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Depending on who you ask, the average Briton has either never had it better or never had it worse.

The truth is, there is no average person in the UK. Every student, businessman, postman, teacher, artist and parent in the country has been affected by changes to welfare, taxes, pensions and day-to-day costs in a unique way. When politicians claim ‘the country’ is better or worse off than five years ago, they’re neglecting the vast nuances of living standards in the UK.

Social media documents the concerns and celebrations of millions of ordinary and extraordinary Britons. We’re not boiling living standards down to a slogan or single judgement. This week, you get the entire picture.

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Between food banks, poverty, pensions, pay and tax rates, there have been 1,189,377 mentions of economic living standards in the UK in the past month alone. Recently, in the wake of #Budget2015, economic living standards has eclipsed the conversation on education, which had previously been the front-runner.

The biggest spikes happened during the George Osborne’s last budget, and the Cameron vs Miliband ‘Battle for Number 10’.

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Labour - as with most election issues - has the strongest hold on social media. The party managed to achieve twice as many mentions as any other party in relation to economic living standards. The SNP gained more mentions than the Lib Dems.

However - despite the strength of major parties on social media - the most impactful tweets surrounding the issue came from writers, comedians and even a One Direction stylist:

Most chatter is centered around tax. People have been taking issue with taxes levied on them, and the ‘epidemic’ of tax avoidance by corporations and high-paying bankers. Beyond this, cuts are being scrutinised left, right and centre - extended austerity is at the front of people’s minds.

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Each week we will revisit how social media users are discussing the main parties and leaders. Please do get in touch for more details or to understand how these volumes break down by demographic.
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