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Issue 57 - July 2016
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Improving Life, Improving Experience                                  Issue 57, July 2016
Hove StressBusters From  talks about the brain, emotions and behaviour to practical demonstrations of different approaches giving you tools to reduce your stress level, Hove (and Brighton, actually) StressBusters is a community programme dedicated to wellbeing and stress management. 

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Hove StressBusters Talks & Demonstrations

We had a fantastic time last week at our monthly Hove StressBusters talk and demonstration evening at the Cornerstone Centre. Big thanks to our speakers for sharing their professional passion and introducing two fascinating wellbeing approaches - Sedona Method and Yuan Gong. A very informative, relaxing and fun evening with lots of food for thought and practical stress-busting tools... It was lovely to see so many new faces, and also to catch up with the usual suspects (and one newbie) at the pub after the event. Looking forward to seeing you all again at one of our upcoming events! :)
P.S. As always, we'll be taking a break in August, so the next talk & demonstration evening in Hove will take place on the 7th of September. But our season of stress-busting isn't over yet - do join us this Friday for the Brighton StressBusters evening at the Hanover Centre.

Yuan Gong
    Many of you already know Carmen Dolz, the Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner who presented this Japanese energy healing approach at some of our previous events. For the last 7 years she has been passionate about working with the life energy qi (chee) and teaching others how to do this. But her qi-related work does not end with Jin Shin Jyutsu. Over the years she's been practising another form of channeling qi, the Chinese medical exercise called Qigong, which led her to become a qualified Qigong teacher. This enables her to promote the awareness and work on qi both through Qigong (standing practice) and Jin Shin Jyutsu (sitting or lying down).
     This month we had an opportunity to find out about  Yuan Gong, the Qigong system Carmen teaches. Yuan Gong was created by Yuan Tze, the founder of Ren Xue (Human Science), a holistic system that includes all aspects of human life drawing knowledge from Traditional Chinese Wisdom Culture and Martial Arts along with modern philosophy, medical science, science and technology. Like the Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ren Xue is also based on the premise that, for life to be healthy, the body and mind need to be well nourished by abundant qi flowing freely and smoothly. Yuan Gong promotes the movement of qi and blood so they flow harmoniously and smoothly through the body. Its continuous practise helps strengthen the physical body as well and calm and lighten the mind.
Yuan Gong with Carmen Dolz     During this session we were able to participate in a brief demonstration of Qigong ('energy cultivation') with a simple 'presence practice' of tuning in - letting our mind soak into our body, connecting with the breath and how we are aligned. This is very easy and can be done any time and anywhere (even while waiting at a bus stop!) to promote the flow of our life energy and calm our mind, bringing our attentional focus to our own body and the 'Here and Now'. We also had a chance to play with the qi 'ball' emanating from our hands... absolutely fascinating!
       Yuan Gong practitioners learn that practising Qigong is about being in contact with nature. It’s about being in a calm, relaxed and natural state, just like any other phenomena on the planet: clouds drifting, water flowing, tree branches swaying, animals pacing, everything on earth is natural, smooth and curvy. It also means being more in tune with the natural cycles, including the very powerful lunar cycle. 
     Read more about the Full Moon Yuan Gong practice

      Many controlled studies have reported beneficial effects of regular Qigong practice, including reduction of stress, anxiety and tension headaches, and improvement in a variety of clinical conditions such as fibromyalgia, Parkinson's Disease and many others. That's more than a good reason to practice these exercises on a daily basis!

Sedona Method for Dissolving Limiting Beliefs
    Maya Zack, a hypnotherapist and one of the few Sedona Method practitioners in the UK, gave a very informative talk introducing this powerful self-development method and the ideas behind it.
     The basic concept is really rather simple: by saying things such as “I am unhappy” or “I am anxious”, we identify ourselves with these emotions which makes it impossible to separate ourselves from them. In contrast, if we say “I am feeling unhappy” or “I am feeling anxious”, it becomes clear that we are talking about emotions that we are currently experiencing and, as such, we can look upon them as objects that we can either keep or throw away – it is entirely our choice what we do with them.
Sedona Method with Maya Zack     The Sedona Method applies this approach of objectifying our emotions and uses a set of questions to challenge our determination to hold on to these ‘emotional bubbles’.

     The application of the Sedona Method is not restricted to simple emotions. The same method can also be applied to limiting beliefs which are usually just stories that we keep telling ourselves,  such as “I can’t…” or “It’s not going to happen…” or “It’s too late...” . Despite the fact that these stories don't have any substance in the present moment, they nevertheless can have a huge negative impact on us, blocking us from experiencing more possibilities and the confidence to create the life we want.
     Maya demonstrated the technique to the group - it seemed really simple and easy to learn, a set of questions that we need to ask ourselves in order to experience a profound change in our attachment to negative emotions and the limiting beliefs that are holding us back in life.
     We all worked on our own negative emotions and limiting beliefs - there was no need to share anything, everyone just focused on a particular emotion or they wanted to resolve. After going through a set of questions with Maya, these were minimized or transformed into different emotions or beliefs which, in turn, were tackled with the same set of questions. After several rounds of questions, some people reported an almost physical sensation of empty space in their chest and stomach which was previously occupied with unpleasant tension related to the negative emotion or thought.
     Some of the Sedona questions even made us laugh – it does feel really ridiculous when you realize that you are holding on to something which is rather unpleasant and yet, for no logical reason at all, you stubbornly keep holding on to it!
     Read more about the Sedona Method

    If you would like to receive the list of the Sedona Method questions we practised last week, you can contact Maya directly (, mentioning Brighton StressBusters.
Special Offers
Sedona Method & Hypnosis
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* To qualify for the discounts, one-on-one sessions need to be paid for in advance by 31st July.
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Stress-Busting Library
Working with a Spouse: Lots of Fun or a Recipe for Disaster?We are a very creative team as we have our different strengths which complement each other and each of us is solely responsible for a different part of the business although we also often advise and support each other. On the other hand, it's a bit of a disaster too, as we sometimes get frustrated with each other - we'd probably be much more polite and kind to co-workers we're not related to!
But, as most other couples who work together know all too well, the biggest problem is that we just can't switch off: going for a walk along the beach with the children, the Sunday morning coffee or a trip to the pub for a pint or two in the evening almost inevitably lead to work-related conversations. ... READ MORE
StressBusters Event Calendar
Brighton StressBusters talks & demonstrations:
Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy & Movement Matters

Friday 15th July 7.15pm - 9.30pm @ Hanover Community Centre, Brighton
More info

Family Constellations (workshop)
Monday 18th July 6.15pm - 9.15pm @ Cornerstone Community Centre, Hove
More info & booking

Stress & Trauma Release with TRE (workshop)
Monday 25th July, 7.15pm - 9.15pm @ Cornerstone Community Centre, Hove
More info & booking

Qigong to Self-Heal - weekly classes with Em Burnett
Tuesdays 8.15pm-9.15pm @ Cornerstone Community Centre, Hove
*** First class is always FREE to newcomers; suitable for all levels ***

More info
Hove StressBusters Card

Hove StressBusters Card
This card is available for purchase at our monthly talk & demonstration evenings, classes and workshops. The card costs £15 and is valid for 6 months from the day of purchase, during which time the card holder will be entitled to:
- 4 FREE talk & demonstration evenings
- 10% off all other HSB events (talk & demo evenings, classes, workshops)
10% off therapy sessions, classes, workshops with any of the
   practitioners listed in the StressBusters Directory
Aromatherapy Tips of the Month
FRANKINCENSE Used in religious rites all over the world, frankincense is considered to be spiritually uplifting and expansive. It is good for the respiratory system and helpful for conditions such as asthma and panic attacks. I like to use it during meditation. It is also excellent for rejuvenating the skin, muscular aches and pains, and anxiety.

How to use essential oils:
BATH Put 4-6 drops of essential oil into a teaspoon of oil. Add to the bath once the water has finished running
MASSAGE Mix a maximum of 5 drops of the essential oil into 10ml of carrier oil such as sweet almond oil or vegetable oil. Rub into arms, neck and temples.
VAPORISER Add 3-6 drops to water to fragrance a room.
Next Talk & Demonstration Evening
in Hove

Craniosacral Therapy with Deborah Brown
Feeding Your Demons
with Julie Rawnsley

Wednesday, 7th September @ 7.00 - 9.30pm
Cornerstone Community Centre, Hove

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Wishing you all a stress-free summer and looking forward to seeing you at our next event!
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