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April 29, 2021


  • We are living through a coup and must be aware of it now.
  • Watch Shahram Hadian's speech in it's entirety below.
  • Watch Shahram's upcoming event online on May 8th.

1979 Iranian Coup is Suspiciously Similar

If you’re not on my social media pages (Facebook or Telegram) you have no idea how amazing it was to listen to Shahram Hadian (The Truth in Love Project) speak on living through a coup in Iran and seeing the similarities here in the US. The speech was both fascinating and terrifying in the sense that history is in fact repeating itself and we are on the verge of losing our United States of America if we don’t turn the tides NOW.
Shahram is a friend of Candlelight Church and was the guest speaker at last night's Wednesday evening service. He and his family are from the Pacific Northwest; living in Spokane until recently when they moved to Tennessee. I’m not going to post a play by play of the speech; it was livestreamed on the Candlelight YouTube page and I *highly* recommend you check out the video, I cannot do it justice.

Shahram Hadian's speech at Candlelight on Wednesday April 28. Pastor Paul speaks beforehand about Idaho HB366 that recently passed.

Shahram has been in this area for the past week but he will be travelling back to Tennessee shortly; the next event is going to be in Tennessee May 7th and 8th called Elijah’s Remnant Conference. A portion of the event will be live streamed and I will be watching the parts that will be available, I hope you will too.
This may not seem like it’s local business but it’s business for every American to watch and understand the bigger picture about what’s happening to our country. If we are not aware, then ANYTHING we do at a local or state level will be pointless. We do focus on things at the local level because that's what WE can change but we still have to be aware of what’s going on Nationally. There may come a time where North Idaho is the last frontier (sometimes it already feels like that) and we need to understand what we *could* be up against.
What can you do?

Link to The Truth in Love Project website
Link to the latest movie Sabotage trailer


Elijah’s Remnant Conference

Link to Facebook Event
Link to Elijah’s Remnant Conference information

Join us online on Saturday May 8th; we will be live streaming certain sessions from 9:00-12:00 and 1:00-4:00 EST at
Event Synopsis
We are at an incredible time in history! The fear, the deception, and the corruption in our Nation (and especially in our churches) is off the charts! We are definitely living in the last days, but yet we are called to occupy until the Lord comes.
We have witnessed the COVID hysteria, churches shut down and pastors jailed, our economies and communities destroyed economically and morally, our elections stolen, and a coup that is underway as we speak.
Is our nation lost?
Is our Judeo-Christian heritage forever gone?
Can anything be done?
We believe that it is time for our "Jerusalem counsel" as in Acts 15 to assemble, come before the Lord, and seek counsel for our battle strategy for the days ahead.
We are in a fight for our liberties, for our posterity, and for our godly heritage. As "Elijah's Remnant," the Lord has preserved us for this moment, where we will be:
  • Assembling Together
  • Seeking God
  • Consecrating Ourselves
  • Calling Forth America's Black Robed Regiment Pastors
  • Identifying & Raising Up Patriot Churches
  • Prioritizing Godly Education
  • Learning about America's Godly Heritage
  • Exposing the COVID Fraud & Preparing for the Coming Vaccine "Mandates"
  • Highlighting Patriot Networks that are Being Established Around the Nation
  • Preparing ourselves for Revival
At the end of the day, we represent God's Kingdom. We will present & defend the Gospel, and we will bow to no one but King Jesus!
Speakers include:
  • Stephen Coughlin - National Security Expert & Decorated Army Intelligence Officer
  • Pastor Shahram Hadian -  National Speaker & Founder of Truth in Love Ministry
  • Marshall Foster -  Author, Founder, World History Institute, Co-producer (with Kirk Cameron) of film "Monumental - In Search of America's National Treasure"
  • Dr. Alan Keyes - Former Presidential Candidate & Former US Ambassador under Reagan Administration
  • Rev. William Cook - Founder, America's Black Robe Regiment
  • Scott Lively - Activist, Attorney, & Author of "The Pink Swastika"
  • Pastor Ken Peters - Founder of Patriot Church & Church @ Planned Parenthood
  • Richard May - Host of "The JES Biblical Worldview Talk Show" on Joy Radio AM 620
  • Nurse Debi Stafford - Nurse Debi's Health & Wellness
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