Help us get Beautiful Wreck to #1 and get patterns from Larissa!

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Help us get Beautiful Wreck to #1!

This Friday, February 7th the Kindle edition of our new novel Beautiful Wreck by Larissa Brown will be on sale for $2.99 just for the weekend. Even if you don't have a Kindle you can read the Kindle edition!

Or buy it from Apple's iBookstore, or Smashwords for regular price. It is also available in paperback on Amazon (FREE Kindle edition available when you order, via MatchBook) and Barnes & Noble (paper and Nook, too)!

No matter which edition you buy, if you forward your receipt to, you'll get Larissa's Lichen pattern (retail price $6) sent to you as a Ravelry PDF.

Once you've read it, if you post a review anywhere, email the review link to and you'll get a PDF download of Larissa's Betta pattern. 
(Retail price $6)

We appreciate Cooperative Press readers so much because you understand what we're trying to achieve over here: amazing books on a tight budget that pay authors fairly. We're good at that!

Please buy the book on Friday if at all possible so we can get it to #1 on Amazon's Kindle list. If we pull that off, we'll probably do something crazy to amuse you all... like make Shannon sing a song on YouTube in a Viking helmet.

Why are we asking for your help this way? First of all, we want you, our CP family, to know about this special deal we set up to try to get Larissa to #1! Large publishers have WAY more money than we do, so sometimes it's a challenge getting the word out about a book. And Beautiful Wreck is a book that deserves a large audience! Larissa (author of Knitalong and My Grandmother's Knitting) takes you back in time to Viking Iceland, and the time travel is not even the wildest part! Beautiful Wreck isn't exactly historical fiction or romance or sci fi...somehow, it's all three at once and yet better. There's even fiber artist-friendly stuff in it! If you liked Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series, you'll love Beautiful Wreck. The advance readers spent many sleepless nights trying to read it as fast as they could, it's that good.

Want even more goodies? Our author Heather Ordover (of the What Would Madame Defarge Knit? series) has a novel out, too! She's giving away some great stuff here on her site right now, so click on over.

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For your free Lichen download, forward your book purchase receipt before 14 February to

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After you've posted a review online (Amazon, Goodreads, your own blog, anywhere!) mail a link to and get a free download of Betta.
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