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  • If we ever have a hope of turning our schools, school boards, trustee/director boards conservative, there MUST be a physical presence at the special NIC board meeting tonight.
  • It is imperative that get as many conservative, liberty-minded people to attend in person as possible.
  • Details about what to do tonight, and what led us to this point, are below.
  • Full agenda details below.

Christie Wood and Ken Howard are taking the lead to try and remove Banducci as Chair.

There is a special meeting of the NIC Board of Trustees tonight, and Todd Banducci is looking like he's a popular fellow, because the meeting is all about him.


Please be aware of the importance of this meeting tonight because this is it. This is going to be the LAST time we ever have conservatives trying to get on boards across our county if we don't step up and help out tonight. Anything we're trying to accomplish for this election year or next election year will be moot if we don't come together and rally for Todd Banducci TONIGHT.

Here's what we need to do:

  • Send this mail out far and wide to EVERYONE you know who lives in the region. This is not a CDA vs. NIC thing, it is a NIC vs. anyone and everyone who has to pay taxes or tuition (or WILL pay tuition) to NIC thing. We need people in the seats PHYSICALLY. Send this email, text your family, call your friends; this is the ONE chance we get to make things right and get EVERYONE down to the meeting.
  • There are only 15 seats available, and who knows how big of a-holes they'll be about mask exemptions, so plan on standing outside in the cold if necessary. The meeting starts at 5pm so plan on being there at 4:30pm.
  • Bring bullhorns and signs, and really show up your presence on-site. You know that witch of a woman Wood will be playing victim and need moral support from all her liberal friends.
  • If you can't physically be there in person, there is a Zoom web meeting link to join. We need people to take over majority on that too. I am obligated to my children tonight until after 6:30pm so unfortunately I will not be there in person, although you better believe I will be on Zoom. I do, however, have a Mr. Buddy propane heater and I can drop it off to anyone who wants to use it. Meeting agenda, with Zoom information, can be found here.
  • We need to show Christie Wood and Ken Howard that we don't play games, we're taking back OUR school board, and they need to step back or step out.
If you couldn't tell, I'm NOT a fan of Christie Wood. I believe that she won her seat on the city council by name recognition only and slithered her way into getting what she wants. I believe she has no business being on both the CDA City Council and the NIC Board of Trustees, there's too much of a conflict of interest. I believe that there are plans in place to try and make her the next CDA mayor once Widmyer's term is done at the end of this year, and I believe she will pull anything and everything to get what she wants. She is at the top of my County Sh*t List, sharing the #1 spot with Panhandle Health Board member Jai Nelson. Just in case you were curious, my #2 spot is reserved for CDA City Councilman Kiki Miller. ;)


As a reminder, this is how we got to this point:

  • Todd Banducci is the OG conservative trying to turn the NIC school board around away from the progressivism and towards conservatism. In November 2020 Todd was elected to his 2nd 4-year term as NIC Board Trustee.
  • Todd Banducci's election win, plus the win of two other conservatives in the same 2020 election, turned the board's voting to 3-conservative, 2-liberal. Prior to this last election the board split was 4-1 liberal to conservative. As you can imagine, Liberals don't like losing control like this - especially the control of a college board.
  • Todd Banducci was voted as Chair in the January 2021 meeting. (see voting split above for explanation as to how he was voted in as Chair.)
  • Todd Banducci led the charge, and was not quiet about, reversing bad liberal policy that was put into place when he was in the minority.
  • Christie Wood came out with a disgusting public letter in the CDA Press trying to make her sound like she was a victim and she was trying to protect others "from Todd's assaults." Not only was the article a smear campaign and the liberal version of a temper tantrum because she wasn't getting her way, this was a blatant ripoff of the #metoo movement and she was trying to cull a sympathetic ear for things that supposedly happened years and years ago (but which magically didn't require action until JUST NOW). I previously wrote an email about that CDA Press article; read my take it here.
  • If you're wondering who's on what side let me remind you:
    • Todd Banducci (Chair) - Conservative
    • Greg McKenzie (Vice Chair) - Conservative
    • Christie Wood (Secretary/Treasurer) - RINO Liberal
    • Ken Howard - Democrat Liberal
    • Michael Barnes - Conservative

I hope everyone is able to drop what they're doing and participate in this monstrosity of a meeting this evening. I'll be in and out of meetings all day today, and I'm still trying to play catch up from all the amazing emails/calls/messages I received yesterday (THANK YOU!) but I can answer any questions as soon as I can. :)
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