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April 19, 2021


  • Governor Little vetoes SB1136 and HB135.
  • Senate votes to let SB1136 die instead of overriding the veto.
  • Links to all Senate and House emails are below to inform the representatives about your feelings about these bills.

Governor says no to limiting emergency power

Last Friday, Governor Little had a press conference announcing that he will be vetoing two bills that were sitting on his desk: House Bill 135 and Senate Bill 1136. Both were about limiting the Governor’s powers during an emergency.

Naturally, Governor Little is against any limitations of power, even though we’re still *technically* in Stage 3 of the Idaho Reopening Plan. (is that still a thing?). Little trotted out past Idaho governors who agreed with him that the governorship needs ultimate power, and continually applauded Little on how he’s handled “these unprecedented” times.

Special announcement by Governor Little.
Please watch the video above, or if you would rather read the transcript, you’re in luck! On the video Little basically just read verbatim his veto letter he wrote to the Senate regarding S1136.
Here’s the kicker: the Senate has the power to override the Governor’s veto by a majority of votes – meaning that 2/3 of the Senate has to vote to override and then S1136 will go back to the House to go through the same vote, and if it passes it will become effective as law.
As a reminder, SB1136 originally passed in the Senate 27 yes, 7 no, 1 absent. In the House it passed 54 yes, 16 no, 0 absent. A 2/3 majority would be at least 24 votes in the Senate and 47 in the House.
Today, in the normal Senate floor session, the Senate voted to override the Governor’s veto and it FAILED! It did NOT get the majority of votes it needed to pass in the Senate which means that some people who originally voted for it to pass CHANGED THEIR VOTES today so that the bill would fail on the override!
Here’s the list of Senators who changed their vote (and district):
Jim Guthrie (28)
Patti Anne Lodge (11)
Fred Martin (15)
Jim Patrick (25)
Jim Woodward (1) ← Heather Scott’s district, btw.
One more thing: these 5 Senators are all supposedly Republican. Just sayin’.
I have linked their email addresses in their names. Feel free to email them (and cc the rest of the Senate if you’d like) stating your displeasure with the way they voted today. Please also send may mail along to anyone you may know in those districts so that they may be aware of how their Senators are voting in their stead.
Governor Little said he is also vetoing House Bill 135 as well but that one hasn’t officially come back so this is a good time to start emailing the House side reminding them that they’ve already voted to limit the Governor’s powers and don’t do what the Senate did with SB1136. You can email the Senators about HB135 as well since if the House passes to override the veto it’ll go back to the Senate. (When the Governor vetoes a bill it’ll go back to the side where the bill originated to be vote on for override before being sent to the other side to go through the same process.)
This is the time to start remembering who voted for and against the big bills; election season is right around the corner and it’s our duty as informed citizens to elect those who actually want to REPRESENT their constituents instead of corporations, lobbyists, or the Governor.
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