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March 2016

How Solar PV systems can provide energy independence

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Symtech Solar - Helios Series

Solar energy is abundantly available; the Earth receives enough solar energy every hour to meet the world’s annual energy needs! There are a variety of options available for those who endeavor to become more energy independent, relying less on the grid and more on off-grid sustainable solutions.

Off-grid (or “stand-alone”) PV systems are designed quite differently than grid-tied PV systems. Without the backing electricity supply of the utility grid, in an off-grid PV system, the load-based sizing is critical. When considering the off-grid lifestyle, it is important to first understand how this type of system works in relation to all power requirements and simultaneous loads expected to operate on the Solar PV energy system. Although carefully considering the appliances or “loads” in a home is crucial in off-grid system design and use, this shift in mindfulness is necessary simply to allow for a more efficient approach to electricity usage. Transitioning to off-grid living will come with learning when and how electricity is used in order to live effectively within the expectations of your system’s design and keep costs reasonable.

In many remote locations, the options for electrification are often limited to either extension of an existing grid or the use of a diesel powered generator. However, installing an off-grid PV system can often be a much more cost-effective and sustainable solution.

Symtech Solar - Helios Off-Grid
Symtech Solar - Helios Series Box - 3kW PV Kit
The technology required to effectively harness the power of the sun has been improving over-time. Symtech Solar has carefully designed and engineered pre-packaged off-grid solar PV systems to be both quick and easy to install. Like all of Symtech Solar's solutions, the off-grid solar kits do not produce any emissions or noise and are plug and play ready. The Helios Off-Grid kits are also equipped with a Smart Energy Management Unit (SEMU) as well as a battery bank, which balances the energy loads with the PV array.
Off-grid PV kits are primarily designed for those who either have limited access to the grid or who wish to become more energy independent. Whether the intention of the off-grid solar system is for a remote cabin, place of business, or full-time residence; Symtech Solar has an off-grid solution that can fit almost any installation requirement. Symtech Solar’s off-grid kits have the capability to be expanded for further energy storage if required in the future.

Product Benefits

Become completely energy independent • Reduce the burning of fossils fuels for a healthier environment • Eliminate the problems of grid blackouts 
Pre-Designed and customized kits
All components necessary for a simplified and efficient installation approach.
Solar Modules • Solar Off-Grid Inverter/Charger 
• Custom Roof Mounting System • Battery Bank • Battery storage unit 
• PV, battery bank, and grounding wiring Harnesses • DC an AC Disconnects 
• Wire Management Kit • Safety Label Kit • Schematic Diagrams


HELIOS Series Off-Grid kits come in 1kW, 2kW, 3kW and 6kW sizes. Please inquire for fully customizable options as well. Examples of installed off-grid projects utilizing Symtech Solar’s HELIOS kits are found all over the world. Off-grid Schools make great candidates for Solar PV systems – a few such projects outlined below showcase the benefits.
Symtech Solar - Tanzania 2kW - Helios Off-Grid

A 2kW off-grid Solar PV kit installed in the remote Mufindi region of Tanzania’s Southern Highlands, powers several laptops, lights, and phone charging stations at a local middle school and high school. Not only do the students and staff benefit from the installed PV system, but so does the rest of the community, having lighting for events in the evening and a power hub for charging phones and lanterns anytime.
Symtech Solar -  Micronesia 4kW - Helios Off-Grid


A 4kW off-grid Solar PV installation on Pakin Atoll in Micronesia is another example of a community school utilizing the HELIOS kits. This size was customized for the specific needs of the project to power lights, audio-equipment, and fans. There is plenty of sunshine at this remote location, making energy production a breeze with the quick-install solar PV kits from Symtech Solar.
Symtech Solar - Philippines 1.5kW - Helios Off-Grid


A 1.5kW off-grid Solar PV installation at Kinatarcan National High School – on the isolated island of Guintacan in the Philippines, powers lighting, fans, and speakers for school announcements and extra-curricular activities. This project was part of the re-building that is still taking place following Typhoon Yolanda. Prior to this installation, the school as well as other residents of the island all shared a very inefficient diesel generator that could only be afforded to run a few times a week.
Symtech Solar - Apollo and Helios Boxes
Considering solar PV technologies for your home, business, remote cabin, community school or farm? It is important to understand the key differences between grid-tied PV systems and remote or off-grid PV systems. Depending on the specific achievable energy goals and environmental intentions, the best type of system for your needs can be determined for your situation.
When there is no grid-tied option available, for instance, an off-grid PV system will then become the default best option. Otherwise, it is more of a personal decision based on finances, timing of load profiles, and strength of desire for energy independence. A detailed cost-benefit assessment is conducted as standard practice to help determine the facts and figures in the decision making process. Let a certified Symtech Solar analyst help step you through this process to ensure all available options for your project can be discussed.
A battery-based energy storage system generally costs about 30%-40% more than a grid-tied system without batteries, and even up to 50% more, depending on the battery bank size/technology and other system components. But then again, the battery bank will be able to provide power regardless of whether or not there is a grid blackout, making this a strong contender for areas prone to grid outages.

Another difference between on-grid and off-grid is that grid-tied PV systems are only designed to offset the energy load demand by a matching ratio of available installation space and load profiles. For most grid-tied systems, the offset percentage is often near 40-50%, since this type of system will only accommodate daytime loads, and the grid supplies the rest. In contrast, an off-grid solar PV system must be sized effectively to cover 100% of the energy load needs of the building or residence.

Symtech Solar’s HELIOS series off-grid kits offer systems that are preconfigured with the ability to be adjusted to the needs of the system owner. In some cases, a hybrid system might be the most appropriate PV system choice, which combines features of both grid-tied and off-grid PV systems. Look for more information regarding the versatility of Symtech Solar’s AURORA Hybrid series on the website and in upcoming newsletters. 
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