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  • Congress meets on January 6th to approve or object to the electoral votes sent by each state.
  • Pressure our Idaho Four representatives to be apart of that electoral vote objection.
  • Stop the Steal events will be happening all over the country with the big one happening in DC on January 6th.
  • Local events include one happening in Coeur d'Alene on the same day.

Help Stop the Steal From Idaho

Before we begin I wanted to let you know that I'm recovering from my bout with the flu nicely and at about 85% energy level right now. Thank you for all the kind words and messages; I've been off technology for a while and it was a lovely surprise when I finally turned on my computer. That being said, we have work to do in the week ahead of the biggest (potential) fraudulent act in American history.

We have heard how important January 6th is in the American government and our electoral process. As we all know by now, January 6th is the day the US House and Senate get together and count the electoral votes to determine who our next President of the United States will be. Seven states have sent dueling slates of electors: AZ, GA, MI, NM, NV, PA, and WI, meaning that Vice President Pence, as the president of the Senate, has to decide how he will handle the situation when two sealed envelopes are handed to him from any of those states. Will he rule any objection "out of order" or "denied" or will he uphold the Constitution and ensure that the laws be faithfully executed?

Just because the above seven states have sent dueling electoral slates doesn't mean those are the only people that contest the vote. All members of Congress, whether from a disputed state or not, can object to the electoral votes. There has already been Congressman announcing that they will also stand up and object to the votes but that's only half the battle. Because they're technically still apart of Congress (even they don't act like they're representing the people), the Senators also need to man-up and contest the vote. This is where you, from North Idaho and beyond, can help.

Here's 3 different things you can do to help keep the pressure on our government to finally act in a manner of which they should and represent the people.

Email our US Representatives

Email our Idaho US Congressman and Senators and remind them they work for us. Our Idaho Four has already shown their embarrassing colors by approving the ridiculous "Stimulus" bill last week and my faith in ALL of them is dwindling to next to nothing. It's not my sickness causing hallucinations, it really is those four crapping on the Idaho people they represent. They're not even the worst representatives in Congress, but they're the ones that are affected by OUR votes and now's our chance to remind them of that. Email them, call them, do what you need to do to remind them that we want them to contest the electoral votes put forth on January 6th.

Representative Russ Fulcher <----Represents us specifically.
DC:  (202) 225-6611
CDA: (208) 667-0127

Representative Mike Simpson
DC: (202) 225-5531
Boise: (208) 334-1953
Contact Form

Senator Mike Crapo
DC: (202) 224-6142
CDA: (208) 664-5490
Contact Form

Senator Jim Risch <----Represents us specifically.
DC: (202) 224-2752
CDA:  (208) 667-6130
Contact Form

Senator/Representative XXX,
Now is your chance to stand up and represent the people in Idaho. It is your duty to contest the electoral votes on January 6th; everyone knows there were MULTIPLE violations of a true and fair elections process throughout the country last November. My faith in your abilities to represent me have dwindled considerably during the last few months but you have this opportunity to turn that around and show that my vote for you wasn't wasted on a RINO candidate. Please do what is right for Idaho, our country, and our Constitution.

Erin Barnard
Coeur d'Alene, ID

Join the Stop the Steal Rally in CDA

There is a Stop the Steal rally being planned right now for January 6th in Coeur d'Alene to coincide with the gigantic rally being planned in Washington, DC. This is your chance to come out and show your support - no matter who you voted for in the elections - for a fair and true election process. We all, as Americans, should be angry as ever that there is no transparency within our elections process and our Constitution is being burned to the ground right in front of us. Those in town that have some time on Wednesday, January 6th, between 11am-1pm should meet at the corner of Appleway and Hwy 95 to show your support for those fighting for our Constitution. Bring your flags, bring your signs, bring your family and friends.

Join the January 6th Rally in DC

if you have some extra time and money on your hand, join the masses in Washington DC on January 6th. This rally is slated to be HUGE and there's already caravans of people starting to make their way across the country right now. A few things to note: most flights into Washington, DC are sold out so driving would be the better way to go. Also, there has been pressure on DC-area hotels (by particular groups that only like lives of certain colors) to close their doors in advance of people coming to the rally. Sadly, a few hotels decided to buckle to the cancel-culture pressure and close their doors. This may be a setback to some but that won't intimidate the millions that are still planning on attending during this time.
If you do plan on going to DC, link up with the caravans of people on Twitter, record your journey and let me know. I'd love to watch the event through your eyes and live vicariously through you. :) Just remember wi-fi bandwidth is going to be next to nothing so be prepared for that and for any "groups" that may want to cause you harm just for being there. There WILL be multiple patriot groups going to help with security and protection so if that's the only thing you're worried about don't let that stop you from attending.

Whatever way you choose to participate next week, it's imperative that you PARTICIPATE in some way. This outcome affects us ALL, no matter who you voted for in November. It is so important that we all get involved and I know that our busy lives makes it difficult to feel like we're helping change anything, but we are. We have been silent for way too long and our government has had too much time to feel complacent and forget that they're where they are because of US. They're about to see how we throw down when our American ways, ideals, and Constitution are being thrown out the window.
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