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  • Little decides we've been good boys and girls and opens state to Stage 3.
  • Idaho's COV #s and hospitalization #s drop dramatically.
  • The government is finally allowing people to discuss HCQ, Ivermectin, and therapeutics out loud, and I have a list of things below to educate yourself and others.

Idaho COVID Positivity Drops Dramatically

Governor Little announced a last-minute press conference this morning regarding Idaho’s COVID-19 response, and because it was such a late announcement, there was speculation that this was going to be about vaccines, about how terrible the legislature is this session, or any number of things that he has been criticized about this year. Surprisingly, and lucky for us, Little's update was only about 7 minutes long and it was just long enough to announce that the COV numbers have dropped SO DRAMATICALLY in December and January that he's opening up the state to a Stage 3 status.

Stage 3 Status:

  • Gatherings of up to 50 people are now allowed (up from 10 people)
  • Sporting spectator plans are still in place from the Idaho State Board of Education's announcement a couple weeks ago (40% capacity now)
  • Bars, restaurants and nightclubs still get the shaft, and *should* still continue to operate with seating only
  • Masks are still required for long-term care facilities
  • Everyone and businesses *should* still follow physical distancing and sanitation recommendations
  • Large events with more than 50 people, like conventions, weddings, sporting arenas etc., *may* receive an exemption if the organizer confirms with the public health department that the event will follow "necessary physical distancing and hygiene protocols"
  • Above all, this is not the time to let up on our efforts, Idaho MUST stay vigilant because of surrounding states, yadda yadda yadda...

Governor Little opened the speech with a "pat yourself on the back" moment that implied it was because of Idahoans compliance to his tyrannical lockdown rules that Idaho's COV positivity numbers have dropped so dramatically in the months of December and January. He did not, however, mention what the numbers were every other year at this time in relation to the flu, pneumonia, or other respiratory illnesses. 

He also mentioned that Idaho hospitalizations are dramatically dropping as well, still maxed out mind you, but at levels that are normal for this time of year. If you remember, Panhandle Health epidemiologist Jeff Lee said the exact same thing at last week's Panhandle Health Board of Directors meeting, saying the hospitals were maxed out due to all the elective procedures, NOT COV-related.


OK now Idaho is "back" to Stage 3, what does that mean for us moving forward?

Nothing. It means that nothing has really changed other than we're still under lockdown, just in different ways. Between the governor and the Panhandle Health board, it is obvious now more than ever that we have to get these people out of office. Continue to send emails to the Panhandle Health board and County Commissioners of the 5 panhandle counties to keep pressure on them to remove the bad apples out of positions of authority.

A few interesting tidbits I've found over the past week that relate to the COV topic and they're good ones.

Merck announced last week that they are stopping development on COV vaccines as they've found the immune systems of those who've received the shot are WORSE than those who haven't received the shot. Merck will be sticking with creating COV therapeutics moving forward. The idea that a COV vaccine can't be made for a cold virus is a topic that we, as the educated few, have known about for A YEAR and it's very interesting that this information is being made public now.

Also, a Twitter thread popped up a few days ago, and this topic seems to be coming up more often: questioning the government's authorization about creating COV vaccines when HCQ and Ivermectin were working just fine.

Speaking of Ivermectin, HCQ and therapeutics, a study was just published in the January 29, 2021 volume of The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition stating that habitual use of Vitamin D helps lower the risk of a COV infection. No duh. But now there's an actual study to show what we've known forever. Trust the science.

I was watching an Idaho Strong virtual press conference a few months ago where I was flabbergasted while listening to ACTUAL Idaho doctors talk about how a little bit of immune support goes a long way. I took some screenshots of that press conference because they're so simple to follow and they are steps EVERY person can and should be doing to build our immune systems. I highly recommend you watching that press conference yourself, and share it with everyone. I'm sorry, this press conference was on Facebook Live so if you don't have that particular social media platform (good for you!), then share this email to get the word out.
Image courtesy of Idaho Strong
For overall health, guidelines were given to boost immune systems.
Image courtesy of Idaho Strong
To give the immune system a chance to fight the COV, these guidelines have been given to the Eastern Virginia Medical School as a preventative measure.
Image courtesy of Idaho Strong
Flow chart derived from the Baylor University Medical Center about decisions regarding patients' symptoms and comorbidities.
Image courtesy of Idaho Strong
Overall care if you or a loved one has symptoms of the COV. Personally, I used this when I had symptoms right after Christmas and I was back on my feet in a few days.

Whatever your thoughts on this whole pandemic/plandemic/scamdemic, it's imperative that we get this information out to the masses, especially now that there's a new "administration" and not even the CDC can cover up the actual numbers. If you find the information in this email important, share it far and wide so that people who are finally starting to understand will have the information they need to make INFORMED decisions instead of ones based out of fear.

Also, if you are on the 'ole Book of Faces, join my Kootenai County Spectator group so you may have the most up to date information that may not make it into these emails. :)
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