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Issue 38 - December 2014
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Improving Life, Improving Experience                                  Issue 38, December 2014
Hove StressBusters
Another year is coming to an end and what an exciting year it has been! Over the last twelve months, Hove StressBusters continued to attract a diverse group of practitioners and members of the community, not just from Hove but from all over Sussex too. We were introduced to a number of fascinating approaches to physical and emotional wellbeing, and learned many useful tools for combating stress. Have a look at our past events and all the different approaches to stress reduction and wellbeing that we discussed and tried out. We are looking forward to a well-deserved Christmas break but we have already started planning new stress-busting activities for 2015. 
Visit our website for the calendar of upcoming talk & demonstration evenings, classes, and workshops, the easy to navigate directory of Hove StressBusters practitioners, a library of useful articles and more...
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Hove StressBusters Talks & Demonstrations

Chinese Energy Arts
     A big thanks to Matt Orlowski from Sussex Taoist Arts Organisation who stepped in literally at the last minute to cover for his colleague Em Burnett who had lost her voice courtesy of seasonal bugs... Matt presented a very comprehensive introduction to the 1,500 year old self-healing practice of Qigong and the basic ideas of other Chinese energy arts: Tai Chi, Neigong and Ba Gua. 
Energy Arts with Matt Orlowski (introduction by Dr Jelena Nesic)     We began our Qigong ('energy cultivation') session with the basic 'presence practices' of tuning in - letting our mind soak into our body, aligning our body and connecting with our breath. These exercises are so simple and gentle that they can be practised a
ny time and anywhere - even while queueing in a supermarket! This was followed by a gentle hand movement sequence that enabled us to tune in and feel our 'qi' (chi or chee - the life energy, electromagnetic energy, or whichever label we choose to describe that feeling of warmth that emanates from our hands). Although we did not do a full Qigong session, these few exercises were so effective at helping calm our minds and bring our attentional focus to our own bodies and to the ‘Here and Now’, that they left us wanting to learn more...
     Over the years, Tai Chi and Qigong have become popular across the world and are becoming increasingly recognized by the Western medical community for their beneficial effects on physical and psychological wellbeing. Many controlled studies have reported beneficial effects of regular practice, including reduction of stress, anxiety and tension headaches, and improvement in a variety of clinical conditions such as fibromyalgia, Parkinson's Disease and many others. That's more than a good reason to practice basic Qigong exercises on a daily basis!

Self-Coaching: Best Goal Setting Strategies
     A familiar face at Hove StressBusters events, Nikola Goranovic is a Coach, Trainer and co-developer of the Rapid Eye Movement Induction Therapy (REMitâ„¢). In this brief Coaching workshop, Nikola got us thinking about the power of words and how to use it to our advantage when setting and achieving goals.
Best Goal Setting Strategies with Nikola Goranovic     With the New Year rapidly approaching, many of us are already planning to turn a new leaf or achieve new things: kick bad habits, take up new hobbies, learn new skills, etc. But from our past experience we know only too well that come the end of January, most of those 'New Year resolutions' will already be a thing from the past - 'to do' lists lying forgotten at the bottom of a drawer and annual membership cards (gym, cinema...) that are unlikely to be used more than a few times. So how can we change this pattern and actually convert these intentions and goals into reality? 
     Getting us to analyse our self-talk when expressing our desired goals, Nikola showed us how we often self-sabotage by using language that reflects self-doubt. In this eye-opening session not only did we learn how to use words to empower rather than sabotage ourselves, but we also learned two other self-coaching steps that are crucial for successful goal achievement: having clear motivation (the 'WHY' of goal setting) and constantly providing self-feedback (What did I do well? What could be better? What was the best thing?). 
     Easier said than done? Like most skills in life, these self-coaching tools can only be effective if they are practised regularly. Just like when your muscles get stronger with regular physical exercise, any psychological intervention follows the same principle: the more you practise, the stronger your neural connections and the functions they serve become (this is known as 'neuroplasticity'), and that's how new behaviours become habits. So... just keep practising these steps until you become a habitual goal achiever! 
Special Offers

Discounted Coaching Sessions
· Â£10 OFF 'Set for Success - Achieve Your New Year Resolutions' Workshop
Monday, 26th January 7.30-9.30pm
Regular price: £22; Offer price: £12
· 50% OFF 1-on-1
Performance Coaching / Goal Setting session

3 hour long session
Regular price: £180 per session;
Offer price: £90 per session
Discounted sessions until 31st January. 
To qualify for the discount, the sessions need to be booked and paid in full by 31st December. These offers cannot be used in conjunction with the Hove StressBusters Card discount. 
Offers can be used for the purchase of gift vouchers
Please contact Nikola directly for more information and booking:
Research News
REM Induction Therapy Study
3 FREE Rapid Eye Movement Induction Therapy (REMitâ„¢) and/or NLP sessions are offered as part of a randomized controlled study conducted by Dr Jelena Nesic (INNERNATION Coaching & Development) and Dr Susan Sullivan (University of Sussex). This study aims to validate and extend the REMitâ„¢ method, a novel therapeutic approach which combines NLP, EMDR and hypnosis techniques. The study is open to volunteers who wish to address specific anxiety-related issues, including fears, phobias and mental blocks.
Just 17 more participants (12 male and 5 female) needed!
Read more & request a study information pack
More StressBusting in 2015

With another busy year behind us, our commitment to improving wellbeing in our local community continues with more stress-busting activities planned in 2015.

Our programme of events aims to raise awareness and improve access to a variety of effective stress-management approaches. In addition to the monthly TALK & DEMONSTRATION EVENINGS, the programme will continue to include regular MINDFULNESS and QIGONG sessions, as well as the monthly STRESS & ANXIETY SELF-COACHING SUPPORT GROUP sessions. The programme of SELF-DEVELOPMENT WORKSHOPS will also continue, with the upcoming Set for Success: Achieve Your New Year Resolutions workshop in January.
All sessions take place at 
Cornestone Community Centre, Church Road, Hove.

for more information or to book a place.
De-Stress Tips
by Nicki Edgell
Clinical PNI Naturopathic Practitioner)

STRESS-FREE CHRISTMAS DINNER Believe it or not, your traditional Christmas dinner is one of the best stress-busting meals you can have - turkey providing plenty of tryptophan which makes us feel mentally well, relaxed and even sleepy (as it converts to serotonin and 
melatonin). All the trimmings may well include lovely herbs – sage, rosemary, thyme – all wonderful stress reducing herbs. And plenty of seasonal veg to give us all the micronutrients we need. 
Top stress-busting tip: do most of the preparation the day before, even cooking the turkey. This all helps to reduce stress on the day and frees you up to really enjoy being with family, going out for a walk on the seafront, cosying up by the fire to play games. A wonderful stress-free Christmas is in store!
Hove StressBusters Card

Introducing the New Hove StressBusters Card
This card is available for purchase at our monthly talk & demonstration evenings. The card costs £15 and is valid for 6 months from the day of purchase, during which time the card holder will be entitled to:
- 4 FREE talk & demonstration evenings
- 10% off all other HSB events (talk & demo evenings, classes, workshops)
10% off therapy sessions, classes, workshops with any of the
   practitioners listed in the StressBusters Directory
Hove StressBusters Classes & Workshops

          Self-Development workshop

Nikola Goranovic
INNERNATION Coaching & Development

Set for Success: Achieve Your
New Year Resolutions 
    with Nikola Goranovic
Monday 26th January @ 7.30pm-9.30pm
@ Cornerstone Community Centre, Hove
Come along and find out how to use best strategies not only to determine your outcomes and set goals, but to achieve them effortlessly.

Admission fee: £22       *** SPECIAL RATE: £12 (until 31st December) ***

More information & booking  

Jo Turner

                          with Jo

Joodles - Mindfulness, Meditation, ZendoodlingOur world is a very stressful place and although we cannot get rid of stress completely - it is an intrinsic part of our lives -, we can learn to cope with it and to alleviate some of the acute physical symptoms of stress (the 'fight or flight' reaction) by focusing our attention on the place of inner calm using Mindfulness and meditation. ...

Mindfulness workshop (drop-in)Mindfulness Workshop with Jo Turner
Monday 19th January @ 7.30pm-9.30pm
@ Cornerstone Community Centre, Hove
                          Drop-in, £10
                         (suitable for all levels)                                          More information         


Mindfulness6 week Mindfulness Course with Jo Turner 
NEXT COURSE: 12th March - 16th April
Thursdays @ 8.00pm-9.30pm
@ Cornerstone Community Centre, Hove
Course fee: £125 / £77 conc. 
*** EARLY BIRD RATE: £110 (valid until 1st February) ***
Payment plan available upon request.                                     More information & booking    

Em Burnett
                       with Em
Tuesdays, 8.15-9.15pm
@ Cornerstone Community Centre, Hove
          NO CLASS on 23rd & 30th December
Wellspring Internal Energy Arts

Qigong to Self-Heal classes 
with Em Burnett 

Boost your natural healing ability by learning to connect with and harmonise your Qi ('chee' ~ life-force energy)...

               Drop-in, £7 / £6 conc., or £27.50 for 5 sessions  
               (suitable for all levels)                    More information

     ***First class FREE if it's your first time learning with Em***


Wishing you all a merry Christmas and
a wonderful and stress-free New Year!
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