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  • Send Sheriff Norris an email thanking him for his response to the unconstitutional mask mandate.
  • Attend the rally in front of KCSO on Friday, January 22nd between 12-2pm.
  • Apply for a spot on Sheriff Norris' newly-formed Citizen Advisory Board.

Sheriff Norris is fulfilling his promises

This past week has been very exciting in the local arena. We not only got an officially official elected sheriff, but Sheriff Norris also gave us an announcement stating that he and his department will not be enforcing the unconstitutional mask mandates set in place by Panhandle Health. This is a big win for all of us who pushed to get Bob Norris elected; he is fulfilling his campaign promise to work FOR the people of Kootenai County.

As we know from experience, there's a strong, vocal minority that don't like freedoms and our Constitution, and will stop at nothing to put pressure on those leaders around us to cave to a progressive liberal agenda. This is our chance to come out and support Sheriff Norris to continue pushing for a conservative Christian community, and there's a few things we can do right away to help:

1. Email Sheriff Norris showing your support for his conservative actions.

We are always quick to rally against those leaders whom we disagree with and flood their inboxes and sidewalks with nasty-grams about why we don't agree with them and what they need to do to get our support. This time the opposite is true, and it's kind of hard for me to remember to say THANK YOU when a leader actually does something right. (Doing something right is kind of a rebellious thing to do these I have already sent an email to Sheriff Norris this morning - and I just guessed at his email address based on previous KCSO email addresses - and I haven't received a bounceback yet so I'm crossing my fingers that it's a good email address. Here's my email support:

Hi Sheriff,

I just wanted to say thank you for your stance against the unconstitutional mask mandates in the county; I know that really made a lot of people feel relieved that they finally had a sheriff with logic. I'm sure you also have received a lot of pressure from the loud minority to rescind your announcement and I hope you don't give them another thought. You have quite the following behind you and we are here to help support you where we can. 

I hope that the transition has been straightforward and painless, and I look forward to working with you to keep this area conservative and safe in the future.

Erin Barnard
Kootenai County Spectator


2. Support Sheriff Norris and KCSO by attending the Support Your Sheriff Rally on Friday, 1/22

We want to show the public that we are VERY on board with the actions of our sheriff and there is a rally being organized right now for Friday, January 22nd. If you are available to stop by the Kootenai County Sheriff's Office on Friday, between the hours of 12pm-2pm, we'd love to get the numbers up and show how much we appreciate the beginning of the Sheriff/Community partnership. Bring signs, bring flags, and bring your happy spirit to show your support for all those constitutionally-sound law enforcement officers.

3. Apply to be on Sheriff Norris' newly-formed Citizen Advisory Board

Sheriff Norris also recently announced the formation of two community advisory boards to form a better partnership between the KCSA and the community at large: a clergy advisory board and a citizen advisory board. If you feel that your skills would benefit the Sheriff and community, I urge you to fill out the application and return by mail or email to Captain Kim Edmonson
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