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April 28, 2021


  • A small, 3rd party update about the proposed zoning changes in Hayden.
  • Updates from the CDA General Services/Public Works meeting.
  • Updates from the PF Urban Renewal Agency meeting.

General meeting topics were about growth.

It's been a while since the last time I did a mid-week update; most of the time I write about a single, big issue happening around town but I didn't want these regular meetings to fall off the radar. I'm going to give you a quick update on the meetings I've attended - aside from Monday's Commissioners' Status Update meeting where they chose the Alt. Forms of Government Study Commission. :)

One thing to note: I did not attend the Post Falls City Council meeting last night (hello child sports!) but I did hear that any rezoning requests from developers, as mentioned in my Monday mail, have been tabled to a later date. It sounds like they are trying to appease the public and get them off their backs, but if the full house, full outside, full online meeting attendees showed anything, it's that the residents of Hayden are not backing down any time soon.

4/26 CDA General Services/ Public Works

  • The transition from Seltice Way Eastbound onto NW Blvd. Southbound right now is a long yield that can be dangerous if not maneuvered properly. The planners want to change the yielding lane to more of a 90* angle without having to stop at the stoplight. Nothing has been resolved as of right now but just know that they are thinking about changing it to the below plans.
Proposed plans for changing Seltice Way → NW Blvd yield.
  • Atlas Road Transmission Main Project
    • Request to award project to La Riviere, Inc in the amount of $831,287.
    • This is the 2nd phase of the Comprehensive Plan.
    • Will bring main down from Atlas well (in between Arrowhead and Nez Perce) basically to river.
    • 4600 linear feet, 18” duct liner pipe with the section under the I-90 bridge concrete-lined steel instead.
    • Project will start June/July 2021
4/27 Post Falls Urban Renewal Agency Workshop
  • Pleasant View District Resolution 2021-01
    • This resolution is to create a Pleasant View Urban Renewal District with about 600 acres allocated.
    • Based on the feasibility study that was presented at the April 20th Urban Renewal/City Council Joint Workshop.
    • Phase I will be sewer/water/roadway improvements at $6.8M. They’re trying to get this part started right away because there’s a business that wants to build a giant facility and the planners want to get them water/sewer/roadway.
    • Phases II-XV will cost total $19M
    • Study says baseline value of those 600 acres is $2.7M. Projected value by the time the Pleasant View URD comes to fruition will be $442.6M.
    • Timeline:
      • If resolution passes, will go to Planning & Zoning Commission for May 11th hearing.
      • If it passes at P&Z, it’ll go to the City Council on May 18th, with public hearing on June 1st.
    • Resolution passes, will go to Planning & Zoning Commission next.
  • Downtown District Resolution 2021-02
    • Resolution will create a Downtown URD.
    • Feasibility study was presented and approved in 2020, in the Parks & Rec Master Plan appendix.
    • Areas of development will be in mostly commercial corridors.
    • Single family units *shouldn’t* have to worry about privacy issues popping up with the multi-story units that will be developed, because the Commission is anticipating it’ll me developed in a mostly commercial area.
      • If issues do arise (no pun intended) they’ll be up to the Planning & Zoning Commission and the City Council.
    • This new URD will have the same rough timeline as the Pleasant View URD.
    • Resolution passes, will go to Planning & Zoning Commission next.
  • URA has recently closed 3 districts. Total, those districts have increased in value by 640%.
    • After closures the URA has returned an annual tax revenue of $2.68M to taxing entities.
    • 3 districts will be closing between now and 2023. (The URA website shows 5 currently open URDs.)
      • The annual increase of value is 740%.
      • When closed they will return an annual tax of $4.74M to taxing entities.

4/27 Kootenai County Commissioners’ Business Meeting
  • Payables from 4/19-4/23 is $622,187.09
  • For a list of current budgets and how each department is tracking against those budgets, check out the link here.
  • The meeting got cut off from livestream after a couple of minutes and it hasn't been updated with the video yet.
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