Solar Energy: Myths and Facts

January 2017


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Symtech Solar - Newsletter January 2017-Atlas 200kW USA
Solar energy is a rapidly developing industry; its somewhat recent integration into the energy sector may leave individuals with questions regarding its operation. Listed are some common misconceptions about solar PV systems and facts that explain the functionality and value of solar technology.
Myths and Facts
Solar panels don’t work in the winter or when it’s cloudy.
Contrary to common belief, solar panels are absolutely functional in both the winter and on cloudy days. PV systems operate in response to sunlight, not heat, making them perfectly effective in the winter.
Although solar panels have the highest efficiency with direct sunlight, they also function with indirect light. Sunlight that is blocked or reflected by clouds can still get the job done.
Solar PV systems can only be installed on rooftops.
Solar installation can take many forms. For example, BIPV systems allow for solar technology and architecture integration.
Solar carports utilize existing parking lot space for solar installation, serving as a resourceful means of energy production.
Symtech Solar - Newsletter January 2017-Atlas 125kW Mexico
Solar PV systems are too expensive to purchase.
Solar panel prices have fallen dramatically over the last few decades, and the opportunity for net metering can bring back returns very quickly. 
In many areas of the world, upfront solar installation costs are minimized by incentive support, such as tax credits and subsidies. Solar systems also add value to your home, increasing savings down the road.
Solar PV systems require a lot of maintenance.
PV systems are self-functioning, requiring very little upkeep after installation. With no moving parts, technology breakdown is also very unlikely.
PV panels are installed in a position that enables them to receive maximum sunlight, most homeowners find that panels only need to be cleaned once a year, as rain keeps them more than clean from smaller debris.
Solar PV systems are noisy.

While some renewable and traditional forms of energy production generate noise, solar panels operate silently, making them a convenient and favorable system.
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Symtech Solar - Newsletter January 2017-Apollo 4.5kW New Zealand
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January 2017 - Solar Energy: Myths and Facts

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