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Geraldine Barkworth is the speaking coach & director of
Goddess Of Public Speaking. A coaching & training business based in northern NSW Australia, Geraldine has worked with clients in Australia and New Zealand since 2002. She shows clients how to transform facade into authenticity, gibberish into clarity and tension into ease.

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If you feel intimidated when attending meetings, try this: Walk into the room with your head high and without hesitation. Initiate gentle eye contact, acknowledge others politely and move on quickly without lingering. Claim your rightful space at the table. Don’t allow yourself to be elbowed out by other’s paraphernalia or presence.


Changing To Quarterly In 2013

Busy, busy, busy! In 2013, my focus is on quality not quantity. The frequency of this newsletter will change from monthly to quarterly (February, May, August and November). To stay in touch with upcoming Workshops, please subscribe to my "Events Announcements" list.  Best wishes for a peaceful break, a smooth transition to 2013 and thanks for continuing to read, Geraldine.

Dear Goddess Of Public Speaking...

This December enews is a summary of each monthly topic from 2012. This year, each issue focused on using a different aspect of your body (non verbal body language) to communicate with deeper authenticity and ease, whether 1 to 1 or 1 to many in both formal and informal situations.
"2012: A Year Of Letting Your Body Do The Talking"

The point of 2012's theme was to show you how easy it is to use your natural resources. Public speaking confidence and communicating under pressure needn't be a hard slog or a terrifying ordeal when you know how to tap into what you've already got. Here's a summary of the previous 10 issues with links to the full article and video:

February 2012
Rabbit In The Headlights: How To Stop Freezing When You Speak
Freezing when public speaking generally feels much worse to the speaker, than it looks to the listener. A 30 second blank, can look like a pause. Taking time to gather your thoughts is appreciated by listeners because it means  you are thinking about what you say in the present moment, not repeating mechanised rote. When I film clients for the first time giving a talk, they are amazed that their occasional blank moments come across as natural pauses…

March 2012
Look At Me! How To Easily Maintain Audience Attention
Trying hard at anything is tiring. And people, well we can just be perverse. If an audience knows you desperately want their attention they will likely choose to not give you any. Stop trying so hard. Who ever said speaking with people had to be hard work? I'm not suggesting you don't put in any effort - just stop trying to force people to listen to you. Instead, give them a choice and something worth listening to - you...

April 2012
Sitting Versus Standing: Position Yourself Powerfully When You Speak
Should I sit or should I stand? Believe it or not I get asked this question regularly. For those of you who are thinking, "Pish! What a question!", there is a lot more going on here. The decision to sit or stand sends a non-verbal signal about your intention to establish authority, power, attention, intimacy, connection and relationship...

May 2012
Pause Power: Slow Down And Speak With Spacious Ease
You do not need to change your essential self and be something you are not. You just need to pause frequently. Imagine where the commas, colons, dashes, fullstops and new paragraphs would be begin if your talk was in writing. That's where you pause. Give people time to digest. A pause is like a non-verbal full stop. So take a risk and stop. It is only a matter of seconds or a couple of breaths…

June 2012
Don't Be Shy: Start Your Speech With Impact
"Da Daa!" Introducing, YOU! And in you come dancing to a funky sound track, boa feather trailing behind, your newly shaved head reflecting the strobe lights… is this the kind of impact you'd like to make? Yup, you would be memorable unless of course your colleagues also read this article and boa feather sales go through the roof. Actually, that's quite a nice thought...

July 2012
End Well: Why A Strong Exit Makes You A Memorable Speaker
Think of a finale as a delicious taste lingering on the tongue. If your speech was a flavour,  what would it be? The lingering velvet of chocolate oohs and ahhhs or  a sharp tangy, citrus wake up? I reckon audiences want to be:
engaged (connection), informed (data), inspired (action), in that order. If you engage your audience first, they will listen to your information which if inspiring, will motivate them into action…

August 2012
Why Relaxing Your Eyes Makes You A Better Speaker
Imagine your eyes lazing in hammocks, heavy and supported. Miraculously, when the eyes are relaxed, the brain sends a message to your whole body, saying "You are safe and can relax now." So let your body do its natural thing and ignore any contrary mental self talk when you speak...

September 2012
Communicating Under Pressure
Some days we wear our pit boots and some days we are are fragile as gossamer. Working with people is one of the most difficult juggling acts we perform and many of us do it everyday, at home and at work. Finely turned interpersonal communication skills and a basis of empathy is needed, especially if you are supporting the personal and professional growth of others...

October 2012
Take A Deep Breath: How To Use Breath To Mange Speaking Nerves
Doncha hate that the very thing you teach, you struggle with? And isn't it always the way? It's why hairdressers have bad hair and builders' homes are half renovated. Too busy helping others and not taking time out for self care is part of the issue, but not the only issue. Helping professionals are often better at giving than receiving. I struggled for years too, but then I came up with a method to help…

November 2012
Public Speaking Tips For Shy Silent Types
I define "public speaking" as "whenever you have a conversation with anyone other than yourself, you are, "public speaking." So, face to face, phone, verbose or taciturn, whenever you speak with someone you are in fact, speaking in public. We can all benefit from improving our interpersonal skills, no matter your personal communication style. Here's 4 tips for the naturally taciturn to remain in integrity with their natural style...

December 2012
2012: A Year Of Letting Your Body Do The Talking
You are reading it now! For further reading on the subject of non-verbal communication, read my October 2011 Cool, Calm & Connected issue, "Shut Up & Let Your Body Talk". It was the popularity of this particular issue  which inspired me to focus on non verbal communication in 2012.

In 2013, each quarterly issue will focus on a different theme with links to related articles and videos. I'd love to hear your suggestions or your public speaking challenge - just email me - Geraldine

It's time now to take your personal and professional wellbeing pulse. On a scale like the one below, rate between 1 and 10, how cool, calm and connected you feel right now...
When you speak and lead with natural ease and authenticity, you will be closer to 10. When you feel scattered, distracted or unconfident, you will be closer to 1.


What To Do: If you are above a 7 today, notice what's working well and keep doing it. Accept that daily variations in confidence and clarity are normal. If you are below a 7 today, listen to our free recording of the 5 minute Inner Calm exercise.
  You can also download our 2 free A4 Posters of Inner Calm and the Calm Barometer for your wall.


Hurry Sickness

n. n. A malaise where a person feels chronically short of time, and so tends to perform every task faster and to get flustered when encountering any kind of delay.

Permission to share words granted by the author, Paul McFedries
"The Word Lovers Guide To New Words."

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