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April 20, 2021


  • School board voted 3-2 to remove mandate and make it Strongly Recommended
  • If the school population reaches 5% in positivity, they will make that school go back to a mask mandate.
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Most of the board was tired of the mandate.

Yesterday afternoon was the special meeting for the Coeur d’Alene School District Board of Trustees, exactly two weeks after everyone returned from Spring Break, to see how well the district was doing with C0vid positivity rates after the break “incubation” periods.
As a reminder, the board’s regular meeting was April 5th, and at that time they couldn’t possibly lift any mandates because they didn’t know what type of positivity would take place after everyone being in uncontrolled environments for a whole week prior. (If someone can’t find the irony in that last sentence we have bigger problems. 😊) That decision led to an outcry from frustrated parents that are more concerned about their child’s whole well-being vs. being infected by a super cold virus…which then led to those parents reporting that their children were being isolated in an in-school suspension-type setting and hit pieces written by the KHQ (among others).
So otherwards people were HOT leading up to yesterday’s meeting. After hearing the updated C0vid positivity from the head nurse, and hearing Dr. Steven Cook drag on for 10 minutes reminding everyone of how the bar was moved from one set of numbers to another to another depending on what “official” channel they were focusing on that week, the board FINALLY voted on whether or not they were going to continue forcing masks on everyone.
The final consensus….

The board finally decided in a vote 3-2 that masks can be downgraded to Strongly Recommended instead of being mandatory for both students AND teachers! There was a lot of discussion back and forth, throwing out CDC, Panhandle Health, and school facts from Dr. Cook and the head nurse. Nothing seemed different than any other mask discussion except this time most of the board seemed to end their thoughts with “….but I could entertain something about the masks being strongly recommended instead of mandatory…” It left a glimmer of hope alive throughout the entire agenda topic which finally ended in a win for parental rights.
Lisa May and Rebecca Smith were the naysayers.
Props go out to everyone who attended the meeting inside our outside; there was a point on the livestream that the chanting from outside could be heard!
Mask transition goes into effect tomorrow, Wednesday, April 21 and will continue for the rest of the school year – as long as there’s no additional “outbreaks” in the schools. The schools will be handled on a school-by-school basis; if there is more than a 4.999% positivity rate the administration will decide whether or not they will enforce a mask mandate again. For comparison, if there are 35 cases at Lake City High School they will make masks mandatory. I don’t know how parents will allow the schools to try and enforce masks again for the rest of the year but that’s just my opinion.

I’m just thankful that parents get the right to be in charge of their child’s health again, and I’m giving a special shoutout to the Lakeland Joint School District who gave their parents that right for the entire year. I’m hoping the CDA School Board will take a page out of that book and really understand the damage they have inflicted upon these children for YEARS to come.

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