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February 25, 2021


  • Good, Bad, & Ugly bills happening now in the ID Legislature.
  • Links below to email addresses to reach out to legislators.
  • Rolling list of bills to watch in both the House and Senate
I'm taking a page out of Rep. Priscilla Gidding's book and giving you an overview of the bills in a Good, Bad, Ugly type of way. There are so many bills being introduced every day that it can easily make one's eyes spin, so I wanted to give you a quick peek at the (in my opinion) important bills and make you aware of some newer updates, votes happening TODAY, and consequences if allowed to pass (or not pass). Some of these bills give me anxiety just by reading them and knowing their status, I'm sorry if it does the same thing to you.:) This is where we step in and remind our legislators who's in charge and they can get primaried so fast it'll make their head spin. Don't forget, though, to reach out to the GOOD legislators and thank them for all their efforts making Idaho a last bastion of freedom.

The Good: S1060 – Public Health Districts, Commissioner Approval. This bill, written and sponsored by District 2 Senator Steve Vick, gives the county commissioners final approval over the public health districts emergency mandates after 30 days. The public health board will put a mandate in place but the time limit is 30 days maximum. As the elected officials, the commissioners will have say whether to allow the mandate to continue for the full 30 days or stop it after a certain time, or to extend the mandate past 30 days. This stems directly from the health district’s Covid response and the authority that an appointed board has over a body of people. This bill is in the House 3rd Reading status and should be voted on TODAY. (If it passes in the House it’ll go to the governor to be signed or vetoed.)

HJR1 – Legislature Calling Special Sessions. Proposed an Idaho Constitutional Amendment to allow the Legislature to call themselves back in to a special session if they ever need to do so. Right now the Legislature is at the will of the Governor, giving him the ultimate power over the state. This joint resolution is balancing out that power. This resolution is in the Senate 3rd Reading status and should be voted on in the next few days. IF this resolution passes the Senate, it will go to the people to be voted upon in the November 2022 General Election.
The Bad: H195 – Targeted Picketing. RINO Rep. Greg Chaney wants targeted picketing anywhere outside of a person’s specified place of business illegal. Doesn’t matter if the person’s working from home or dodging their elected responsibilities, people would not be able to get near that official. If this bill passed it would NOT matter if a person pickets on public property. If a picketer is anywhere but at the person’s specified place of business they would be charged with a misdemeanor. This bill is also EXTREMELY dangerous because it says “with the intent to harass, annoy, or alarm another person 14 commits targeted picketing.” With intent. How does one decide the intent of another person? This becomes very subjective and at the will of the police, person who doesn’t want picketing, etc. Not only is this a violation of our 1st Amendment Right to free speech, this is a very dangerous slipperly slope that can (and will!) lead to more extreme violations of constitutional rights.
The Ugly: Why hasn’t the emergency ended yet??? Why has House State Affairs Chair Rep. Brent Crane not allowed for testimony HCR1 to 100% end the state of emergency? Why has Senate State Affairs Chair Senator Patty Ann Lodge not allowed for testimony ANY of the emergency-ending bills & resolutions?? Those emergency-focused bills stuck in her committee include: H135, HCR5, S1001, S1002, S1003, S1054, SCR101, and SCR103.
I know there are those that don’t like to email people and would rather call them directly. That’s great! Office phone numbers are listed for everyone on the -------->>>>Legislature website. <<<<----------- If you would prefer to email everyone, go to the ------------>>> list of all emails <<<----------------- Remember to send emails in groups instead of one email to the ENTIRE list. That way your mail won’t automatically go into Spam.

Bill Status
H22 Charter School Funding Senate 14th Order
H33 District Boards of Health House Health & Welfare
H52 Conversion Therapy, minors House Ways & Means
H56 Abolish abortion House Ways & Means
H62 Empower parents in kids’ education House Ways & Means
H63 Vaccination Freedom House Ways & Means
H77 Responsible Childhood independence House Judiciary
H82 Campaign Finance, expenditures House State Affairs
H101 Attorney General House Passed 54-15-1
H104 Elections, Candidate Donation Transparency Senate State Affairs
H106 Elections, Eliminate August Date Senate State Affairs
H122 Permits School Staff Concealed Carry on Campus House State Affairs
H135 Emergency Declarations Senate State Affairs
H140 Vaccination Freedom Protections Senate Commerce & HR
H192 Public Defense System House Judiciary, Rules, Admin
H195 Targeted Picketing House 3rd Reading
H198 Precinct Committeeman Residence Changes House State Affairs
H199 Sales/Income Tax Cuts House Revenue & Tax
H219 Elections, Requiring Voter ID House State Affairs
H223 Ballot Harvesting House 3rd Reading
H240 Reentry Center, Special Use Permit Printing
H244 Elections, Prohibit College Incentives Printing
H245 Elections, Electioneering Printing
H246 Disaster, Parental Rights Printing
HCR1 Resolution to End Emergency House State Affairs
HCR5 Gatherings Group Size Senate State Affairs
HCR9 No forced immunizations Printing
HJR1 Legislature Calling Sessions Senate 3rd Reading
HJM1 China Sanctions House 2nd Reading
S1001 Disaster, Governor Powers Senate State Affairs
S1002 Disaster, Governor Spending Powers Senate State Affairs
S1003 Governor Powers, Martial Law Senate State Affairs
S1027 Idaho Wrongful Conviction Act To Governor
S1028 Minimum Wage Increase Senate State Affairs
S1030 Sexual Identity as a Civil Right Senate State Affairs
S1044 Urban Renewal Eminent Doman Limitations House 3rd Reading
S1054 Extreme Emergency, Governor Powers Senate State Affairs
S1060 Public Health Districts, Commissioner Approval House 3rd Reading
S1064 Absentee Ballots Senate State Affairs
S1066 Campaign Finance Transparency Senate State Affairs
S1069 Elections, Absentee Ballots House State Affairs
S1070 Absentee Ballots House State Affairs
S1085 Fetal Heartbeat Bill Senate 3rd Reading
S1086 Anti-Israel Boycott Senate State Affairs
S1099 Red Light Fines, Triple Senate Transportation
S1108a Taxing District, Budgets Senate 2nd Reading
S1135 Firearms, School Employees Senate State Affairs
SCR101 Terminating Disaster Emergency Senate State Affairs
SCR103 Isolation order, terminated Senate State Affairs
SJR101 Psychoactive Drugs Amendment House State Affairs
SJM102 Supreme Court, nine justices House Judiciary
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