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Issue 61 - Nov 2016
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Improving Life, Improving Experience                                  Issue 61, Nov 2016
Hove StressBusters From  talks about the brain, emotions and behaviour to practical demonstrations of different approaches giving you tools to reduce your stress level, Hove (and Brighton, actually) StressBusters is a community programme dedicated to wellbeing and stress management. 

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Hove StressBusters Talks & Demonstrations

Another inspiring Hove StressBusters event last week, covering two huge topics: the body's innate wisdom and families. It was lovely to see a few familiar and new faces, and everyone being so engaged and chatty - we've touched on some really fascinating topics. Wishing you all a great month and looking forward to seeing you again soon!
   Duncan Bailey, a certified BodyTalk practitioner and energy healer introduced us to a complex holistic healthcare approach. Drawing on a wide range of techniques and theories, including chiropractic, kinesiology, traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture, neuroscience, NLP and others, BodyTalk provides a framework for enabling the body to heal itself. And not just the body - as all other holistic approaches we have had a chance to learn about at our events, BodyTalk does not separate physical, cognitive, emotional and energetic aspects of human beings. Everything is intertwined and any positive or negative event (stress, therapy) produces effects on every single level.
     BodyTalk revolves around the concept of the body's 'innate wisdom'. Whichever way we might understand this concept (and it might even be understood as genetic code), the main premise of BodyTalk is that our body is capable of healing itself: e.g. a cut on our finger heals because the cells in that area are doing their job (blood coagulates and new tissue is generated) - and what guides these cellular processes, according to BodyTak, is the innate wisdom.
     But often in life the physical or psychological stressors we experience might exceed our ability to self-heal, and this is where all holistic healing approaches come in: they clear the energetic blockages which are preventing the body and mind from functioning optimally.
BodyTalk with Duncan Bailey     The way BodyTalk promotes self-healing is by identifying the areas of the body that need attention -  using intuition (being connected with the client at the energetic level), the practitioner goes through a very complex step-by-step diagnostic protocol. Once attention is drawn to the areas of priority (where there is some sort of blockage or dysbalance), the innate wisdom takes over and initiates the processes necessary for healing.
     It was fascinating to observe a demonstration on a volunteer of what the diagnostic process involves, and also learn about the different types of intervention that the practitioner might utilise, depending on which level the energy blockage is identified. The volunteer seemed to enjoy it very much and she reported reduction in the neck pain she'd had all day.
     Duncan also showed us how to help ourselves by regularly practising the Cortices Technique. This simple BodyTalk self-help technique involves tapping on different parts of the upper body, helping improve communication between the two sides of the brain and also between the brain, and the other two centres of our being - the heart and the gut. This was very invigorating and calming... certainly worth practising on a daily basis and seeing how it impacts on our overall wellbeing over the coming weeks and months.

Family Constellations
     Family Constellations is an experiential process derived from psychotherapeutic approaches such as psychodrama; however, it went beyond the mainstream psychotherapy, incorporating the concept of 'systemic entanglement', the idea that there is a relationship between past and present events which is not caused by direct personal experience. 
     The problem with trying to describe the Family Constellations approach is that no words can actually convey the experience of participating in a workshop. 
The only way to fully understand this approach is through first-hand experience, be it as an issue holder (the person whose constellation is being modeled), a representative, or an observer. 
Family Constellations with Liz Sleeper     Liz Sleeper, the founder of Sussex Constellations, gave a very brief introduction, stating just the main premises of this approach: that all individuals have a place in the family and that our fate is inextricably linked to the fate of our ancestors. By using other people to stand in as 'representatives' to model the issue holder's circumstances, the work enables hidden truths and loyalties to be recognised. Family Constellations thus help individuals to see relationships in a much wider context and bring sense to confusing or baffling behaviours - either their own or of other family members.
     This approach both liberates the issue ho from feeling responsible for issues that are not theirs, and also enables them to take responsibility for issues that are theirs and theirs alone.

     With the help of volunteers, Liz facilitated a brief constellation in a very sensitive, respectful and skillful way, bringing so much depth and warmth to the process. The resulting interaction between the participants in the constellation was very surprising and moving, not just for the participants themselves, but for the observers too. In fact, in workshops, representatives often get as much out of the process as the person whose family constellation they are modelling (the issue holder).
     Participants and observers in Family Constellations workshops frequently find the work profoundly enlightening and healing, and some even compare its effectiveness to many years of psychotherapy. The workshops evoke a lot of emotions and can, at times, be quite stressful, but the long-term effect is that of centredness, inner peace and the resolution of stressful conflicts. Our brief demonstration opened more questions than it addressed - it was a real shame we didn't have time to go into more depth.
     For those of you interested in giving this approach a go, our last evening Constellations workshop before Christmas break is coming up on Monday - more information here:

Special Offers

£20 OFF a block of 3 sessions

1 hour long sessions;
Standard price: £120,
Offer price: £100

Please contact Duncan directly for more information and booking: *
Family Constellations

Come along & bring a friend for FREE!

Friday 2nd December 9.30am-4.30pm in Lewes
Standard price: £50 (representative) or £70 (issue holder)
Offer price: Come as either a representative or an issue holder, and get another representative place for a friend free

Please contact Liz directly for more information and booking: *
* To qualify for the discounts, one-on-one sessions need to be paid for in advance by 30th November.
These offers cannot be used in conjunction with the StressBusters Card discount.
Stress-Busting Tip of the Month
by Angela Abbott
Kinesiologist, Reiki & TFH Practitioner supporting both people and animals)

BACH FLOWER REMEDIES  Bach Flower Remedies are great. If you are unfamiliar with them there are 38 individual flower remedies each of which support a particular emotion or state of mind. Rescue Remedy is probably the best known and is actually a combination of five individual flower remedies. It can help restore inner calm whether you are facing the daily stresses of life or more unexpected shocks and traumas.
If you are prone to thinking about the same things over and over again, White Chestnut is the remedy for you. If you find it difficult dealing with change try Walnut. If you feel anxious but don’t know why, Aspen is the remedy that can help. If you do know why you are feeling anxious then try Mimulus. You will find the full range of remedies at any good health food or larger Boots store and there are Bach Flower practitioners and Kinesiologists who can provide more help and insight if required. The standard dose required is 4 drops of remedy taken 4 times a day. Depending on your situation you may require the remedy ‘as required’ or on an ongoing basis.
StressBusters Event Calendar

Family Constellations (workshop)
Monday 14th November, 6.15pm - 9.15pm @ Cornerstone Community Centre, Hove
More info & booking

Brighton StressBusters talks & demonstrations:
Self-Hypnosis for Relaxation and Change & Tai Chi

Friday 18th November 7.15pm - 9.30pm @ Hanover Community Centre, Brighton
More info

Life Strategist: Take Control of Your Life! (workshop)
Saturday 19th November, 10.00apm - 1.00pm @ Cornerstone Community Centre, Hove
Just 5 places left!
More info & booking

Stress & Trauma Release with TRE (workshop)
Monday 28th November, 7.15pm - 9.15pm @ Cornerstone Community Centre, Hove
More info & booking

Qigong to Self-Heal - weekly classes with Em Burnett
Mondays 8.15pm-9.15pm @ Cornerstone Community Centre, Hove
*** First class is always FREE to newcomers; suitable for all levels ***

More info
Stress-Busting Library

How to Raise Self-Esteem In Our ChildrenHOW TO RAISE SELF-ESTEEM IN OUR CHILDREN
Raising self-esteem in the young simply was not on the agenda when I was growing up and the effects this had on me as a child had significant reverberations for the adult I became.
Self-esteem essentially is the evaluation of one’s own sense of worth. It is giving a child the ability and opportunities to be heard, to be listened to, to have a sense of belonging and a feeling of being able to contribute positively to any given situation, alongside being liked, respected and valued. In my opinion it is the greatest gift we can give to our children particularly in today’s society where they are growing up in such an uncertain world.
The art of instilling self-worth and self-belief cannot begin too young. If we lay down the foundations in our young then over time the building blocks create a structure of a secure, happy and confident young adult. So how can we go about it? ... Read more
Next Talk & Demonstration Evening
in Hove

Pre-Christmas Special:
Detoxing with Nutrition
with Millie Ferguson
Mindful Self-Coaching
with Nikola Goranovic

Wednesday, 7th December @ 7.00 - 9.30pm
Cornerstone Community Centre, Hove

Join us and bring your friends too: the more people get involved in our community programme, the more diverse and interactive our events are going to be!
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Wishing you all a stress-free month and looking forward to seeing you at our next event!
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