Tales of a Flaneur Newsletter for October 2011. Every month I share a brief note from my travels and provide an update on new work and upcoming exhibitions.
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The Dead Travel Fast

I love graveyards, churchyards and burial grounds. These spaces invite contemplation and remembrance. Sometimes I catch myself thinking that no connection exists between myself and the dead. But there is. Like so many of my beloved places - cathedrals, forests, empty offices with a view of the city - graveyards provoke curiosity about what came before I existed and what, if anything, will remain of me when my body ceases to be. Although some gravestones tell of tragedy and calamitous loss, I marvel at the intensity of the love expressed in so many of the inscriptions. What will be said of us, if anything, when we die?

— John Matthews

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Prints, Custom Work & Licensing

Although you're experiencing my work online, these images look gorgeous on one's desk or wall - tangible objects and mementos of a visceral experience, a keenly felt moment. Every month I change the images in my shop to match the season or to feature new work. For Halloween this month, it's fog, mist and mystery! I really do feel most alive whilst alone in the mist.
I’ve created a standard print offering: every image is available as an A3 size archival print mounted on a 5mm piece of white foamboard. It’s simple, elegant and ready to hang on your wall or to be framed. Each piece costs £40 plus shipping (it’s roughly £15 to the United States, £6 here in the UK). I also licence my images for television, web sites, blogs, corporate presentations and for printed media.
But I really love making custom pieces that perfectly fit the atmosphere of particular space, so please drop me a line with your requirements.

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Unique portraits that say something about you

I also create distinctive, beautiful portrait photographs that capture the individuality of the sitter. I was really flattered by this testimonial from William, a recent client: "As an actor, I usually find photo shoots daunting. You're not hiding behind a character, you're baring your soul. After my shoot with John, I realised it's not so bad to bare a little of your soul." The key to what I do is providing a personal service that gives the client a set of images they will love, so please don't hesitate to drop me a line with questions or to book a session.

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Upcoming Events

Saturday 8 October 2011

Photomonth Photofair

10am-6pm, Spitalfields Traders Market
Brushfield Street E1 6AA (Liverpool St tube)

Link: Photomonth 2011 Web Site

Notes for October 2011

I wanted to write something playful and spooky for Halloween. The more I thought about the tranquility and beauty of churchyards and burial grounds, the more I began thinking about people I've loved who are gone, particularly about my grandparents and my instrumental music teacher in secondary school, Robert Bouknight.

Although I was considered a middling musician in my early years, Bouknight saw a sensitivity and distinctive style in my trumpet playing. He devoted much time to teaching me the fundamentals of musical performance. Despite his fiery temper (Bouknight was a crazy American Southerner) and wild outbursts from time to time, he nurtured my talents and helped develop my artistic sensibilities and, more importantly, my social skills. My facility with the trumpet led to all sorts of cheeky adventures throughout my teenage years.
He died of a wretched and painful cancer after one hellish summer soon after I left school. At his funeral I played the old Louis Armstrong tune "What a Wonderful World" as he enjoyed my simple take on the classic tune. As I remember it, that song was the last I played under his direction.
Robert Bouknight was like a father to me and I miss him dearly. I owe to him much of the man that I have become. He taught me how to take pleasure from life and have one hell of a lot of fun.

Robert Bouknight
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