Expedition Yemen By Camel. It staretd in Zabid the 8th of December and it took me, my two partners Amin and Ahmed and our camel Antar to Sanna. 380 km:s of very rough terrain. An untterly unique journey!

                     By Explorer Mikael Strandberg

First phase accomplished!

"It is impossible!"

That is what everybody told me. They told me I wouldn´t even get in to Yemen. The country was falling apart, on the brink of a very destructive civil war and it was the most dangerous country on earth at that moment. It was even worse reading the global media. I didn´t believe any of them. I felt I knew Yemen. For me, one of the most fantastic countries on earth. Never boring, full of the most amazing people, some of the best scenery on earth, one of the oldest civilisations and this is where I met my wife. She pushed hard for all of us to go. So the 22nd of October, the whole family, including our 15 months old daughter, Eva Belquis, flew to Sanaa, the capital of Yemen. We had that trust in Yemen! And we were, of course, right!

The best desicion we have ever taken. However, once there, it was impossible to get out of the the capital due to security reasons. Everyone said it was impossible! I still did manage to get out and travel 380 km:s from the coastal town of Zabid to the capital of Sanaa. It was one of the most demanding Expeditions I ever made, but also one of the most fantastic. It gave me a perspective of a great country very few have. And believe, I feel safer in Yemen than any other country on earth after this journey!

I believe, at this moment, this is one of the most unique Expeditions of our time! And, everything is possible!

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