Issue November 2012
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Geraldine Barkworth is the speaking coach & director of
Goddess Of Public Speaking. A coaching & training business based in northern NSW Australia, Geraldine has worked with clients in Australia and New Zealand since 2002. She shows clients how to transform facade into authenticity, gibberish into clarity and tension into ease.

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If you feel intimidated when attending meetings, try this: Walk into the room with your head high and without hesitation. Initiate gentle eye contact, acknowledge others politely and move on quickly without lingering. Claim your rightful space at the table. Don’t allow yourself to be elbowed out by other’s paraphernalia or presence.


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Dear Goddess Of Public Speaking...

The main reason I avoid public speaking is not because I'm shy, but because I prefer not to over-talk . Is there some way I can still be my naturally taciturn self and speak effectively?"  K.O., RECORDS & ARCHIVES MANAGER
" 4 Speaking Tips For Shy & Silent Types "

Dear K.O.,
Great question! I define "public speaking" as "whenever you have a conversation with anyone other than yourself, you are, "public speaking." So, face to face, phone, verbose or taciturn, whenever you speak with someone you are in fact, speaking in public. We can all benefit from improving our interpersonal skills, no matter your personal communication style. You can either watch the short video or continue reading below, my 4 speaking tips for the naturally taciturn:

1.  Short & Sweet
Accept that your honed message is good enough. People do appreciate short and sweet as a breath of fresh air to the endless drivel of fluffy verbiage. Listen to feedback to find out if listeners want more from you and if so, put the next 3 tips into action.
2.  Great Structure
To ensure you have spoken effectively and not missed any vital links between points, use a talk structure which acts as a foundation for your  whole message. I use the structure of: Problem, Impact, Solution and Action.

3.  Invite Questions
Always invite questions at the end or throughout  a longer presentation to ensure you have satisfied your listeners need to know:
"I'd be happy to take questions; are there any?" "Would you like more detail on any aspect?" "Is anything not clear?"
Answering questions is a great way for the naturally taciturn and those who prefer speaking off the cuff, to speak in public without preparing a ginormous presentation. It can also be a delight for the audience as they get the exact answers they want, rather than having to sift through detail.

4.  Gestures & Props
A simple way to dramatically increase impact and effectiveness is to use gestures and props during your presentation. This requires forethought but the rewards are great.
  • Gestures - use your whole body, hands and face to speak for you.
  • Props - a "prop" is a physical item that accompanies and enhances your talk and acts as a memory prompt rather than having to rely on notes.

You will speak with greater ease and authority when you use less words and give more action. Why not show a naturally taciturn speaker this article if you know they have something that needs to be heard? And to hear and watch me speak about shy and silent types being just as good at speaking as 'talkative extroverts",  just watch this 4 minute video:

It's time now to take your personal and professional wellbeing pulse. On a scale like the one below, rate between 1 and 10, how cool, calm and connected you feel right now...
When you speak and lead with natural ease and authenticity, you will be closer to 10. When you feel scattered, distracted or unconfident, you will be closer to 1.


What To Do: If you are above a 7 today, notice what's working well and keep doing it. Accept that daily variations in confidence and clarity are normal. If you are below a 7 today, listen to our free recording of the 5 minute Inner Calm exercise.
  You can also download our 2 free A4 Posters of Inner Calm and the Calm Barometer for your wall.


IKEA Effect

n. Increased feelings of pride and appreciation for an object because it has been self-made or self-assembled.

Permission to share words granted by the author, Paul McFedries
"The Word Lovers Guide To New Words."

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