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PROJECT FOCUS: Outward Bound in the Oman Desert
Project Introduction
In February 2017, in the Oman Desert, Symtech Solar Oman installed a 24kw HELIOS PV kit on the Outward Bound base camp. The Outward Bound center is located in the desert in Bidayah, approximately 3km from the nearest electrical supply. We provided them with our totally off-grid solar solution which now provides electrical power 24 hours per day. With more annual hours of sun than any other country in the world, our HELIOS system fits right in offering a completely off-grid solution for Omani explorers. 
Symtech Solar MENA
This Outward Bound base camp in the Oman desert was the first of many projects headed by Symtech Solar MENA after they were appointed the exclusive distributor and installer of our PV systems. Symtech Solar MENA has recognized that solar is a huge untapped opportunity in this area, with plans to provide solar solutions to hotels, new tourist resorts located in remote desert areas, and production facilities using our install-ready PV system packages. All of these sites are located some distance away from the national grid and require electricity to power their facilities.
Coupled with the increasing energy costs and pressure to protect the environment, solar energy adoption is set to skyrocket in the Middle East in the coming years as government subsidies are introduced and infrastructure is built. For Symtech Solar, this is a great opportunity to provide a one stop energy solution with our solar PV kits as well as powered water pumps, solar carports and street lighting.  
Outward Bound OMAN
The Outward Bound project was their first purpose built center for outdoor learning and required significant energy generation to power their various facilities: two indoor training/classrooms, AV center, kitchen, dining room, equipment stores, and accommodation for 60 program participants. Occupying a site of more than 5,000 square meters, and a 2 hour drive from Muscat the nearest City, the center is the first in Oman to run entirely off solar energy. 
The images below show our HELIOS system being installed with a 24kW capacity, enough to power the necessary facilities as well as store backup power in the lithium iron phosphate batteries that are provided in our off-grid PV kits. Helios Off-Grid PV Systems are independent and deliver equivalent expectations of the utility grid. 

Using the Helios Off-Grid PV Kit was beneficial as they are designed to be easier to install. They are noiseless, produce zero emissions, and are offered with SymPack Technology, our all-in-one packaging solution for hassle-free transportation out to remote locations such as the Outward Bound desert site!

Solar Future in Oman
Currently in Oman, solar companies are not able to connect to the national grid due to electrical safety reasons. However, the Authority for Electricity Regulation in Oman will soon allow users of renewable energy to transfer surpluses back to the grid, making the choice to go solar even more attractive.
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2018 - Project Focus: Outward Bound Oman Desert

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