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Issue 15 - January 2013
Hove StressBusters

Improving Life, Improving Experience                                            Issue 15, January 2013

Hove StressBusters
HAPPY NEW YEAR! January may seem a bit dull after all the excitement (and stress!) of the Christmas season, but it's a good month for having some time for yourself, taking stock and making a fresh start. We have taken a break this month to recharge our batteries and are now ready for more stress-busting action in 2013. Several new practitioners have joined our community group too, so you can expect new talks & demonstrations, workshops and more in the coming months. 

Have you visited our website recently? We are always adding new information, interesting articles and links, and there is also an easy to navigate directory of stress-busting techniques and fully qualified & insured practitioners... Enjoy!

Hove StressBusters Talks & Demonstrations

De-Stressing with
Mindfulness & Alexander Technique

Wednesday, 6th February 2013, 7.00-9.30pm
@ Cornerstone Community Centre, Hove

Introductory talks & demonstrations by
Joanne Turner & Mark Claireaux
Joanne Turner, a qualified Mindfulness, Meditation and Relaxation instructor is passionate about showing people how to reduce the level of stress in their lives by making Mindfulness a part of their everyday experience. Mindfulness is not just a spiritual practice or a therapeutic technique - it is a lifestyle, a technique that can be incorporated in any daily activity, whether it's eating, walking or washing the dishes. As well as running mindfulness workshops, Joanne implements these skills in her everyday massage practice to enhance the effectiveness of her treatments. In this workshop, we will learn the basic principles of Mindfulness and do some practical exercises designed to fully immerse us in the present moment and free us from that constant dwelling in the past or worrying about the future. 

Alexander Technique is an approach that many have heard about but very few people actually know what it is, other than that it's well established (over 100 years), generally well accepted (many performing arts schools have compulsory Alexander Technique classes) and it has something to do with correct posture. Mark Claireaux, an experienced Alexander Technique practitioner, lecturer and founder of Alexander Technique Brighton, will introduce us to this scientifically proven method which actually does much more than just improve our posture and reduce chronic pain. Apart from evaluating our posture and teaching us some basic elements of this technique, Mark will also explain how this technique can be used to improve our mood and reduce our stress levels. 

The Hove StressBusters Team is looking forward to welcoming you all to this exciting event!

Admission: £5, includes coffee/tea, biscuits and (as always!) lots of positive energy

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Common Causes of Stress

The Trouble With RelationshipsRelationships are what ultimately brings most value and worth to our lives. No matter what we’ve managed to achieve, learn or accumulate, it is essentially relationships that define our human experience, and which we will come to realize (whether sooner or later), have most impact on our feelings of contentment along our journey. We yearn to experience satisfying, joyous or productive relationships. What makes them satisfying is a personal question which depends on one’s own learning, beliefs and past experiences. But we all want to feel valued through these interactions; to feel special, important, loved or appreciated. ... Read more

Drop-In Yoga Classes

Hove StressBustersPenny Zikic
     Scaravelli Yoga
                                   with Penny
Maitri Yoga Classes
Tuesdays, 6.00-7.00pm
@ Cornerstone Community Centre, Hove

Drop-in, £6 per session

Scaravelli-inspired Hatha Yoga classes with
Penelope Zikic 

Gently bringing together traditional teachings and evolving practices of yoga

Suitable for all levels

*** Drop-in Yoga classes are included in the Hove StressBusters Christmas Offer ***

De-Stress Food of the Month
by Charlotte Watts
 (Nutritionist, Yoga Teacher, Co-Author of The De-Stress Diet)

OILY FISH Oily fish are so-called because of the high levels of insulating oils they contain. Up to 30% oil helps protect them in the cold seas they tend to inhabit. They include mackerel, anchovies, salmon, trout and sardines. We have left tuna off the list as although as rich in the beneficial omega 3 oils, it is also high in toxic mercury – associated with headaches, insomnia and agitation. Oily fish are our richest source of omega 3 oils, which are much lower in modern than ancestral diets and are needed for brain function, heart health and how we cope with stress. Low levels have been associated with the poor appetite regulation shown with weight gain, negative blood sugar and energy regulation seen with chronic stress and stress-related issues with mood and concentration. Oily fish contain omega 3 oils in the direct forms DHA and EPA, which are difficult to convert from plant sources like nuts and seeds. DHA is needed for us to use the neurotransmitter serotonin for good sleep and mood and EPA helps us make the potent anti-inflammatory agent resolvin. They also contain B vitamins, zinc and magnesium needed to cope with stress and are dense protein sources to help reduce sugar addiction cycles.

Stress-Busting Tip of the Month
90:10 The single most important thing you can do for your stress (by DocMikeEvans)

90:10 The single most important thing you can do for your stress

Watch the video

The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another (William James)

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