’ – may well be implicated, as well as low levels of the mineral potassium that celery provides in large amounts. It also contains tryptophan to help us create the mood and sleep brain chemical serotonin, adding to its effects as an insomnia and anxiety reliever. It is often recommended in weight loss programmes as takes lots of chewing so promotes feeling of fullness. It is the perfect bedtime snack to support quality sleep and recovery with stress, whilst keeping blood sugar levels constant throughout the night to prevent sudden night-time waking. 
1. Ko FN et al. Vasodilatory action mechanisms of apigenin isolated from Apium graveolens in rat thoracic aorta. Biochim Biophys Acta. 199;1115(1):69-74  

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