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Hove StressBusters
Improving Life, Improving Experience                                     Issue 7, May 2012

Hove StressBusters
NEW: Hove StressBusters weekly drop-in clinics

With yet another successful Hove StressBusters event behind us, it is time to step up our activities in our continuing commitment to helping reduce stress and improve wellbeing in our community. This is why we have started running regular weekly drop-in clinics and workshops. All drop-in sessions take place on Tuesdays 6pm - 7pm at the Cornerstone Community Centre, Hove. 
Cost: £10 for a 20 minute 1:1 appointment (group activities & workshops are £5)

8th May - Stress & Wellbeing Clinic
NLP, Hypnotherapy, wingwave® Coaching, Mindfulness, Indian Head Massage, Reflexology

15th May - Business Wellbeing Clinic
Business Development & Coaching, Accountancy (tax, book-keeping etc.)

22nd May - Stress & Wellbeing Clinic
Acupressure, Reflexology, NLP, Hypnotherapy, Thought Field Therapy®;
Mindfulness (group)

29th May - Relaxation, NLP & Self-Hypnosis Workshop

On Wednesday we had another great, informative and fun evening with Maya Zack and John Moore.

Sedona Method: The Key to Emotional Freedom
     The session started with Maya Zack (DHyp), one of the few Sedona Method practitioners in the UK, who gave a very informative talk introducing this powerful self-development method and the ideas behind it.
Sedona Method: The Key to Emotional Freedom - with Maya Zack     The basic concept is really rather simple: by saying things such as “I am unhappy” or “I am anxious”, we identify ourselves with these emotions which makes it impossible to separate ourselves from them. In contrast, if we say “I am feeling unhappy” or “I am feeling anxious”, it becomes clear that we are talking about emotions that we are currently experiencing and, as such, we can look upon them as objects that we can either keep or throw away – it is entirely our choice what we do with them. Sedona Method, therefore, applies this approach of objectifying our emotions and uses a set of questions to challenge our determination to hold on to these ‘emotional bubbles’.
     Maya demonstrated the technique to the group - it seemed really simple and easy to learn, a set of questions that we need to ask ourselves in order to experience a profound change in our attachment to negative emotions and the limiting beliefs that are holding us back in life.

Internal Dialogue: Change the StationInternal Dialogue: Change the Station - with John Moore
     John Moore is an experienced Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner and hypnotherapist or, as he prefers to be called more simply, the ‘talking therapist’. In his entertaining talk, John introduced us to ourselves – the entity residing in our chest (!), our bodies’ stress response and our internal monologue.
     The stress response changes how our body functions, it pulls resources from the vital organs as well as our digestion, ovulation, cognition and skin to prepare us for the fight or flight; this in turn lowers our ability to ward off pathogens like viruses and bacteria and allows them to run a mock, causing illness in the long term. How we think, with all its benefits for planning ahead, reliving old memories, building strategies and the sophisticated use of language, can also present us with a problem that causes us long term stress: the negative internal monologue.
     During John’s talk, we all became familiar with our negative internal monologue, the rude little voice which has a specific tone, pace and accent. We practiced playing around with this voice, ‘changing the station’, in order to make it more harmless and remove the grip it has over us. It was really ridiculous to hear those familiar angry words spoken in a different voice... If laughter is the best defence against stress, then we certainly succeeded in keeping stress at bay throughout this Hove StressBusters session.

De-Stress Food of the Month
by Charlotte Watts
 (Nutritionist, Yoga Teacher, Co-Author of The De-Stress Diet)

GARLIC has been used by most culinary and traditional medicinal cultures for thousands of years, with research backing up its potent antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties. These protective qualities help support an immune system lowered by stress and it is also known to help reduce inflammation, support circulation, aid blood sugar balance and encourage detoxification, all of which can become compromised in the face of stress. Garlic is a key feature in the traditional Mediterranean diet of Crete, that shown to add a year to life expectancy alongside plenty of vegetables, fruit and olive oil – all rich in antioxidant nutrients that protect body cells and tissues from stress-related damage. Along with its allium family member, the onion, when cooked with them it also helps to break down the anti-nutrients beans and grains that inhibit human absorption of essential minerals zinc and iron. 

Hove StressBusters at St. Ann's Wells Festival - 19th May
Come along to our stall in the Scented Garden, meet our practitioners and find out how you can keep those stress levels down. There will be lots of interesting activities and free tasters throughout the day – bring your friends and family too!

Next Event 6th June 2012

Keep spreading the word: the more people get involved in our community group, the more diverse and interactive our events are going to be!

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