Tales of a Flaneur Newsletter for February 2012. Every month I share a brief note from my travels and provide an update on new work and upcoming exhibitions.
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My dear heart 

"And once again we met, later, at the South Bridge head.
And then the crowd broke up - you went north to San palace.
And if you ask how I regret that parting?
It is like the flowers falling at spring’s end,
                    confused, whirled in a tangle.
What is the use of talking! And there is no end of talking-
There is no end of things in the heart."

Unique portraits that say something about you

I specialise in creating distinctive, beautiful portrait photographs that capture the individuality of the sitter. Unlike most professional photographers who use digital cameras to take multiple images in pre-defined poses and settings, I use traditional medium format and 35mm film to give each image a truly unique look and feel. 

My approach is to photograph the client in his or her everyday world: at home, in a well-loved place or outside in a place of natural beauty, not in a studio. Typically, my clients and I spend 30 mins over a cup of coffee or tea to make sure we're both clear about what we'd like to achieve before we get started.
I was really flattered by this testimonial from William, a recent client: "As an actor, I usually find photo shoots daunting. You're not hiding behind a character, you're baring your soul. After my shoot with John, I realised it's not so bad to bare a little of your soul." The key to what I do is providing a personal service that gives the client a set of images they will love, so please don't hesitate to drop me a line to book a session.

View Portraits: You are the people

Prints, Custom Work & Licensing

Although you're experiencing my work online, these images look gorgeous on one's desk or wall - tangible objects and mementos of a visceral experience, a keenly felt moment. Every month I change the images in my shop to match the season or to feature new work.
I’ve created a standard print offering: every image is available as an A3 size archival print mounted on a 5mm piece of white foamboard. It’s simple, elegant and ready to hang on your wall or to be framed. Each piece costs £40 plus shipping (it’s roughly £15 to the United States, £6 here in the UK). I also licence my images for television, web sites, blogs, corporate presentations and for printed media.
But I really love making custom pieces that perfectly fit the atmosphere of particular space, so please drop me a line with your requirements.

Notes for February, 2012 - Romance and a Free iBook

In 2002, I sold everything I owned, obtained a month's leave from my job in publishing and went on a sojourn through Italy. I returned with a heap of photographs and a journal full of word-pictures. The strong colours and magnificent seascapes in villages of the Cinque Terre, five settlements carved into the hillside along the Ligurian coast, particularly inspired me. I wrote a short story taken from my writing and, a couple of years ago, I returned for a romantic holiday - and to make some pictures.
I've put together a book that brings those words and pictures together and it's called "Where Here & Now Cease To Matter". It's available exclusively on iPad and free to download for the month of February from my web site. There are over 60 sun-drenched photographs from the Cinque Terre in full-screen galleries. The intimacy of the device makes iPad a sensual, tactile way to experience my photography.
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