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Dear StressBusters,
wingwave® is an integrated neuro-cognitive coaching method which combines three well-proven therapeutic techniques: EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing), NLP (neurolinguistic programming) and Kinesiology (muscle test). Although this ground-breaking short-term coaching method was first developed over 10 years ago by a couple of German psychologists and has since been widely used in many European countries and the USA as well as with a variety of client groups, wingwave® has only recently become available in the UK. At our last week’s session (Wednesday, 7th March), Nikola Goranovic, the first certified wingwave® Coach and Trainer in the UK and the Co-Founder of INNERNATION Coaching & Development, explained and demonstrated how this innovative coaching method can effectively detect and eliminate mental blocks and unhelpful emotions, reduce our reactivity to stressors and helps us maximize our performance in all areas of life.

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So, a few of us had a chance to gain first-hand experience of the effectiveness of this method. But... HOW DOES IT WORK? While all the research studies conducted so far simply evaluated the outcome of wingwave® coaching (e.g. reduction of pre-exam anxiety, etc.), the recent neurobiological research into the relationship between sleep and emotional reactivity offers insight into how an REM (rapid eye movement) simulation technique such as wingwave® coaching may work.

Researchers from the University of California at Berkeley demonstrated that the REM phase of our sleep (the point at which we have vivid dreams) is the crucial time when our brain re-processes all the negative emotional experiences we had during the day. This re-sets the sensitivity of the amygdala, the ‘panic button’ of our brain, back to zero so that we are less reactive to negative emotional stimuli the next day. Amygdala is also an important mediator of the compulsion to consume unhealthy food, drinks and drugs so re-setting the sensitivity of this brain part could also reduce our emotional reaction (craving) to such substances. Unfortunately, many of the negative emotional experiences we have had during our lifetime are too overwhelming to be wiped out completely just by a good night’s sleep and their effect accumulates over time. This is where wingwave® coaching comes in: by evoking these, often deeply hidden, negative emotional memories and simulating the REM phase in an awake state, such experiences are effectively re-processed and we become emotionally immune to them so that they can no longer have an impact on our present and future experiences.


The effects of wingwave® coaching are very measurable and the complete success in dissolving mental blocks is usually achieved within just a few (1 – 3) coaching sessions. Those wishing to give this coaching method a try can take advantage of the introductory discount Nikola is offering to our group members – just refer to the ‘Hove StressBusters Offer’ when booking a session.
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For more information about wingwave® coaching and on how to become a wingwave® coach, visit 

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