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  • A local school has been secretly helping an 11-year old child become "transsexual."
  • Local environmental non-profit just hired an alleged child molester teacher from Florida as their new Executive Director.
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New Year, Same Problems

Happy New Year! I know that problems don't magically go away based on the turn of the calendar, but sometimes I wish that were the case. :) Here's to hoping your 2021 is A LOT better than your 2020. My resolution is going to be to work towards some mental clarity, since that's what's eluding me at the moment. One thing that is clear is that all the readers of this mail are amazing and I really do hope your 2021 is better than 2020. Save these warm and fuzzy feelings you're having right now because I'm going to slam them with the information mentioned below.

There are a few stories that have come my way over the past week and I just want to mention two of them to keep you privy of what's going on. I'm going to keep my personal opinions out of these stories, but if you'd like more discussion about them you can hop into the Kootenai County Spectator private group and start chatting.

First story is one that's been discussed over the past week is about the Northwest Expedition Academy circumventing a family and trying to get their 11-year old girl to come out as transsexual. After admitting that a child's brain is not developed enough to properly make life-changing decisions of this nature, the school counselor went against the family's wishes and continued to be in contact with the child to help her along with a transsexual lifestyle.

The advocacy group MassResistance, a national pro-family activist organization, has taken up the charge to lead the resistance against this behavior of the school. MassResistance also has audio recordings between the child's mother and school counselor where the counselor admits to coaching the child how to tell her family about being "transsexual." MassResistance reached out to the Coeur d'Alene School Board and said, "So far, the School Board has reacted by using legalisms and double-talk to dodge the issue – which is not surprising. Here’s the letter our Organization Director, Arthur Schaper, received from them on Nov. 30. We’re used to this sort of non-action. The fight is just beginning!"

The CDA School Board meets again next Monday, January 4th; read about what MassResistance is doing to "fight" the board, and how you can help.

Not to be outdone by a local school helping a child believe she's transsexual, the Kootenai Environmental Alliance also just announced that they will be hiring Jordan Richmond, an alleged child molester out of Florida with a background in teaching, as their new Executive Director. Kari Anderson, Interim Executive Director of KEA, said this about the allegations: "Through our extensive background check, we have determined that Mr. Richmond meets and exceeds our hiring criteria," she said in a written statement (to the CDA Press). "Allegations are not proven fact, and Mr. Richmond has no other alleged instances or shown a pattern of the alleged behavior. All his references have all given glowing remarks, and his background check came back clean. We are certain that Mr. Richmond will come to be known as a respected member of our community through his dedication to the KEA mission."

Just so you're aware, Kootenai Environment Alliance is a local nonprofit co-founded by a couple whose son was just named contested President-Elect Biden's deputy chief of staff in his administration. Thanks to Kootenai County Confidential for bringing this to our attention.

I know I'm leaving you with some heavy topics to finish out one of the worst years in recent history, but one of the reasons why I started paying attention to the local politics was because I woke up and realized that if I didn't try to help change things, the path we were on was going to lead to a full on dumpster fire for our children to mop up for us. Unfortunately it means bringing you the information that can lead to that dumpster fire but we have a chance to change things in the new year. I already know 2021 is going to be better because here we are, finally awake and ready to fight for our cities, counties, state, and country. Please be safe this New Year's Eve, the crazies are going to be out in force tonight, but if you celebrate do it responsibly and together in large groups. ;)

I can't wait for the start of another glorious year.

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