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May 2016
The best from grid-tied and off-grid solar systems
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Symtech Solar - Aurora Series Cover - Hybrid

Symtech Solar’s Aurora Series Hybrid PV kits efficiently combine both on-grid and off-grid technologies and are offered as grid-tied solar with battery storage (Hybrid 1) or as off-grid with battery usage and grid power backup (Hybrid 2). Our series offers kits ranging from 1kW to 5kW, making our product applicable to many types of locations.
This hybrid system generates power that can be consumed and/or stored using one of two battery bank technology types: Lithium Iron Phosphate or Lead Acid Gel. Our Li-Ion battery allows for highly-efficient monitoring of temperature, current, and voltage. The batteries include large DoD to allow for greater energy storage, longer cycle life, and efficiency. Both battery banks include stationary GEL and Tubular Plate Technology, optimizing performance. If net metering is available, users can control how much energy to sell back to the grid or place into storage.  The BMU (battery management unit) allows for complete control and flexibility over the energy system.

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Hybrid PV systems are standardly installed in locations that have poor grid stability, or have low sell back pricing. If your residence is in an area with an unstable grid, hybrid solar technology will allow you to rely on a solar battery when the grid fails. Many people cannot afford to be without electricity during power outages, in which case hybrid systems would be extremely beneficial and provide constant reliable power.
Hybrid solar systems also apply to you if you live in an area with a functional grid but prefer to be energy independent. In locations with intense sunlight, for instance, solar PV would generate high amounts of energy, making for an efficient primary power source. Yet, hybrid systems permit an easy transition to drawing from the grid at any time.
Either Aurora Hybrid 1 or Aurora Hybrid 2 would be beneficial for you if you want to use a solar PV system as a primary energy source and the grid as a secondary energy source utilizing a reliable battery backup.

Symtech Solar - Helios Off-Grid
Symtech Solar -  Aurora Series - Hybrid - Kit View

Pre-Designed and customized kits

All components necessary for a simplified and efficient installation approach.
Solar Modules • Hybrid Inverter/Charger 
Custom Roof Mounting System • Battery Bank
Battery Storage Unit • PV, Battery Bank and Grounding Wiring Harnesses
DC and AC Disconnects • Wire Management Kit • Safety Label Kit • Schematic Diagrams

Product benefits
Aurora Hybrid series users never have to worry about electricity blackouts again – between the grid (if available), our solar technology and battery banks, you will always have energy dependability.
And our customers can increase financial return by either net metering or storing excess power for later use.
Symtech Solar - Aurora Series - Hybrid - Battery Bank and Inverter
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Our Partners represent us and we understand the importance of creating strong long term relations in order to promote our brand values and mission.

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May2016 - Hybrid Solar PV Kits

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