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Top - Spokane River Redband (Michael Visintainer Photo)
Bottom Left - Fall Spokane Float       Bottom Right - Mark Poirier with 36" Clearwater Steelhead



Great reports continue to roll in on everything from trout to steelhead This mild fall has not slowed down the fishing at all. We have been on the Spokane, Grande Ronde, and Clearwater River recently, all have produced good results. The North Idaho streams have been kicking out some good action too reports some of our fishing friends. Hatches on the Spokane and else where have been October Caddis, midges, bwo's, and a couple species of caddis. While some days the dry fly action may not be what you want it to be, the nymph dropper, or soft hackle has been producing good results. The next issue of the newsletter will have a soft hackle tutorial from Dave and I. 

Around the shop we have been getting in some new gear and clothing. A box of brand spanking new Winston Boron III PLUS rods just came in, lots of Simms, Patagonia clothing, Scientific Angler Lines and more. Over the next few weeks we have more new 2016 product from Fishpond and Simms arriving. Always a fun time of the year to see some new stuff! Check out some of the items below. 

Fly tying classes are on the shop calendar too, so if you are interested in learning something new, or need a refresher course, check out the list of what we have scheduled on the site: Class Calendar HERE

We hope you are getting out on the water and look forward to seeing you in the shop!

- Sean Visintainer



The last few seasons I've put some time in doing what we will call "alternative" tactics for catching steelhead. In case you don't know what that means, it means gear fishing for steelhead. Gear fishing?! Yes, gear. Gear fishing for steelhead teaches you a lot about fly fishing and vice versa. Where fish live, where they don't, where you think they don't... but they actually do, how they are willing to react to a spinner / spoon or plug, jig, etc. When I was guiding a lot on the Grande Ronde, I would watch gear guys fish water that no fly guy would ever touch and they caught fish. Sometimes a lot of them. READ MORE



If you have been thinking about trying out steelheading for the first time, or want someone to row the boat for you while trout fishing we have 2 great options for you this fall. 


Grande Ronde Steelhead - 
Located south of Clarkston, WA, the Grande Ronde cuts through the corner of Washington before it enters into the Snake River. The "Ronde" steelhead are primarily "A" run fish that start showing up in good numbers late September though the winter months. Fish size ranges from 4-8lbs on average with a few fish that will go over 10+ pounds. We fish all tactics from single hand to spey rods and are more than happy to teach anglers new techniques. If you are completely new to fly fishing this can be a tough endeavor and it might be easier to start with trout fishing first. The Ronde is an absolutely beautiful desert canyon, one of our all time favorite rivers.

Learn more about Grande Ronde Steelhead Trips HERE

Grande Ronde Available Dates:  October 24, 27, 28, 29, 31 / November 2, 4, 5, 8-15



Spokane River Redband Trout -  
The hidden gem right in our backyard. The Spokane River is often overlooked and over shadowed by other famous rivers. It may not have thousands of fish per mile, or prolific abundance of aquatic life, but what it does have is one of the hardest fighting fish around, the Redband trout. Redbands are a very aggressive species of rainbow that love to chase a moving fly and when hooked are known for acrobatic jumps. The Spokane flows through a gorge that is quite beautiful for an urban fishery, once on the water you would never know you are ten minutes from the states second largest city. 

Learn more about Spokane River Trips HERE

Spokane Available Dates: October 25 - November 8-10, 12-15



Fly tying classes are starting up this November and the first one on the list of specialty classes is the our popular Steelhead Fly Tying with Mark Poirier. Mark's background in the golf world translates very smoothly into the world of fly tying and instruction. His attention to detail and ability to articulate how to tie flies is incredible. This one night class covers 3 styles of flies: traditionals, leeches, and marabou patterns. Participants will walk away with a great deal of knowledge and the ability to apply their new skills to many other patterns. Class cost is $50. Call 509.924.9998 to enroll.


Lots of new pieces of clothing in from Patagonia to keep you styling on, or off the water. New Nano Puff Jackets/Vest, Better Sweater, R1 Field Shirt, Fjord Flannels, Capiliene, Hats, Hats, and MORE HATS! 

Ohhh yeahhh... Just got a stack of the new Winston Boron III Plus rods in. 5/6/7/8/10 weights in-stock. They nailed this one. The Boron III Plus combines all things Winston that we love. A smooth, powerful fast action taper with a plenty of feel. This new model of Boron III is going to be a tough one to beat in the fast action rod category. The 5wt will be right at home on any of our local trout water. The 6wt will be perfect for bigger bodies of water, big flies, and big fish. 7-10wt rods will be excellent for your saltwater, bass, or any big fish endeavors. More to come on these rods as we get to know them a little more. The pics don't do these rods justice, in the 6-10wt we are stocking the new anodized green reel seat... it's beautiful!


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