Improving Life, Improving Experience                          Issue 69, July 2017
Hove StressBustersFrom talks about the brain, emotions and behaviour to practical demonstrations of different approaches giving you tools to reduce your stress level, Hove StressBusters is a community programme dedicated to wellbeing and stress management.
As always, we'll be taking a break in August, so the next talk & demonstration evening will take place on the 6th of September. But our season of stress-busting isn't over yet - there's still the Stress & Trauma Release Exercise (TRE) workshop coming up at the end of this month and then... we can relax and recharge our batteries for the autumn season!

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Hove StressBusters in the Park:
The WishFest Special

StressBusters in the ParkWe had a lovely day at Wish Park earlier this month, basking in the sunshine and positive vibes. It was great to chat to many people at our stall, be able to share our skills, knowledge and enthusiasm, provide information and advice, and raise awareness of several different approaches to health and wellbeing.

A BIG THANK YOU to our festival team for fantastic organisation, creativity and all the hard work setting up and running our stall, as well as running free stress-busting sessions throughout the day: Duncan Bailey (BodyTalk), Benita Scott (EFT, Matrix Reimprinting & Death Doula), Anna Goodwin (EFT & Matrix Reimprinting for children and adults) and Laine Redpath (Body Stress Release and Posture Coaching). And also special thanks to Jelena Goranovic (Psychologist and StressBusters Programme Director) for all the help and support in the lead-up to the festival, as well as Liz Sleeper and Nicki Edgell who couldn't be with us on the day but who were there in spirit (in the form of a gazebo and the colourful hangings they once again let us use to create a stress-busting haven) 

All the Stress-Busting Raffle prize winners have been emailed - congratulations if you won, hope you enjoy your free sessions! Remember, prizes are transferable but each prize has an expiry date so please check your email and contact the relevant practitioner for more info and booking.
*** Please note that there have been problems with and email addresses. If this is you, please check your junk mail folder as the email we sent you might have ended up there. ***

Hove StressBusters Talks & Demos

We had a wonderful evening at Cornerstone earlier this month, with two engaging speakers, and a very attuned, engaged and interesting audience. The combination of both talks seemed to produce a very strong message: we need to be more in tune with ourselves and live as the nature intended! Congratulations to our two raffle winners too, hope you'll enjoy your free sessions with Nicki and Tom!

Hakomi - Mindful Counselling                                  
     Mindfulness is widely accepted by the scientific community as an effective wellbeing approach. Thousands of studies have established the effects of mindfulness practice, both in terms of the benefits it has on a variety of clinical conditions, emotional processing and behaviour in general, as well as the impact it has on brain structure and function. It is not surprising then that the elements of mindfulness are utilised by a number of psychotherapeutic approaches. One such approach is Hakomi Counselling and we were very excited to find out more about it.
     Tom Gerber discovered meditation and movement practices 23 years ago and has attended many silent retreats, which eventually led him to complete Hakomi training in 2006. This method of counselling is a powerful way of using mindfulness to bring healing. It offers a way of bringing previously unconscious patterns to the surface, allowing spontaneous healing to occur as these patterns are recognised and attended to with compassion.
   During a brief introduction, we discussed how the patterns of beliefs learned at a very young age colour all our perceptions and experiences throughout our life - literally like we're wearing coloured goggles. Of course, these beliefs can be positive as well as negative ('limiting beliefs'), but negative beliefs result in maladaptive behavioural patterns that are often beyond our control. We might be aware of what we would like to be different or better in our lives, but without recognising what lies underneath our behaviours, we cannot produce any meaningful change.
Hakomi Counselling with Tom Gerber     Hakomi is simply a way of using mindfulness in a shared way, creating a space between the therapist and the client, and nurturing compassionate presence that allows spontaneous recognition and reorganisation of beliefs. Tom demonstrated this with a mindfulness meditation during which we had a chance to reflect on some very simple yet powerful statements, such as 'I deserve to be loved', 'It's not my fault' etc.
     But Tom has taken Hakomi work a step further. His entire life, he has gravitated towards the great outdoors, having worked as a wild-land firefighter, tree-planter, organic farmer, gardener, wildlife biologist, and a wilderness trekking trail maintainer. That made him appreciate how much being in Nature offers new perspectives on complex difficulties and research confirm this too - how beneficial it is to human health and wellbeing. This appreciation led to the latest development in his work: outdoors counselling. 
     Tom finds that leaving the walls and gaining the earth, grounding and connection has a profound effect on people and enhances the therapeutic process. We had a chance to experience this for ourselves during the second half of Tom's session, when we went out into the beautiful garden of the Cornerstone Centre. We did a very simple grounding and balancing exercise there which prompted a lot of self-reflection and discussion.... And being outdoors made such a big impact, a very different experience to the meditation we did earlier on in the room. A truly marvelous experience!
     “Hakomi therapy is first about discovering. It’s about who you are and about what your deepest emotional attitudes are. It’s not just about who you think you are. It’s not opinion. It’s not something you can know with the intellect. It’s about who you are in the very heart of yourself. That’s the flavor of psychotherapy, discovering yourself, discovering your real attitudes toward the most important pieces of your life.” - Ron Kurtz, Hakomi Founder.

Metabolic Balance Coaching                                 
    Nicki Edgell is an experienced Nutritionist and Metabolic Balance Coach, who has worked for a number of years, incorporating a variety of approaches into her practice, yet she always felt that something was missing... This 'something' turned out to be the inter-disciplinary approach called Clinical Psycho-Neuro-Immunology (cPNI) - the moment Nicki found out about it, she knew that her search was over! She then went on to study and become one of just 10 qualified Clinical PNI practitioners in the UK.
     As its name implies, cPNI draws on psychology, neuroscience (including neuroendocrinology) and immunology to obtain a more complete understanding of how these systems interact and influence health and disease. This complex system provides a framework within which she can trace back and unravel the origins of a variety of physical and psychological conditions (hence Nicki's often calls herself the 'Stress Detective'!) as well as recommend specific interventions for treating them.
     For example, rather than focusing on the treatment of a symptom, e.g. high cholesterol, Nicki would try to uncover why the body produces an excess of cholesterol - it is an adaptive response to something that is disrupting the balance of the PNI axis - and then address that using a variety of approaches. Just like the origin of many diseases is biopsychosocial, so are the therapeutic interventions, which can range from dietary or lifestyle changes and supplements, to emotion-focused therapies.
Metabolic Balance Coaching with Nicki Edgell     Nicki's talk provoked a lively discussion of the dos and don'ts of a healthy lifestyle, busting many common myths.
     The bottom line is that, since evolution is a very slow process, we are physiologically almost identical to our hunter-gatherer ancestors who lived in the caves and had to catch/pick their own food and escape any predators they might encounter along the way. So, no matter how drastically our modern lifestyle differs from that cave(wo)man's, our basic biological rhythms and nutritional needs are the same. Metabolic Coaching guides us in the process of adjusting our lifestyle in order to restore our natural circadian rhythm and metabolism, and achieve optimum weight and bundles of energy. 
     Nicki also spoke about how modern stressful lives affect our natural circadian rhythms and our behaviour, and again shared lots of practical tips on how to restore the rhythm of the body so we can get better sleep, feel more energised, regulate weight and reduce symptoms of dis-ease.
     Read more about Clinical Psycho-Neuro-Immunology
     A very stimulating and eye-opening talk! It would be really interesting to hear back from some of you who were there, whether you've tried implementing any of the advice from the talk and how you found it. 
Hope you'll join us in September when we'll be exploring the dynamics of grief in everyday life and the impact of stress on our musculoskeletal health.

Special Offers

Hakomi Counselling

50% OFF your first session
50 minutes
Standard price: £50; Offer price: £25

Please contact Tom directly for more information and booking: *
Discounted Metabolic Balance assessment

25% OFF your first session
90 minutes
Standard price: £120; Offer price: £90

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NEW: Mindful Parents

Mindful Parents: 8 week Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction CourseEver since we started our mindfulness programme in 2013, we have received several requests for a daytime mindfulness course suitable for parents. We're therefore very pleased to announce our very first 8 week Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) course specifically focused on helping people manage the stressful challenges of parenthood and family life.

Wendy Guest
The course is facilitated by Wendy Guest, a very experienced mindfulness teacher and trainer who has already run several courses and workshops as part of our community programme. It's great to have her back on board after a year's break!

The course starts on 6th of September (see our website for session dates) ,and places are strictly limited to ensure plenty of time for discussion and reflection in an intimate group setting. We therefore advise you to book early to secure a place. 

Also, if you know of any parents who could benefit from this course, please encourage them to book - they will most certainly get a lot out of it!

We strive to make our courses as affordable as possible, which is why a significant reduction is available for early bird booking. You can also pay via two or three monthly instalments - contact us for more information.


Stress-Busting Library

The Trouble with RelationshipsTHE TROUBLE WITH RELATIONSHIPS
     We yearn to experience satisfying, joyous or productive relationships. What makes them satisfying is a personal question which depends on one’s own learning, beliefs and past experiences. But we all want to feel valued through these interactions; to feel special, important, loved or appreciated.
     Because it is our nature to constantly learn and evolve, we enjoy those relationships which inspire or teach us new things, provide us with lessons, or empower us and strengthen our self-worth and belief. We also all want to be able to express ourselves as fully and truly as we can through them; authentically and freely, comfortably being ourselves. When we enjoy these things, we feel fulfilled and rich.
     So if we all want these same things… why is it so complicated rather than straight forward? Why do we engage or stay in relationships that don’t work, don’t offer us this richness? Why do we engage in damaging or abusive relationships? Why do we sometimes sabotage or even somehow try to destroy good ones? ... Read more

StressBusting Event Calendar

Stress & Trauma Release with TRE (workshop)
Monday 31st July, 7.15pm - 9.15pm @ Cornerstone Community Centre, Hove

The workshops in May and June were sold out and we have just 5 more tickets left for this month - we advise you to book early to avoid disappointment.
More info & booking

Mindful Parents: 8 week Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction course
6th September - 8th November
Wednesdays 12.30pm - 2.30pm @ Cornerstone Community Centre, Hove

Early bird booking ends 1st August!
More info & booking

Family Constellations (workshop)
Monday 18th September, 6.15pm - 9.15pm @ Cornerstone Community Centre, Hove
More info & booking

Qigong to Self-Heal - weekly classes with Em Burnett
Mondays 8.15-9.15pm @ Cornerstone Community Centre, Hove
*** First class is always FREE to newcomers; suitable for all levels ***
More info

First announcement:

Family Constellations (all day workshop)
Saturday 7th October, 10am - 5pm @ Cornerstone Community Centre, Hove
More info & booking


Next Talk & Demonstration Evening

Body Stress Release and Posture Coaching with Laine Redpath
Investigating the Grief Dynamic in Everyday Life with Benita Scott

Wednesday, 6th September @ 7.00 - 9.30pm
Cornerstone Community Centre, Hove

Join us and bring your friends too: the more people get involved in our community programme, the more diverse and interactive our events are going to be!
StressBusters Card
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Wishing you all a stress-free summer and
we look forward to seeing you again soon!
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