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Hello to you!

In March I was hired to run my new Speaking With Confidence & Connection 1 Day Workshop for a small group of community and welfare sector workers, who described this new & improved workshop as:

" A must do – whether you are looking to enter the public domain or simply increase connectedness with clients and family. " SONYA

" Amazing! Lots of great techniques to help you actually enjoy public speaking. Really different from most public speaking workshops as it shows you how to use your own strengths rather than generic tips! " LINDA 

If your organisation is looking for innovative confidence and public speaking training, book me now for the new financial year.

What are your April intentions?

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You Too Can Become A Public Speaking Goddess,
August 2 - 5, 2012


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And once again, the links to the Inner Calm tools have been fixed!

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Dear Goddess Of Public Speaking...

" Should I sit or should I stand when I present to a group? "  A.L., NATUROPATH
" Sitting Versus Standing: Position Yourself Powerfully When you Speak "

Dear A.L.,
Should I sit or should I stand? Believe it or not I get asked this question alot. For those of you who are thinking, "Pish! What a question!", understand this: the decision to sit or stand sends a non-verbal signal about your intention to establish authority, power, attention, intimacy, connection and relationship.

A big demand or request of your group needs a big presence from a Speaker "willing to take a stand." So, STAND UP!    

A small informal group where a sense of safety or casualness is desired, needs a Speaker who can build a trusting relationship. So, join the circle and SIT DOWN!

3 Scenarios Doomed To Fail
  1. Imagine yourself as the Speaker demanding action as you sit cross legged on the floor: "I want you to save the snails now!", while your audience sits above you on chairs, looking down.
  2. Imagine yourself trying to build rapport as the Speaker standing and waving your fist in the air: " Scream this out now, "no, no, no!"  to a small group of 7, seated unconfident women who only met 15 minutes before.
  3. Imagine this and it really happened to me about 25 years ago: I went to a poetry reading (I know, I know) and the indulgent young man read us his banal drivel about unrequited lust  while lying on the floor with his legs up the wall.

None of these scenarios will work as  intended. Your choice to sit , stand or lie down needs to be congruent with your message to make a powerful impact and inspire the right kind of action.

Sit To Present When:
  • You are speaking to a small, informal group.
  • You purposely need to focus on building trust and rapport first.
  • You want to draw people in, like story telling, sharing a "secret" or personal revelation.

Stand To Present When:
  • You intend world domination! Well ok, let's call it leadership and authority.
  • You wish to direct all energy and attention on you and your message ("all eyes front and centre").
  • You want to fill the space, creating dynamic movement and energy with your whole body.

What You Can Do Now
  1. To fit a formal situation or to formalise an informal one (like a rowdy group) - STAND UP.
  2. To fit an informal situation or build intimacy - SIT DOWN.
  3. You can always switch from sitting to standing during a presentation. It adds variety, energy and emphasis.
  4. Trust your gut. Sometimes it feels right to stand and sometimes, to sit. Just don't lie down on the job.
Above all, don't  follow "expert advice",  including from me. Do what feels right for you in that moment. Sitting or standing - pish - it's a bigger question than it seems!

* If you'd like to learn more and prefer to work alone and for low cost, try our do-it-yourself program for nervous public speakers.

* Or if you're a wanna-be confident speaker and you'd like a fabulous working-holiday, join 8 women only at our  August 2-5, 2012 Retreat.

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It's time now to take your personal and professional wellbeing pulse. On a scale like the one below, rate between 1 and 10, how cool, calm and connected you feel right now...
When you speak and lead with natural ease and authenticity, you will be closer to 10. When you feel scattered, distracted or unconfident, you will be closer to 1.


What To Do: If you are above a 7 today, notice what's working well and keep doing it. Accept that daily variations in confidence and clarity are normal. If you are below a 7 today, listen to our free recording of the 5 minute Inner Calm exercise.
  You can also download our 2 free A4 Posters of Inner Calm and the Calm Barometer for your wall.


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