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February 12, 2021


  • Hillsdale-affiliated K-12 Kootenai Classical Academy needs our help to show Idaho Dept. of Education that there's interest in this area.
  • Fill out interest form and then pass email along to EVERYONE you know so they will do the same.
  • Deadline to show interest is March 15th.
  • Read full Kootenai Classical action email at the bottom.

Kootenai Classical Needs Your Help Recruiting Families

We have been discussing for a while now that our education system is down in the dumps and we need an alternative for our children. The easiest thing to do is to yank them out of the public school system, which is still the best bet in my mind, but there are a lot of children that don't have that opportunity, either due to parents unable or unwilling to focus on what the schools are teaching, or just having a terrible home life for whatever reason. 

We spoke previously about another option that was trying to come to the Kootenai County area; a K-12 charter school with an American classical curriculum and an affiliation with Hillsdale College: Kootenai Classical Academy. I was able to hear the principal, Dr. Terrence Moore, speak on multiple occasions about the need to get back to a classical education - with an emphasis on American classical (since we live in America) - and we need to get back to teaching the basics, including literary classics ranging from Homer, Socrates, the Declaration of Independence, Jane Austin, and Harper Lee. Dr. Moore details the tragedy that is Common Core curriculum and highlights the need to get back to basics in his 2012 book The Story-Killers: A Common-Sense Case Against Common Core. A book I *highly* recommend.

At last pass, the Kootenai Classical Academy was trying to get approval through the Idaho Dept. of Education, as all charter schools have to do, and we were in a holding pattern until we heard more. Last night is the first time KCA has reached out since November and they need help showing interest in our community. 

Here's the deal: they need everyone to fill out the form to show interest in the school, which is hoping to open it's doors in the Fall of 2022. At the time of opening, they will only be offering K-6 (or K-7 depending on interest) and then they will add one grade each year after that. They will start the same way CDA Charter did back in 1999; they started as a middle school for grades 6-8 and then added a grade each year after that so the kids could continue their education.

Please, click the button, fill out the form, and pass this along to other families around the community. We NEED to get some education back into our county, and this is the first step in taking control of our kids' education.

Express Your Interest

Read the full email below. 
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