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April 2016

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1.5kW / 2kW / 3kW / 4kW / 5kW

Symtech Solar’s APOLLO Series is specifically engineered to suit the residential grid-tied solar market. An appropriately sized Solar PV system for the house, garage, or other on-grid dwelling will not only reduce electricity costs but also minimize the global carbon footprint.
 Like all of Symtech Solar’s PV Kits, the APOLLO Series residential solar kits come complete and ready to install out of the box. This convenient and cost-effective approach to system design bundling saves you time in both research/ordering and set-up. Investing in clean energy has never been easier with these tailored solar PV kits – eliminating any guesswork in the design process.

Firstly, our certified solar experts are always available to discuss the best options for your specific solar needs and provide tools to guide you through the analysis process.  Sizing a residential rooftop Solar PV system depends on a few factors; usable roof space, estimated daytime loads, and if net metering options are available.
As a general rule of thumb, 1 square meter can house 150W of rated Solar PV – which corresponds to 1kWh per m2 given favorable weather conditions. This is simply a quick way to estimate total roof capacity and system output prior to considering the other system sizing parameters.
In many countries, net metering is available which benefits solar PV system owners by generating credits from selling back solar energy to the grid. This is especially attractive in areas where high electricity retail rates are employed. Additionally, the ROI time may also be reduced through incentive programs such as Property and Sales Tax exemptions.
Symtech Solar - Helios Off-Grid
Symtech Solar -  Apollo Series - On-Grid Residential -Packaging View

Pre-Designed and customized kits

All components necessary for a simplified and efficient installation approach.
Solar Modules • Solar On-Grid Inverter 
Custom Roof Mounting System • PV wiring Harnesses • DC an AC Disconnects 
Wire Management Kit • Safety Label Kit • Schematic Diagrams


Besides the quicker financial return on investment possible with net metering, investing in solar energy also provides less grid dependence resulting in a positive financial impact over time. Additionally, a solar PV system will increase your home value and protect you from future utility inflation.
Becoming more energy independent and relying less on fossil fuels is key for addressing major environmental issues. Investing in Symtech Solar’s renewable technology is an investment towards a more sustainable future.
How does it work?
Grid-tied solar PV systems utilize specially designed inverters to convert the generated DC power into AC power, which can then be fed directly into the electric utility grid. This type of system does not have any energy storage since it is synced with the grid directly. However, regardless of the solar PV system output, being grid-tied will ensure no loss of power is experienced during times of less sunlight or at nighttime.

Apollo Series  residential kits come in an array of standard sizing options starting from 1.5kW on up to 5kW with customizable parameters such as the roof mounting hardware and technology type. Installations around the globe utilizing Symtech Solar’s APOLLO Series residential kits are already benefiting from lowered electricity costs by effectively harnessing the sun’s energy.
Symtech Solar - Apollo 4kW - USA - On-Grid Residential

A 4kW grid-tied Residential Solar PV system installed in Lancaster, New Hampshire generates more than enough electricity for the typical household loads, allowing the homeowner to no longer need to pay an electric bill. This project showcases a standard application of the Apollo Series PV kits and fits neatly within the south facing roof space of this Northern New England residence.
Symtech Solar -  Apollo 5kW - Panama - On-Grid Residential


A 5kW grid-tied solar PV system installed on a house in Chitre, Panama in November of 2015 demonstrates another residence utilizing our cost-saving Apollo series package. All Symtech 5kW kits include a duel input MPPT inverter which allows installations on multiple oriented roof surfaces. This inverter functionality allows for maximum performance when the preferred south facing roof space is not available.
Symtech Solar - Apollo 4kW -  NZ On-Grid Residential


A 4kW Apollo Series installation at Kapiti Coast Dental Centre in Paraparaumu, New Zealand conserves this businesses electricity cost and also gives them the opportunity to sell excess electricity back to the utility grid. Kapiti Coast Dental Centre now has a lower carbon footprint while simultaneously benefitting from a quicker return on investment.
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Our Partners represent us and we understand the importance of creating strong long term relations in order to promote our brand values and mission.

Symtech Solar - Micronesia - Atlas 15 kW - Commercial On-Grid
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