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For as long as there have been elections, hopefuls have addressed the issues they believe will resonate most with the voting public. This month’s newsletter will look at a topic that is hardly new, but has taken its place in the living room discussions and debate dialogues all across the country: immigration.

Immigration was thought to be a secondary issue at the start of the current presidential election cycle, but one candidate - by his own admission - has brought it to the forefront of his campaign, and thus the national spotlight.

Below you’ll get a quantitative look at how each remaining candidate has been discussed through the filter of their online immigration conversation.

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The two remaining Democratic candidates accounted for a combined total of nearly 93,000 immigration mentions on Twitter in the month of March.

Bernie Sanders held the slight advantage in immigration mentions with more than 49,000, as Hillary Clinton tallied over 43,000 immigration mentions.

The sentiment within these immigration-specific mentions provides a more accurate glimpse into how people have received each candidate’s position on the topic.

Bernie Sanders boasts a positive sentiment at a rate of 64.8% of categorized, immigration-related mentions.

Hillary Clinton’s sentiment is not as favorable. Within the same mention parameters, Hillary Clinton has a negative sentiment at 69.2%. The root cause of this sentiment ratio may not, in fact, be a result of Clinton’s immigration stance.

Negative mentions were driven by the actions of two celebrities. Actress, Jamie Lee Curtis, penned a tweet in response to some public comments made by fellow actress Susan Sarandon. The engagement with this tweet, which mentioned both Clinton and immigrants, pushed Clinton’s sentiment into the negative.

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As compared to the Democrats, the Republican discussion around immigration is much larger as the Republicans registered over 338,000 immigration mentions on Twitter for the month of March.

Donald Trump accumulated over 263,000 mentions revolving around immigration on Twitter in March. He was followed by Ted Cruz with more than 54,000 mentions, and John Kasich with more than 20,000 mentions.

Looking towards candidate sentiment within categorized, immigration-related mentions, Ted Cruz has the most positive conversation at 63.9%. Cruz is followed by Trump with a positive conversation of 59.5%.

John Kasich, much like Hillary Clinton, has a very negative sentiment that might not be related to his immigration stance. Kasich’s sentiment is 87.4% negative. This majorly negative sentiment is the result of some equally major trolling from Trump supporters.

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Donald Trump is basing much of his campaign around immigration. All his talks of building walls and deporting millions of people have led to massive amounts of Twitter mentions. Despite his volume mention success, he still comes up short in sentiment both overall and within his party.

The Republican conversation has been larger than the Democratic for the entire election cycle overall, but the mention gap is still surprising when you consider that the Democrats had a debate focused almost entirely on immigration that was broadcast on Univision on March 9.

The large mention discrepancy despite that debate shows how important the topic of immigration is to the Republican voters.

Lastly, we see how the internet can treat a candidate. Whether it is an army of trolls, or influential celebrities, a candidate can avoid social mistakes and still lose control of their online conversation.

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