Top - 56 Degree Water Lower Spokane 7/17/15
Bottom - Spokane River Redband / Kootenai Foam Eater


It may be an unusually dry summer, however, there are lots of places still fishing well. This morning I was out on the Spokane River and it almost felt like a hint of Fall in the air. Water this morning temped at 58 degrees and the past week has been sub 60 throughout most of the morning and early afternoon. Bo and Britten Jay have been doing well on guide trips this week. The upper Spokane above Sullivan is warmer and good for smallmouth bass fishing. Just a heads up for all you Urban anglers, the Spokane and other Washington Rivers are under "Hoot-Owl" restrictions which means you can't fish from 2pm - Midnight. To stay up to speed on what rivers have restrictions make sure to check out the Washington State Emergency Rules Website for a current list of closures or time restrictions. 

The St. joe, NF Clearwater, Kelly Creek and Kootenai River are all within striking distance for a weekend outing and are ALL fishing well and have nice cool water. Make sure to stop in for the latest info. 

Hopper bins are re-stocked! Thanks for your continued support.

- Sean Visintainer





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We recently checked in with EWU grad student Taylor McCroskey to see how the study was coming along for the proposed redband spawning habitat structure. Here is a brief write up of what Taylor is seeing:

During the study, using day and night snorkel surveys (Picture 1) as well as minnow traps, in the proposed Starr Road habitat enhancement area and two reference reaches, one below and one above Starr Road, only two adult and 5 juvenile redband trout have been identified. Since Starr Road has been identified by Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) as one of the major spawning beds in the upper most Spokane River and no redbands have been seen here, this leads to speculation that this fish moved downstream early to seek cold water refuge. For the smallmouth bass portion of the study, 214 fish have been tagged so far, using both Floy ® tags (Picture 2) and Elastomer ®, during the night electrofishing and angling surveys in June and July. Diet samples (Picture 3) taken from smallmouth bass have shown some piscivory occurring, although most samples contain crayfish and both aquatic and terrestrial invertebrates. Study efforts will continue through the end of August and detailed results of the study will be presented once the study is completed.

Previous Article about the redband spawning habitat structure:




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