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  • Todd Banducci remains Chairman of the NIC Board of Trustees with a vote of 3-2.
  • Banducci himself was the deciding vote about whether or not to remove himself as Chair of the Board.
  • Spicy yet good information about lack of transparency at the meeting.
  • Lots of issues could be resolved with all members going through board training, which will be discussed at the 2/24 regular meeting.

Follow up from this morning's email

Just wanted to give you a head's up about the decisions made at tonight's NIC Trustee special meeting. I came into it halfway through but was able to hear the good stuff. I'm going to let North Idaho News give you all the information about the meeting since they were able to watch the whole thing. THANK YOU to all those that sent letters, showed up with bullhorns and signs to stand out in the cold and support Todd Banducci! You are the reason we have a chance to take back this town. :) <3

From North Idaho News' Facebook page:

Highlights of tonight's NIC Board Meeting:

-Greg McKenzie requested to have mentor-ship and Conflict management consultants. Christie Wood declined there is a conflict of ideas. The item was tabled for a later meeting.

-Greg McKenzie brought up an item that NIC has not put their legal services out for bid since 1998 and has one lawyer for three entities which could represent a conflict of interest.
Christie Wood claims the College is one and there isn't a need for separate lawyers.
NIC Legal states he is on a 'at will' contract currently. There was no complaint about the Legal services being provided.
Chair Banducci is concerned about conflict of interest with the recent "veiled and actual threats" to the new Board Members.
NIC Board Chair was not supplied with the contract for the Lawyer when he requested it.

-Ken Howard states we are facing a severe image issue. The community has to have confidence in us. Ken Howard made the motion to remove Banducci as Chair.

-Christie Wood read a prepared statement and supported the removal of Todd Banducci. She admits she had reservations on Todd from the beginning because of personal knowledge of Todd Banducci. She brought up accreditation concerns if Banducci stairs as the Chair. "Maybe through some training and professional development we could all come together...."

-Greg McKenzie read a prepared statement. He strongly disagrees with Christie Wood. Greg McKenzie brought up that Wood endorsed his opponent partly based on the fact Mr. McKenzie is a Republican. Trustee Wood is trying to bully her own opinions to the top of the pile, stated Mr. McKenzie. He states this a "public smear campaign".

-Christie Wood stated "it appears there is conflict". The issue that I let the public know. Yes I did send you an email saying your dirty laundry is not protected. It is not a smear campaign if it is true. It is not personal. "I feel some aggression coming from you", referencing Mr. McKenzie.

-Ken Howard called McKenzie's statement a "diatribe going after Christie" and "its a good example of why we need training". Todd stepping aside would help us tamp down the problem we have. It's about an oath to support the College.

-Todd Banducci said it would have been nice if you (Christie Wood) would have had a conversation instead of a very intentional, coordinated PR campaign against him.

-Michael Barnes stated he does not see anything egregious. These issues should have been resolved in house. I have no stomach for removing (Chair Banducci).
Greg McKenzie stated it has been implied that by not removing him we have some oath to Todd or party. Anyone who thinks that is mistaken.

Vote on the motion to oust Todd Banducci as NIC Board Chair:
Christie Wood: Aye
Ken Howard: Aye
Greg McKenzie: Nay
Barnes: Nay
Chair (Banducci) Nay

Motion is defeated. Todd Banducci will stay at the NIC Board Chair.


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