Special Delivery! Your Love Note from the Garden has arrived!

Surprise! Just seemed like we popped up overnight, didn't it? And then - we were everywhere - at least everywhere throughout the South. And where are our leaves? 
We are Red Spider Lilies, also known as Surprise Lilies or Naked Ladies (no leaves around our 15" stalks - get it?) We are originally from the Orient, but became a passalong plant here in the United States. Imagine a girl leaving home in a covered wagon, limited in what she could pack for her new life. Wouldn't she want some of the familiar plants she grew up with, especially an easy-to-pack bulb? Wouldn't friends share plants that did well and looked beautiful? That's how we spread around the South - passed along. And once planted, we multiplied. We are often seen in abundance in front of historic homes. 
Yes, we are without leaves now, but after we flower our leaves will emerge for the winter, only to die back in spring. Then, when you forget all about us... Surprise! Up again! Oh, we love surprising you! 
Where are our manners? Our formal name is Lycoris radiata and we are bulbs that thrive in warmer climates, up to Zone 7a. Ever so pleased to meet you!

Love, Red Spider Lily
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