Issue October 2012
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Geraldine Barkworth is a speaking coach & presenter.
She owns the training and coaching business, Goddess Of Public Speaking, based in northern NSW Australia. Geraldine has worked with clients in Australia and New Zealand since 2002 via phone and corporate workshop. She shows clients how to free their inner speaker, manage speaking nerves, create workshops and presentations and refine their unique message.

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Let natural hand, face and body gestures flow and underscore your words. If you describe something as "amazing", express your amazement with your whole
body. Eyes wide, mouth agape, fingers spread, shoulders lifted, a step back or  a breath in. When you show "amaze" with your whole body, people feel it and it travels deep inside to connect emotionally, beyond their ears.

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2 Day Public Speaking Intensive
17 & 18 November, 2012
Day 1: Confidence & Connection, $290
Day 2: Speech Craft & Delivery, $290

Saturday & Sunday, 9.30-4.30pm. Both days: $500. Brunswick Heads, northern NSW. Max of 6 people for individual attention. 4GB flashie provided to film your talks. Contact Geraldine for more information.

Dear Goddess Of Public Speaking...

" I have learnt many breathing techniques over the years and I teach clients how to manage anxiety. However, I just can't manage my own public speaking nerves - suggestions?" "  F.J., COUNSELLOR
" Take A Deep Breath: How To Manage Speaking Nerves Simply By Breathing "

Dear F.J.,
Doncha hate that the very thing you teach, you struggle with? And isn't it always the way? It's why hairdressers have bad hair and builders' homes are half renovated. Too busy helping others and not taking time out for self care is part of the issue, but not the only issue.

Helping professionals are often better at giving than receiving. I struggled for years too, but then I came up with a method to help. I call it, "Make It Right For Me".

Make It Right For Me
When any of us have a problem and it hurts enough, we look for a solution. As the problem gets bigger in our mind, it takes more and more of our energy and focus, thus making it even bigger. Even avoiding a problem takes considerable energy. Pretty soon the irritating ant has morphed into a bear. Our world becomes narrow and rigid around the problem and we develop fears and beliefs.

When a solution is offered, it is more likely to be a good fit when it appears to exactly address your specific problem. In other words, you don't just have anxiety, you have "public speaking anxiety". If you apply a generic formula, you'll likely get a generic result, one that's just not quite right for you. So you abandon it and lump it in with all the other failed solutions.

That's when, as a specialist public speaking coach, I roll out the solution for my clients, a special mindful breath technique I've developed for nervous public speakers. It works for speaking nerves and it works for dinner with your mother in law. It just plains works whether you are  a boiler maker, counsellor or CEO, it works.

It's called, dum de dum daa:  The Inner Calm Exercise.
This link will take you to the free download of the MP3 audio file (you can hear me talking you through it) and a free A4 poster for your wall to remind you to use it every day.

The Inner Calm Exercise is so effective I offer it free to everyone. It's often the hit of my retreats and workshops. Years later, clients contact me to tell me how it's changed their life.

Maximum Effectiveness
To enjoy the full benefits, you must practice it every day for 6 weeks and continue to use it on a regular basis. Pretty soon, your body and mind begin to associate it with taking  emotional control. Make Inner Calm a daily habit and Make It Right For You.

If  step by step learning appeals to you, next try my Confidence & Connection eWorkbook. It's 39 pages cover weekly public speaking confidence exercises plus MP3 recordings with me talking you through 4 visualising and focussing exercises specific to public speaking. And more information on using the Inner Calm exercise is included.

Making It Right For You, means taking a specific technique and practicing it until it becomes automatic (unconscious competence). Then if you need to, modify it to suit you and your circumstances. Ownership of any technique is the key to making long term, powerful change and integrating solutions to once-were problems. Now you can take a big breath in… and out.

To watch me demonstrate the Inner Calm exercise and learn abit more on how to use it, just watch this 4 minute video:

It's time now to take your personal and professional wellbeing pulse. On a scale like the one below, rate between 1 and 10, how cool, calm and connected you feel right now...
When you speak and lead with natural ease and authenticity, you will be closer to 10. When you feel scattered, distracted or unconfident, you will be closer to 1.


What To Do: If you are above a 7 today, notice what's working well and keep doing it. Accept that daily variations in confidence and clarity are normal. If you are below a 7 today, listen to our free recording of the 5 minute Inner Calm exercise.
  You can also download our 2 free A4 Posters of Inner Calm and the Calm Barometer for your wall.



n. A song or tune that repeats over and over inside a person's head.

Permission to share words granted by the author, Paul McFedries
"The Word Lovers Guide To New Words."

© 2011, Geraldine Barkworth. Reprintable when full credit is given & whole newsletter is reproduced. Contact Geraldine Barkworth on +61 (2) 6685 1917 or

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