Tales of a Flaneur Newsletter for July 2011. Every month I will share a brief note from my travels and provide an update on new work and upcoming exhibitions.
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Every month I will share a brief note from my travels and provide an update on new work and upcoming exhibitions. This spring and summer my portraiture work has grown considerably and I am absolutely thrilled by the results and I've also met some really lovely people.

Have a look at my most recent work here - Portraits: You are the people

 I create distinctive, beautiful portrait photographs that capture the individuality of the sitter. My approach is to photograph the client in his or her everyday world: at home, in a well-loved place or outside in a place of natural beauty, not in a studio. Typically, my clients and I spend 30 mins over a cup of coffee or tea to make sure we're both clear about what we'd like to achieve before we get started. This can be done on the day or in advance. The key to what I do is providing a personal service that gives the client a set of images they will love, so please don't hesitate to drop me a line with questions or to book a session.
— John Matthews

Prints, Custom Work & Licensing

Although you're experiencing my work online, these images look gorgeous on one's desk or wall - tangible objects and mementos of a visceral experience, a keenly felt moment. Every month I change the images in my shop to match the season or to feature new work.
I’ve created a standard print offering: every image is available as an A3 size archival print mounted on a 5mm piece of white foamboard. It’s simple, elegant and ready to hang on your wall or to be framed. Each piece costs £40 plus shipping (it’s roughly £15 to the United States, £6 here in the UK). I also licence my images for television, web sites, blogs, corporate presentations and for printed media. Please e-mail me with as many details as possible, such as where and how it will be used and your required size and resolution.
But I really love making custom pieces that perfectly fit the atmosphere of particular space, so please drop me a line with your requirements.

Upcoming Events

Saturday 8 October 2011

Photomonth Photofair

10am-6pm, Spitalfields Traders Market
Brushfield Street E1 6AA (Liverpool St tube)

Notes for July 2011

"I think we try to perfect ourselves, we try to learn, we try to work constantly, we discover things at each stage in a career. But the discoveries and the little we've learned are a bit like a battery, and we are not necessarily conscious of the electricity released from it. So we try to keep all of this inside ourselves, and we use it, hoping that it will come when we need it. It doesn't always come when we need it, however; that's the trauma of creation. Often, all that we've accumulated, all that we've tried to learn, comes too late or too early and not at the moment we need it. On the other hand, if we proceed in too orderly a fashion, that is, with notes, cards, with filed memories, and if we try to apply them mechanically and arbitrarily, I think we become removed from life. One must be very wary of knowledge and theories. One has to have them, but it is best to tackle each subject as if we knew nothing, as if we were completely new to it, and as if the subject were unexplored."
Jean Renoir from an interview in Le Cahiers du Cinema.
I photograph absence and longing as they reverberate across urban and rural landscapes. Through my wandering, I often immerse myself in outre situations and encounter people worth recalling later. I am a cultural migrant who finds peace in liminal, transitional spaces. The past forever manifests itself in the present. I slip from moment to moment; unsure of the time, but always knowing the place.

Next month, I shall present a tale from my travels. Thank you for joining me on this journey.
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