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  • An overview of all the bills happening in the Idaho Legislature right now.
  • Understand how a bill gets through Legislature with an easy-to-read graphic.
  • Attend the Kootenai County Town Hall next Saturday, February 13th.
  • List of all bills in the Legislature right now, grouped by topic, starting with COVID emergency-related bills.

Everyone is waiting for the legislature.

There hasn't been too many decisions by our local elected lately because it seems like everyone is waiting to hear about what the Idaho State Legislature is cooking up for new laws. There have been comments made by the Panhandle Health board, the Kootenai County Commissioners, and the city councils about certain topics that are being discussed in Boise so no decisions are being made up here until there's some definitive answers by our reps down there. Until there's movement, in any direction, I'm going to give you a run down of all the bills that are happening right now, I'm going to divide them up in order of importance, and give you a very quick status update on the important ones. If you have further questions about a bill, email me at or ask me through the Kootenai County Spectator group on the Book of Faces. (I am looking into other, more *secure,* options for social media but until I'm kicked off I'll just continue to use my group page.)

Before we begin, I'm going to give you a VERY basic overview of the process a routing slip goes through to eventually be signed into law. This is a straightforward overview of the main steps; there's a lot of little "if, then" rules that *could* happen, but this is overall the best-case-scenario version.

Notes before the list.

There's a few things to know before beginning. The first is the different types of bills that are sent through the legislature:

  1. Resolutions (Starts with HR or SR) - Proposed rule changes for the House or Senate procedures itself.
  2. Joint Resolutions (SJR or HFR) - Proposed resolution that will go into law WITHOUT the need for Governor's approval. Needs a majority vote from both sides.
  3. Concurrent Resolutions (Starts with HCR or SCR) - Proposed amendments to the Idaho Constitution. If passed by both sides, it will go in front of voters at the next General Election, which will be November, 2022.
  4. Bills (Starts with H or S) - Bill goes through the flow process as per the graphic above.
There's also a few bills that need to be followed by everyone here and I've highlighted them. They are either bills that will end the emergency, abortion, gender identity, etc.; I recommend clicking the bill# link and reading the bills further but you can contact me if you want some more details. My priorities are focused on ending the state emergency and public health districts (because of COVID), so if you see something that ISN'T highlighted that you think should be a high priority, I will probably agree with you but that's where you can watch your priorities, I can watch my priorities, and we can come together to form a well-informed public. :)

Why the list?

Everyone should have a good understanding about what's going on in the Legislature, especially because what they decide could have a direct effect on our daily lives. Plus these are the people that we have entrusted with some very important decisions and we need to make sure they are held accountable to those promises they've made.

We also know that pressure WORKS in terms of our legislators listening to their constituents, so if you find a bill or bills that you're particularly passionate about, sending emails and calling the legislators in the standing committee will help get your thoughts across.

Speaking of promises....

Last thing before the list. Next Saturday, February 13, there is a Kootenai County Town Hall that will be attended by ALL the representatives and senators from the Kootenai County area: districts 2, 3, and 4. The town hall will be from 10am-12pm at The Altar Church, 901 E Best Ave, Coeur D Alene, ID 83814. This is our chance to be face to face with our representatives and ask them why the state emergency hasn't been 100% lifted yet...among other things. :)

OK, now onto the bills.

COV-Related Emergency Bills

Bill# Title Current Status
HCR001 Disaster declaration ended House State Affairs
HCR002 Gatherings, group size Senate State Affairs
HCR004 Open disaster emergencies House State Affairs
HJR001 Sessions of the legislature Senate State Affairs
H0001 Disasters, governor’s powers House State Affairs
H0003 Child protection, neglected House Judiciary, Rules & Administrative
H0004 Disasters, parental rights House Judiciary, Rules & Administrative
H0014 Municipalities, bankruptcy House Revenue & Taxation
H0016 Disaster emergency, governor House State Affairs
S1001 Disaster, definition Senate State Affairs
S1002 Disaster, payments Senate State Affairs
S1003 Martial law, governor’s authority Senate State Affairs
S1031 Disaster emergency account Senate State Affairs
S1041 Excessive prices, emergencies Senate 3rd Reading
S1044 Eminent domain, limitation Senate 3rd Reading
S1054 Extreme peril, governor’s powers Given Senate Bill#, ready to be directed to standing committee
SCR101 Disaster emergency, terminated Senate State Affairs
SCR103 Isolation order, terminated Senate State Affairs

Election-Related Bills

Bill# Title Current Status
H0002 Bond, levy elections, disclosures House State Affairs
H0008 Bond, levy, ballot disclosures House State Affairs
H0066 Bond, levy election disclosures House Passed, onto Senate: 46-24-0
H0082 Campaign finance, expenditures House State Affairs
HJR002 Ballot initiatives, signatures House Ways & Means

Health & Welfare Bills

Bill# Title Current Status
H0017 Public funds, abortion, prohibit House State Affairs
H0033 District boards of health House Health & Welfare
H0034 Health ordinances, city limits House Health & Welfare
H0035 Idaho tuberculosis hospital House Passed, onto Senate: 69-0-1
H0036 Vital statistics, records House Passed, onto Senate: 69-0-1
H0037 Nursing, disciplinary action House Passed, onto Senate: 69-0-1
H0038 Telehealth, prescribing House Passed, onto Senate: 70-0-0
H0039 Controlled substances, authority House Passed, onto Senate: 70-0-0
H0040 Pharmacy act House Passed, onto Senate: 70-0-0
H0042 Medical debt collection, extension Senate Commerce & Human Resources
H0052 Conversion therapy, minors House Ways & Means
H0056 Abortion, illegal House Ways & Means
H0059 Birth certificates, adoptees House Judiciary, Rules & Administrative
H0063 Vaccinations, forced, mandates House Ways & Means
H0074 Cities, health ordinances House Health & Welfare
H0077 Child protection, neglected House Judiciary, Rules & Administrative
H0083 Approp, H&W behav hlth, add’l Given House Bill#, ready to be directed to standing committee
S1012 Board of dentistry Senate 3rd Reading
S1016 Respiratory care practice act Senate 3rd Reading
S1017 Controlled substances Senate 3rd Reading
S1030 Sexual orientation, gender identity Senate State Affairs
S1036 Temporary guardians, hearings Senate 3rd Reading
S1037 Mentally ill, hosp, hearings Senate 3rd Reading
S1050 Contraception, health plan Given Senate Bill#, ready to be directed to standing committee
SJR101 Psychoactive drugs Senate Approved, onto House: 24-11-0

Education-Related Bills

Bill# Title Current Status
H0022 Public charter schools, funding Senate Education
H0062 Empower parents in education act House Ways & Means
H0067 Schools, infectious disease House Education
H0068 Higher ed, infectious disease House Education
H0069 Ed, continuous improvement council House Education
S1006 Literacy achievement act House Education
S1007 Ed, salary schedules, endorsements House Education
S1008 Approp, edu bd, office, add’l Passed Senate, Passed House, about to go to Gov.
S1039 Workforce readiness diploma Senate 3rd Reading
S1043 Sch board hearings, exec session Senate 3rd Reading
S1045 Edu, advanced opp, nonpublic school Senate Education
S1046 Innovation classrooms Senate Education
S1052 Elementary students, flex schedules Given Senate Bill#, ready to be directed to standing committee

Bills Relating to Potential Immediate Taxes Changes

Bill# Title Current Status
H0006 Tax appeals, hearings House Revenue & Taxation
H0012 Short-term rentals, tax House Revenue & Taxation
H0013 Income tax, partnerships House Revenue & Taxation
H0015 Property taxes Senate Local Government
H0019 Idaho sales tax, corporations House Revenue & Taxation
H0020 Property tax, medical deduction House Revenue & Taxation
H0021 Businesses, licensing, tax exempt Senate Local Government
H0032 Sales tax, manufactured homes House Passed, onto Senate: 69-0-1
H0043 Water resources House Resources & Conservation
H0044 Water resources House Resources & Conservation
H0057 Water authority House Resources & Conservation
H0058 Income tax House 3rd Reading
H0073 Local gov, uniform accounting House Revenue & Taxation
H0087 Development impact fee committee Given House Bill#, ready to be directed to standing committee
S1005 Water districts, fees Senate Resources & Environment
S1015 Domestic water protection, repeal Senate 3rd Reading
S1021 Taxing district budgets Senate Local Government
S1028 Minimum wage, increase Senate State Affairs
S1029 Sales, use tax, internet sales Senate Local Government
S1048 Taxing district budgets Given Senate Bill#, ready to be directed to standing committee

Everything Else

Bill# Title Current Status
H0005 Hands-free devices Senate Transportation
H0007 Idle moneys, gold, silver House State Affairs
H0009 Sage grouse game tags, permits House Resources & Conservation
H0010 Fish and game, bait House Resources & Conservation
H0011 Approp, haz mat deficiency transfer Senate 3rd Reading
H0018 Approp, legislative branch, add’l Senate 3rd Reading
H0023 Endowment land exchange, repeal House 3rd Reading
H0024 Board of scaling, compensation House 3rd Reading
H0025 State parks House 3rd Reading
H0026 Juvenile corrections act Senate Judiciary Rules
H0027 Third judicial district, judges Senate Judiciary Rules
H0028 Juvenile corrections, definitions Senate Judiciary Rules
H0029 Sex offender board, records Senate Judiciary Rules
H0030 Liquor account, POST fund House Judiciary, Rules & Administrative
H0031 State police, forensic lab House Judiciary, Rules & Administrative
H0041 Foundations, trusts, reporting House Judiciary, Rules & Administrative
H0045 Rent control prohibition House Judiciary, Rules & Administrative
H0046 Orchard training area, military House 2nd Reading
H0047 Veterans memorials, approps, repeal House 2nd Reading
H0048 G.I. Bill of Rights House 2nd Reading
H0049 Motor vehicle titles, perfection House Transportation
H0050 Food quality assurance institute House 2nd Reading
H0051 Dairies, nutrient management plans House Agricultural Affairs
H0053 Electronic notices, govt entities House State Affairs
H0054 Plastic bags House Ways & Means
H0055 Motor voter act House Ways & Means
H0060 Snowmobile avalanche fund House Transportation
H0061 Snowmobile fees House Transportation
H0064 Veterinary practice act House Agricultural Affairs
H0065 Monuments, memorials, protection House State Affairs
H0070 Alcohol permits, licenses, term House State Affairs
H0071 Donation of liquor House State Affairs
H0072 Lottery, joint lotteries House State Affairs
H0075 Wage claims House Commerce & Human Resources
H0076 Employment security House Commerce & Human Resources
H0078 Insurance, obsolete language House Business
H0079 Annuity consumer protections act House Business
H0080 Insurance, reinsurance House Business
H0081 Insurance, board size House Business
H0084 Driver’s licenses, violations Given House Bill#, ready to be directed to standing committee
H0085 Purple heart, license plates Given House Bill#, ready to be directed to standing committee
H0086 Snowmobiles, off-highway vehicles Given House Bill#, ready to be directed to standing committee
HCR003 USS Idaho, commissioning Senate Transportation
HR001 House Rule 64 House Judiciary, Rules & Administrative
HR002 House special rule House Judiciary, Rules & Administrative
S1004 Twenty-seventh payroll fund House 3rd Reading
S1009 PERSI, fire marshal Senate 3rd Reading
S1010 Worker’s comp, burial expenses Senate Commerce & Human Resources
S1011 Land surveying systems Senate 3rd Reading
S1013 Commercial transactions Senate 3rd Reading
S1014 Collection agencies Senate 14th Order
S1018 State historical society Senate 3rd Reading
S1019 Fish and game, meetings Senate Resources & Environment
S1020 Landowners, recreation Senate Resources & Environment
S1022 Approp, leg branch, transfer House 3rd Reading
S1023 Approp, pest deficiency transfer Passed Senate, Passed House, about to go to Gov.
S1024 Occupational licensing, hiring Senate Commerce & Human Resources
S1025 Occupational licenses fund Senate Commerce & Human Resources
S1026 Occupation, professional licensing Senate Commerce & Human Resources
S1027 Idaho wrongful conviction act Senate Passed, onto House: 35-0-0
S1032 Legislature, adjournment Senate State Affairs
S1033 Legislative account distributions Senate 3rd Reading
S1034 Approp, pardons & parole, add’l Senate 3rd Reading
S1035 State appellate public defender act Senate Judiciary Rules
S1038 Public assistance prgms, obsolete Senate 3rd Reading
S1040 License plates, veterans Senate Transportation
S1042 Public contracts, professional srvc Senate Commerce & Human Resources
S1047 Alcohol, waterfront resorts Senate State Affairs
S1049 Idaho bank act Given Senate Bill#, ready to be directed to standing committee
S1051 Personnel system, report Given Senate Bill#, ready to be directed to standing committee
S1053 Codifier’s corrections Given Senate Bill#, ready to be directed to standing committee
S1055 Sport shooting ranges Given Senate Bill#, ready to be directed to standing committee
SCR102 Closed captioning, public venues Senate Health & Welfare
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