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  • Capital Resource Institute is leading the charge on bringing sunlight on the sexual education agenda that is in - or is coming - to our local schools.
  • Learn ways that the sex education curriculum is being slid into our Idaho schools behind our backs.
  • Learn ways that you can help oppose this curriculum push.
  • At the end, there's a little incident happened last night that I feel the need to explain myself.

Sex education is being fed to our children without our knowledge.

Last night I went to an informative speaking presentation by Karen England of Capital Resource Institute sponsored by the Watchmen Ministry at Candlelight. It was an informative yet scary look at what's currently happening all around the country - including our back yard. Not only did Karen present the type of ways sex education curriculum is slid into our children's textbooks, but also it was an eye-opener into exactly how organized the progressive groups have been and how we as conservative Christians are WAY behind in the fight to keep it away from our children.

The Capital Resource Institute started as a California-focused organization to get the information about who's behind this sexual education push, how sex education is being slid into curriculums, and how parental rights about sex ed being taught to their children are being slowly stripped away without them ever realizing it. The problem, however, is that this sex ed agenda wasn't just being done in California, it's being done across the country and could be on our doorstep. Well, the side doorstep.

-Capitol Resource Institute

This stuff doesn't happen in Idaho....

There are multiple ways that the sexual education progressive agenda has slid behind our backs into a red state like Idaho including:

  • Writing bills and working with state legislators to get these "gender identity" or gender-bending bills passed.
    • Right now there IS a gender identity bill going through the the House, H52, that's currently sitting in the House Ways & Means committee. That particular committee, chaired by our own District 4 RINO Paul Amador, is known as "The Committee Where All Bills Go To Die." This is the one time that I am ok with that sentiment.
  • Work with state legislators to "kill" pro-parental rights, opt-in, and no sex ed in curriculum-focused bills. (The term to "kill" a bill means that it sits in committee and never sees the light of day again.) The legislators these progressive groups work with are Democrat AND REPUBLICAN legislators! In Idaho, there's only 12 Democrat Senators and 7 Democrat Representatives so the good bills that are getting killed, and bad bills that are passing, are because of RINO Republicans!
    • Pastor Tim Remington was very open about his time spent as a representative last session and he confirms that there were always members of the LGBTALPHABET SOUP pride groups stuffed into the hallways of the state capitol building to intimidate legislators walking to and from committee meetings. There's also the dinner events (with parting gift) where a lobby group will hand out paperwork and discuss their points as to why a specific bill should be passed. (As someone who worked in public relations in my previous life, my group was always the one coordinating these types of dinner events at whatever convention my client was attending)
    • What are these groups hoping will be the outcome?
      • The legislators will agree with their points and vote the way they want or,
      • The legislators will be too overwhelmed with bills to read that they won't pay attention to the progressive bills sliding in and will vote the way these groups want or,
      • The standing committee chairperson will "kill" the bill in committee and it'll never be heard at testimony. (Similar to the Heather Scott's End the Emergency bill HCR1-that hasn't even been heard for testimony yet and that bill was introduced on the VERY FIRST DAY of this session 30 days ago.)
  • Work with local Pride-focused groups to put pressure on local school boards who are the ones that vote on which curriculum to use.
  • Work with local Pride-focused groups to start sex education after-school clubs, similar like a chess club or math club, with a teacher sponsor.
  • Work with local school administration to start a "sexual mentor" program: have older high schoolers mentor the incoming/present freshman about sex education.
  • Coordinate sex ed boot camps.
  • Use local PTO groups to sponsor Planned Parenthood-led assemblies. The money used for these assemblies is not a line item on the budget that screams SEXUAL EDUCATION!!! It's a line item that says Informational Assembly or something along those lines. 
This list is pretty scary, especially when we don't know who's pulling the strings behind our backs. Do you know what local Pride "advocacy" groups are in our area? Do you know all the national Pride "advocacy" groups trying to slither into Idaho's education system? 

What can we do about this?

I know the easiest thing we can do is to take our children out of the public school system and give them a GOOD education, but what if there are parents who are unaware of what's going on around them because they're too busy trying to provide for their family? What about the children who have terrible home lifes and go to school as a way to escape? We can't just think about our own children, we HAVE to think about ALL the children and we have to work together to help them have a better education too. We all have our part to play and this is a fight that we cannot stop fighting. Ever.

Here's a list of things we can do right away to help this change back in the right direction:

  • First and foremost pray. This is a spiritual battle and our first weapon should always be prayer.
  • Start going to school board meetings-in person is best, pay attention to the "special meetings" that are taking place, and pay attention to the policies that are up for consideration & approval at these meetings.
    • Side note: the school board was supposed to have a special meeting yesterday where they were to discuss the counselor/parental procedures stemming from the terrible incident at Northwest Expedition Academy. With all the pressure they received (in my opinion) and because not all the board members were in attendance, they've pushed back that discussion until the middle of March - conveniently AFTER the school levy vote on March 9th.
  • Start doing FOIA requests on the school administration, including correspondence regarding the school board, school principals, the LGBTQ groups in the area, PTO, etc.
  • Start learning about, and paying attention to, the local Pride groups and follow their movements. What types of events are they attending? What is the messaging they're throwing out? What sponsors or partners do they work with? Knowing the other side will help inform us as to what fight strategies to use.
  • Representative Barbara Ehardt is putting the final touches on a bill that will prohibit an expanded definition of sexuality so that all these buzz words like "gender identity," "gender equity," etc. won't be allowed in our curriculums. She's also adding verbiage to ensure parents have the final say whether or not their children will participate in school sex ed programs. The term is called "opt-in," meaning that the parents will have to sign a waiver allowing their children to participate, if the children don't have the signed waiver they will not be included in the program. Right now lobbyists are trying to change it to an opt-out program so children will be included in the sex ed program unless the parents sign a waiver to opt out. If other children are anything like mine, half the time parents won't even get the waiver to sign due to the black hole that is our children's backpacks. ;) Opt-in is a much more parental-controlled avenue that is trying to be stripped from us. Representative Ehardt tried to get a previous version of this bill passed last year, H120-Sex Education, but it was killed on the Senate side in the Senate Education Committee (thanks RINOS!). Once the new 2021 version of of this sex education bill comes out, I'll make an update with the new bill number and a call to action email to send to legislators.
  • Go to the Kootenai County Legislator Town Hall this Saturday, February 13th, and get the opinions of every one of our legislators on record about this sex education bill. (I'm told that Rep. Ehardt should have the bill# by that point) We need to get everyone on record so that we can hold them to the flames.
  • Go to the Capitol Resource Institute website and learn about what they've been doing, and the resources that are available for the community. The website is California-focused but the information is great for all.
  • Be on the lookout from me either on this email or on my Facebook group page for more information about school items that need to be brought to light. This sex education topic is one of them but our first short-term focus will be on the levees that are trying to get passed on March 9th. 

One last thing before close.

Last night we all got very good information about the sex education agenda by the speaker but after Q&A we got a not-so-great list by the host of things as a community we can do to help combat this progressiveness in our communities. After being smashed with all this terrible info about what's going on in our schools, the list we got was 1.) go to a meeting, 2.) write Letters to the Editor, and 3.) donate to legislators who are working against these evil people. It is an ok list of things to do, but there was no direction on how to do it, where to start, and who's already doing this stuff so that people don't feel like they have to start from scratch. When you're just being told to go outside your comfort zone and you don't know where to start, it can feel like you're on an island trying to take on a giant. 

At the end of the meeting, before everyone left the sanctuary, I wanted to make an announcement to let people know that I have started the process of attending meetings and they can use these Spectator emails as a resource to start becoming informed about the school board (among other meetings). I was told by the hosts that I could not make an announcement but I, being VERY passionate about protecting the children, went ahead without a microphone and addressed the 150 people that were in the room. I went against the hosts wishes and did it anyway with my big fat loud obnoxious voice, but I felt called to inform the group that they're not on an island, that they can go check out my emails to start getting an idea of what's going on. I believe that if we're trying to ALL be informed about what's going on and use our voice for good, we need not try and reinvent the wheel 100 times and use the knowledge that we already have gathered and build off it.

I did speak with the host afterwards and apologized, she was really mad that I commandeered everyone before they left the sanctuary, but we had a good conversation and I promised I wouldn't try to get information out to the public in her meetings again. I'm not sorry I did it though; I feel we ALL need to work together to get our voices heard. I am not an in-your-face aggressive person and standing up against the host's wishes is INCREDIBLY out of my comfort zone. I do NOT get paid to pay attention to the happenings in our community, unlike others, and I have a passion for knowing what's going on and getting the information out to everyone. Add my passion about the children to the mix and you have Crazy Erin.

One thing I did not get to mention, since I didn't get the microphone and already had angry eyes from the stage shooting me from behind, is that I'm working on a project to coordinate all those call-to-action efforts every little group seems to have every other day. I'm working on a plan to mobilize the conservative Christian voices for good in the same direction, at the same time, for the same cause. All the different groups have their own priorities; this is going to be more of a mobilization for campaigns, and/or issues that pop up suddenly like the school counselor going against parent's wishes and counseling a 10-year old girl into becoming a boy. My goal is to make the mobilization a more proactive unit instead of always seeming to be in defensive move. Be on the lookout for that announcement soon. :)

Until next time, let me know what I can do to help you become more active in our schools, community, and region!

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