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  • AG's office has said they won't be joining the Texas lawsuit.
  • Our Idaho government is showing that they don't care about us and it's time to double-down with the letters.
  • Contact links are below.
  • Brad Little's virtual Covid press conference is this morning. Details below.

Idaho's We The People are Pissed

I've sent out a few more ACTION mails this week than ever before, but it seems that either this week has more actionable items or this week has made us angry. I don't know if it's a "One or the Other" type thing or an "All of the Above" type thing. Maybe it's both? Maybe the people I've spoken with are so angry over what's been going on it's rubbing off on those around them. Whatever it is, we need more of it to keep this We The People train moving in the right direction.

Yesterday, we started to put pressure on the Idaho Attorney General Lawrence Wasden giving him our thoughts about joining the Texas election fight. All pressure is good pressure; we filled up Wasden's voicemail box and email Inbox to the point that Patriots started emailing and calling Governor Little instead. While we were calling on our state government to represent the People, 18 states have stood up to fight with Texas in some capacity.

Sadly Idaho was not apart of that group yesterday. There's a great possibility that Idaho will NOT grow their own courage and join the fight after this email from lawyer Brian Kane in the AG's office came out yesterday evening:

This is the time to put the pressure on Governor Little and AG Wasden. If they don't want to listen to us, they're going to get more of us. It's time to double down because Idaho is only going to get worse from here. ESPECIALLY with Governor Little's virtual press conference this morning at 11am PST, things are going. to. get. worse.

I cannot stress the importance of everyone emailing, calling, mailing Governor Little, AG Wasden, our own state representatives, and our US representatives that all seem to be silent, to impress on them the opinions of those they represent in the Great State of Idaho. Shoot, let's throw our CDA City Councilmembers in on this list, since some of them can't seem to understand the importance of election integrity and why it matters to our Constitution. His response to the Lt. Governor's letter to the AG is below:

Keep sending the letters from yesterday, modify them slightly depending on who you're sending them to, and ask the hard questions:

  1. Do you support Idaho joining the Texas lawsuit?
  2. What are you doing to support Idaho joining the Texas lawsuit?
  3. Why aren't you publicly calling for AG support?
  4. Do you actually represent the people?
We can also send emails to those that have publicly supported the lawsuit to thank them for listening and doing what's right.

The list of people to send emails to off the top of my head:

Don't forget about Little's virtual press conference this morning; I will be monitoring it and reporting back tomorrow. I highly recommend everyone watch it to keep on top of things, but I'll definitely give you a head's up.

Love you guys, always, you are the best.
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