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Solar-power installations were a rarity around a decade ago, but thanks to the development of its technology combined with the decrease on its prices they are becoming commonplace. Deciding on a PV system can be confusing and time-consuming, especially when the installation process is unclear. For Symtech Solar’s kits the process is very straightforward, with our Partnership Program we have a team of qualified installers around the world that work closely with us to ensure a top standard installation. This article will give some greater insight into the steps behind going solar!

After a customer has expressed interest in a PV system, we will establish contact and review their latest electric bill. This initial step is necessary for evaluating the customer’s energy usage levels and makes it simpler when deciding which system will best suit their needs. This is important as the customer does not want too little energy, but also too much from excessive solar panels could see a very long return on investment, optimizing energy production as well as cost savings is crucial. We also evaluate the customer’s access to the grid and what they hope to achieve from going solar. For instance if it is to become completely energy independent, then an off-grid PV kit HELIOS is suitable, whereas a residential house looking to simply reduce their electric costs would be better suited to an on-grid APOLLO PV system.  

Next the installation team will conduct a site evaluation to ensure that the site complies with the minimum safety structural conditions and installation requirements. Various load bearing and wind load tests in conjunction with a physical inspection are used to determine the PV modules orientation and optimal surface area to install the system. Access to the grid is also evaluated if necessary. A PV system is then chosen that will best suit the customer’s needs and preferences from Symtech Solar’s product range.
APOLLO on-grid residential reference layout from installation manual

Next is the design phase, which is fairly minimal thanks to the flexibility of the pre-designed kits that Symtech Solar offers. The advantage of having these ready-to-go kits is that customers can combine multiple PV array layouts to meet space limitations due to their simple design. The layout and specifics are then finalized to be referred to onsite during installation.

After completing the site evaluation and design, the team will agree on a project schedule to provide the customer with an estimation of how long it will take and labour costs. Depending on the scale of the project, a number of team members will be assigned to complete the installation in a set amount of time. Generally for basic residential installations 2 members is sufficient and can be completed in a period of 2 days.
Installers in New Zealand unpacking a SymPack APOLLO PV System

From here, the installation is very simple. The installation process involves PV system layout and mechanical mount, PV module mount, wire series connection, inverter mount and inverter DC connection, PV array to inverter connection, inverter to AC Circuit Panel and meter connection. After the panels are all mounted and connected to the inverters it’s simply a case of setting up the Wi-Fi monitor and testing the connection! The installation is so quick due to the pre-designed feature of many of the components. For instance the aluminum PV mounting system rails are pre-cut and the PV wire harnesses pre-assembled.

Upon completing an installation the final step is to do a final system inspection to ensure customers can begin producing energy right away. In addition, with compatible PV kits there is also the opportunity to upgrade the existing solar panels should the customer require greater energy producing capacity.  
Connection from PV array to meter through an inverter
And that’s it! It’s never been easier to go solar. If you are looking for a practical and easy way of installing solar panels, visit Symtech Solar's website below.
2kW APOLLO on-grid installation in New Zealand
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