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Welcome to the first General Election Social Intelligence Bulletin from Brandwatch. You have been selected to receive this weekly overview of how social media users are discussing and reacting to developments in the run up to 7th May 2015.

As we get closer to May, we have seen more politicians take to Twitter and huge sums being spent on Facebook to try and reach the social electorate. This is the UK's first social election.

Each week we will be releasing the latest social intelligence data relating to the main parties and leaders to try and understand who is "winning social media", as well as taking a closer look at the key election issues.

Brandwatch will also be available to provide bespoke data, analysis and insights to suit your own stories so if you would like access to further social election data, or just want to see what
else we can find on the social web, please do get in touch.

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In March alone, issues surrounding education have been mentioned 1,084,649 times. That's an average of 54,232 times a day, or once every 1.5 seconds. Education is currently the hottest topic in online politics chat, ahead of both employment and the NHS which falls just behind.

From our research, we've found a variety of demographics engaged with their own niche issue. Students talk widely about tuition fees, teachers talk about funding, and people in IT and science professions decry the need for more STEM teachers.

As we draw close to May 7, the volume of conversation is increasing. A funding crisis looks to worsen after a budget which promises to reduce the deficit quickly. The Conversatives are wooing voters by promising thousands more school places, while Labour has - boldly - pledged to reduce tuition fees for university students.

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Labour dominates the conversation on education, with 46,256 mentions in March - four times more mentions than any other party. Labour's website on cutting tuition fees to £6,000 has made 1,174,642 impressions on Twitter alone, after being retweeted 1,794 times.

Conversation about the Liberal Democrats on education has been the smallest of the four major parties. Clearly, after their U-turn on tuition fees, they're staying away from the topic. Even UKIP's stance on education has been mentioned more than the Lib Dems.

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There are 331,477 people talking about education online. 55% of the conversation comes from men but the proportion of women engaging in conversation about education is almost double than in general political conversation.

21% of these people are teachers, and 16% are students - much higher than in any other issue.

A visual rundown of who is owning online conversation

Each week we will revisit how social media users are discussing the main parties and leaders. Please do get in touch for more details or to understand how these volumes break down by demographic.
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